European investors shrug at Renzi resignation after failed referendum

 European markets on Monday shrugged off this weekend's failed constitutional reform referendum in Italy.

Western arms firms keep lead role in global sales

Defence firms in the United States and Western Europe dominated global arms sales in 2015, but sales by companies in Russia and South Korea were also rising, a Swedish-based research institute...

Falconry, yoga added to world intangible cultural heritage list

Falconry and yoga are among a number of pursuits that have been added to a list of the world's intangible cultural heritage, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (...

HIV infections among adolescents could rise 60 per cent by 2030

New HIV infections among adolescents could rise from 250,000 last year to nearly 400,000 annually by 2030, if progress against the virus stalls, the UN children’s fund UNICEF said Thursday.

Swiss defend title of world's richest people

The Swiss are the richest people in the world, with an average wealth of 561,900 dollars per adult, Credit Suisse said in its annual global wealth report on Tuesday, confirming Switzerland's top...

Millions more access HIV treatment, but young women remain vulnerable

The number of people around the world receiving treatment for HIV has doubled in five years, the UN HIV/AIDS programme UNAIDS said on Monday.

WHO declares end of Zika global health emergency

Zika no longer constitutes a global health emergency because intensified research during the past months has provided a better understanding of the virus, the World Health Organization (WHO) said...

Terrorism deaths in OECD countries increase more than sevenfold

The number of deaths caused by terrorism increased more than sevenfold in developed countries in 2015, as attacks orchestrated or inspired by the extremist group Islamic State spread across the...

Brightest moon in 68 years to light up skies as supermoon

The full moon on Monday will be the largest ever seen since 1948 as the satellite reaches its closest point to Earth to form what is known as a supermoon.

European shares end on downbeat note as Trump rally fades

European shares ended the trading session on Thursday on a downbeat note after a Trump rally earlier in the day spurred by hopes about the US President-elect economic agenda faded.

Asia, Australia join global rallies after Trump’s shock win

Financial markets in Asia and Australia bounced back strongly Thursday, following sharp rebounds on Wall Street and European bourses amid easing concerns about US president-elect Donald Trump.

Markets in turmoil amid shock of "horror scenario" of Trump win

 Global stocks plunged, the price of gold soared and the dollar slumped on Wednesday in the wake of investors' "horror scenario" - US Republican candidate Donald Trump winning the White House.

Global markets plunge, gold soars in wake of Trump victory

Markets in Asia tumbled Wednesday as US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump won the key battleground states of Florida, Ohio and North Carolina.

Global market cautious as voters go to the polls in the US

Global financial markets were waiting cautiously on Tuesday for the outcome of the US presidential election.

Financial markets cast their vote in US election - for Clinton

Global financial markets showed a clear preference for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton on the eve of the US presidential election, gaining strength Monday as the cloud of the email scandal that...