Canada soon to begin resettling Iraqi refugees, most of them Yezidis

Canada will resettle 1,200 survivors of the Islamic State campaign to target religious minorities in northern Iraq, Canadian officials announced Tuesday. 

Iraqi Kurdistan closes group helping Yezidi victims of Islamic State

An organization that has assisted members of the Yezidi religious minority victimized by the Islamic State extremist group said on Wednesday that Iraqi Kurdish security forces had closed its main office in the region.

Yezidi women accept rights award, call Europe "model of co-existence"

Two Yezidi women who survived sexual enslavement and torture by Islamic State militants held back tears as they received the EU's top human rights prize at an awards ceremony in Strasbourg on Tuesday.

Yezidi victim of Islamic State appointed as UN goodwill ambassador

A Yezidi woman who had been raped, tortured and sold into sexual slavery by the Islamic State extremist group in Iraq was appointed UN goodwill ambassador for the dignity of survivors of human trafficking on Friday.