EC: Letter to Croatia regarding Teran does not prejudge further steps

The European Commission on Friday confirmed having received a complaint from Slovenia against Croatia over breaches of rules that refer to the protection of interests of Slovenian producers of the Teran wine, which is protected at EU level, and that it had sent a letter to Croatia which however does not in any way prejudge further steps by the EC against Croatia.

Slovenia unsatisfied with possible EC recommendation for compromise on Teran wine

Slovenia's Agriculture Minister Dejan Zidan reacted sharply on Wednesday following unofficial announcements that the European Commission (EC) may soon recommend a compromise solution to the dispute over Teran wine which has marred otherwise good cooperation between Slovenia and Croatia in agriculture.

Zagreb to host 2nd Food Film Festival on Sept 8-17

The second Food Film Festival Zagreb, which brings together food, wine and film, will take place in the capital's Zrinjevac Park on September 8-17, featuring over 20 exhibitors, mainly restaurants, bakeries and wineries, as well as 20 films which visitors can watch while eating the dishes featured in them.

1st Croatian wine hotel opens in Vrbnik on Krk island

The first wine hotel in Croatia, situated in the town of Vrbnik on the northern island of Krk, opened its doors to guests on Wednesday, and this project, worth 36 million kuna, was launched by the wine-making families Toljanic and Brusic.

Croatia boasts 41,000 wine makers and 20,885 hectares of vineyards

A basic survey on vineyards in Croatia, conducted by the national statistics office (DZS), shows that in 2015 there were 41,188 wine producers and that vineyards covered 20,885 hectares of land.

Golbal wine trade grows; Italy unseats France as top producer

Italy's wine production pulled ahead of France in 2015, as the producers of Chianti upended the makers of Burgundy with a 12-per-cent increase, placing Italy as the world leader.

Croatian wines stand good chance to conquer Japanese market

According to Belje's press release, there is huge potential for Croatian wine-makers on the Japanese market with nearly 130 million inhabitants.

Croatian winemakers attend Belgrade fair

Ten Croatian companies, including eight wineries and two manufacturers of winery and viticulture equipment, are attending the BEOWINE international wine fair in Belgrade on February 18-21, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK), which organised the Croatian presentation, said on Sunday.

High temperatures, low rainfall hits South African wine industry

Hot, dry weather sweeping across southern Africa will reduce the size of South Africa's wine output in 2016. Experts say a fine vintage is expected due to a higher concentration of flavour in the grapes. But the unusual weather brings gloomier news for the broader food market.