Waste Management

Ljubljana to transport its plastic waste to Vienna incinerator

Waste plastics collected in the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana will be transported to Vienna for incineration in one of the three waste-to-energy incinerators in the Austrian capital that operate on a non-profit basis, the Ljubljana-based waste management utility reported on Monday.

Gov't endorses 2016-2022 Waste Management Plan

The government on Thursday endorsed the Waste Management Plan for the period 2016-22 which is based on a circular economy, with Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic saying the endorsement was important for absorbing EUR 475 million from the EU Competitiveness and Cohesion Operational Programme.

Bridge MP: Minister Dobrovic won't be stopped by those connected with "waste mafia"

Nikola Grmoja, a member of parliament from the ruling Bridge party, on Wednesday countered accusations made by Social Democrat MP and former environment minister Mihael Zmajlovic against the incumbent minister Slaven Dobrovic of the Bridge party, saying that Dobrovic would not be stopped by those connected with "the waste mafia".

Remediation of landfill west of Zagreb completed

Remediation works, worth 100 million kuna (EUR 13 million), at the Trebez waste management site outside Samobor, west of Zagreb, was formally completed on Monday, and on that occasion Social Democrat candidate for parliament Mihael Zmajlovic, visited the non-hazardous waste landfill, explaining that this project had been launched during his term as Environment Protection Minister in the former SDP-led government.

Dobrovic accuses HDZ over scrapped waste management plan

Environment and Nature Protection Minister Slaven Dobrovic of the Bridge party on Friday accused the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) of taking the side of individual interests, at the expense of public interest, by scrapping the adoption of a waste management plan.

Plenkovic says next govt. should adopt waste management plan

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) president Andrej Plenkovic said in Karlovac on Thursday that the party decided to take off the agenda of tomorrow's government session a draft waste management plan because it was necessary to conduct a 30-day public discussion first and that it was more natural if it was adopted by the next government.

Environmental activists urge Croatian gov't to adopt waste management plan

A group of organisations for environmental protection on Thursday called on the Croatian government to adopt a waste management plan as soon as possible in order to prevent possible economic, financial and environmental repercussions.

EC asks Croatia to align its waste management legislation with EU's

The European Commission on Friday asked Croatia to align its waste management legislation with that of the European Union.

457 mln euros for Croatia to separate 50% of waste by 2020

The ministry has organised seven panel discussions for city and municipal mayors in order to inform local government units about the draft plan. Local government units are responsible for establishing waste management systems in their territory.

Minister presents draft waste management plan

"Waste management centres as they were perceived 10 years' ago are not the means to achieve that aim," Dobrovic said in the northern city of Cakovec.

Environment ministry preparing waste management system upgrade

The Environment and Nature Protection Ministry is preparing an upgrade of the waste management system in order to set up an economically and ecologically sustainable system based on circular economy, Deputy Minister Marko Siljeg said on Tuesday.

Environment minister: Waste management has to be sustainable

He added that Croatia, however, was not meeting its obligations from the EU accession agreement regarding waste sorting, stressing that that must change.

Several northern Croatian towns opt for "Zero Waste 2020"

 The City of Prelog and six municipalities in Medjimurje County in Croatia's north on Wednesday signed a resolution on joining the "Zero Waste 2020" international strategy.