WHO calls for evacuation of Aleppo's sick and wounded

Humanitarian routes to evacuate sick and wounded Syrians from besieged eastern Aleppo should be established, the World Health Organization (WHO) urged Tuesday, as rescue workers reported 13 more civilians killed in airstrikes on the rebel-held area.

WTO rules first time against Russia, calls import duties violations

The World Trade Organization (WTO) said Friday that Russia violated its rules by imposing higher than agreed import duties on paper, refrigerators and palm oil.

Afghanistan joins World Trade Organization

Afghanistan joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) on Friday as the 164th country to do so, officials said.

WTO sharply lowers trade growth forecast to 2.8 per cent for 2016

Global trade will expand by 2.8 per cent this year rather than the previously forecast 3.9 per cent, the World Trade Organization (WTO) said Thursday, citing slowing economic growth in western countries and various risks that could hurt global demand.

Sponsors Nike, TAG Heuer distance themselves from Sharapova

Major sponsors of top-earning tennis player Maria Sharapova said Tuesday that they would not renew or would suspend contracts with the Russian athlete after she failed a drug test.

WTO countries fail to agree on future of development agenda

India and Venezuela criticized that the more than 160 WTO countries could not agree on whether to continue or abandon the so-called Doha round.

WTO trade talks start as rich and emerging countries hit stalemate

Disagreements between industrialized and emerging economies on how to liberalize global trade and include poorer countries are set to overshadow the first day of ministerial World Trade Organization talks in Nairobi.