winter tranzit centre

Slavonski Brod centre for refugees in transit being dismantled

The temporary centre for refugees in transit was opened on 3 November 2015 as Croatia's response to urgent humanitarian needs of thousands of migrants using the Balkan route to reach Austria, Germany or Sweden.

320 refugees staying at Slavonski Brod transit centre

"We have adjusted our activities because migrants now stay longer here. There is more work for our team for psycho-social assistance, we have expanded our services, primarily children workshops. ...

Refugee camp in Slavonski Brod to remain open

The refugee camp in Slavonski Brod will remain open but the number of staff will be increased or reduced in accordance with the actual needs, the Police Directorate said on Tuesday.

Red Cross: No change to aid for refugees in transit centre

After the announcement of significant cuts in budget funds for the transit centre, volunteers were the first to feel the pinch of the new measures.

615,534 pass through Croatia since mid-September

Police also said that 813 migrants were staying at the winter transit centre in Slavonski Brod yesterday, but that no entries were recorded between midnight and 0900 hrs Friday.

Interior minister visits refugee transit centre

"Croatia is a safe and decent country, there is nothing to add to that. We have responded entirely, regarding our obligations in this crisis," said Orepic.

Over 598,500 refugees pass through Croatia since mid-Sept

The winter refugee centre in the eastern town of Slavonski Brod catered for 12 refugees on Tuesday evening, according to the ministry,

UK donates three forklifts to Croatian Red Cross

The three forklifts, worth 750,000 kuna (100,000 euros) in total, were donated by the British government through the British Red Cross. The first two forklifts were delivered on 28 December 2015.

More than 2,700 migrants enter Croatia on Sunday

Since the start of the migrant crisis in Croatia in mid-September, 566,072 migrants fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East, Asia and Africa passed through Croatia,

Korea donates $200K to Caritas Croatia for refugees

HC president Josip Mrzljak received the donation from Korean Ambassador to Croatia Suh Hyung-Won. Bishop Mrzljak thanked the Korean government for recognising Caritas' efforts in responding to the needs of refugees.

Over 536,000 pass through Croatia during refugee crisis

A mere eight refugees were staying in the Slavonski Brod winter reception centre on Friday evening.

Ostojic: Dublin Regulation created for other circumstances

The regulation requires refugees to be registered in the first country of the European Union they enter and it is that country that they will be returned to if they are not granted asylum. 

Ban on economic migrants to stay in force until EU takes clear position, says minister

The minister recalled that differentiating between refugees was due to a unilateral decision by Slovenian authorities and their request for the readmission to economic migrants by Croatia.

UNHCR delegation commends refugee transit centre in Slavonski Brod

In a statement for the press, Okoth Obbo confirmed that not all persons on the refugee route had the right to refugee status but they all had the right to seek asylum and protection.

Decrease in number of migrant arrivals evident - say police

The number of persons entering Croatia is markedly dropping in comparison with 6,000-7,000 people that were entering Croatia on a daily basis before.

No economic migrants recorded in Croatia since notification to Serbia, Macedonia

Slovenia made a request to Croatia on Wednesday to take back 162 economic migrants, which the Croatian authorities rejected, 

Over 6,300 migrants pass through Slavonski Brod refugee centre in last 24 hours

Nujic said that 411,875 migrants had arrived in Croatia since mid-September when the country was hit by an influx of refugees and migrants fleeing war and hardship in the Middle East,

Nobel Peace Prize winners visit Croatian refugee centre

Apart from those three Nobel Prize winners, the campaign whose aim is also to support women in Syria and female refugees has involved a dozen non-governmental organisations, too.

More than 400,000 migrants pass through Croatia since start of crisis

U zimskom prihvatno-tranzitnom centru u Slavonskom Brodu trenutačno se nalazi 3.286 osoba. I dalje se očekuje dolazak migrantskog i izbjegličkog vala iz Srbije