war crimes

Montenegrin police extradites Miodrag Jovic to Croatia

Montenegrin police reported on Wednesday that they extradited to Croatia Miodrag Jovic (48) from Glina, after whom Interpol Zagreb issued an arrest warrant.

Supreme Court increases prison term for Mercep to 7 years

The Croatian Supreme Court has increased the prison term for wartime assistant interior minister Tomislav Mercep from five and a half years to seven years for failing in his capacity as a police unit commander to prevent members of his unit from killing Serb civilians at the start the war in the early 1990s.

Bosnian courts deliver over 300 guilty verdicts in war crimes cases

Since the end of the 1992-1995 war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the country's courts have delivered over 300 guilty verdicts for war crimes, and many reported cases still await processing as at least 6,000 people are under investigation, the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) says, citing data gathered by the country's High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council.

Wife of German journalist killed in war presents new evidence against Captain Dragan

Christiane Schlotzer Scotland, the wife of German journalist Egon Scotland killed during the war in July 1991 in Jukinac near Glina, testified at the war crimes trial of Serb paramilitary commander Dragan Vasiljkovic, also known as Captain Dragan, before the Split County Court on Tuesday.

Trial for Srebrenica war crimes starts in Belgrade

A trial of eight members of the Special Brigade of the Bosnian Serb entity Interior Ministry, indicted for war crimes against Bosniak civilians in Srebrenica, started before the Special War Crimes Court in Belgrade on Monday.

Bosnian court upholds indictment against ten Bosnian Croat soldiers

The Court of Bosnia in Herzegovina on Tuesday upheld an indictment against retired Croat general Djuro Matuzovic and nine other officers and soldiers of the Croat Defence Council (HVO) forces charged with war crimes in the northern Posavina region of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Dodik, Krajisnik glorify creation of Bosnian Serb entity

Convicted war criminal Momcilo Krajisnik and Republika Srpska (RS) President Milorad Dodik unveiled in Banja Luka on Wednesday a memorial plaque honouring Nikola Koljevic, the wartime vice president of RS, the Bosnian Serb entity.

Serb rebel accused of expelling Croats from Knin

The Split County Prosecutor's Office has indicted a 59-year-old Serbian citizen for ordering the terrorising and expulsion of Croats from the area of Knin in 1992.

Nine ex-HVO members indicted for war crimes in north Bosnia

The Bosnian State Prosecutor's Office on Friday indicted nine former commanders and members of the Croat Defence Council (HVO) for war crimes against Serbs in the Orasje area in northern Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Ex-Yugoslav Navy captain given six years for shelling Split

The wartime deputy commander of the Lora naval base at Split, Yugoslav Navy Captain Pavle Pantic, was sentenced to six years in prison on Thursday for the shelling of Split in the early 1990s, in which four civilians were killed and 11 wounded.

Four indicted for JNA soldiers' execution in Sarajevo in 1992

The Bosnia and Herzegovina State Prosecutor's Office on Thursday issued an indictment against four persons for the murder of eight Yugoslav People's Army (JNA) prisoners of war in Sarajevo in April 1992.

Four ex-Bosnian army troops indicted for war crimes against Croat civilians

The Bosnian State Prosecutor's Office on Wednesday indicted four former members of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina for war crimes against Croat civilians, including the killing of three persons.

Two ex-Bosnian Serb soldiers arrested for war crimes

Two former members of the Bosnian Serb army were arrested in Prijedor on Monday after the Bosnian State Prosecutor's Office charged them with war crimes against Croat, Bosniak and Roma civilians in 1992, including the killing of at least 19 people.

Indictment for Srebrenica genocide issued

Bosnian prosecutorial authorities have indicted former senior Bosnian Serb army officer Svetozar Kosoric for participation in the massacre of more than 7,000 Bosniak men and boys in Srebrenica in July 1995.

Bosnian Croat military police officer gets 10 years in jail for war crimes in Orasje

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has sentenced, pending appeal, a former commander of the Military Police of the Bosnian Croat forces HVO, Mato Baotic, to ten years in prison for war crimes against Serb civilians and soldiers, the court said on Friday.

Serbia's president says Captain Dragan has right to Serbian legal aid

Serbia's President Tomislav Nikolic on Wednesday said that Dragan Vasiljkovic, aka Captain Dragan, has the right to legal aid from Serbia in the war crimes case against him in Croatia, Nikolic's office said in a press release.

Two ex-Bosnian Army soldiers arrested on suspicion of war crimes in Sarajevo

Two former Bosnia and Herzegovina Army soldiers were arrested in Sarajevo on Wednesday on suspicion of committing war crimes in Sarajevo in 1993.

Eight Serbs arrested on suspicion of war crimes in Prijedor

Eight former members of the Bosnian Serb forces were apprehended by the police on Tuesday on suspicion of their involvement in war crimes, including the execution of 120 non-Serbs in the northwestern Bosnian town of Prijedor and ethnic cleansing conducted at the outbreak of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1992.

NGOs recall 6 Dec 1991 army attack on Dubrovnik

The Documenta Centre for Dealing with the Past from Zagreb and the Human Rights Action and the Centre for Civic Education from Podgorica recalled in a joint statement on Monday that on 6 December 1991 the unjustified attack of the Yugoslav People's Army (JNA) and Montenegrin reservists on Dubrovnik escalated, and that only two persons were convicted of the war crimes then committed.

Prosecutors say Mladic's crimes proved

In their closing arguments at the trial of Ratko Mladic at the Hague war crimes tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, prosecutors said on Monday they had proved his participation in a joint criminal enterprise to forcibly create a Serb state on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and his central role in the Srebrenica massacre.

Trial of the 'Butcher of Bosnia' nearing end

Ratko Mladic, whose war crimes trial reaches a climax next week, is a former Serb army commander whose brutish leadership during Bosnia's 1990s conflict was blamed for the worst atrocities in Europe since World War II, AFP reported.

Bosnian prosecutors charge six men with ethnic cleansing in Srebrenica in 1992

The prosecutorial authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Friday issued an indictment against six former members of Bosnian Serb paramilitary units for mass persecutions and killing of at least 40 non-Serb civilians from Srebrenica and Skelani in the east of the country.

Justice, veterans' ministers welcome release of Orasje arrestees

Croatia's Justice Minister Ante Sprlje and War Veterans Minister Tomo Medved on Wednesday welcomed a decision by the State Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina to release from custody, pending trial, a group of former members of the Bosnian Croat HVO forces suspected of war crimes, promising them legal and consular help.

Detention for Orasje arrestees revoked

The State Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Wednesday decided to end detention set for a group of former members of the Bosnian Croat HVO forces arrested on October 31 in Orasje on suspicion of war crimes.

Man arrested in Montenegro for war crime in Croatia

Montenegrin police on Tuesday evening arrested Miroslav Jovic (47) at Tivat airport, charged with a war crime committed in Croatia, electronic media in Podgorica reported on Wednesday, citing a police press release.

Two Bosnian Army commanders arrested for war crimes

Two high-ranking members of the former Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina's 5th Corps have been arrested on war crimes charges, local media reported on Wednesday.  

US extradites to Bosnia ex-HVO member suspected of war crimes

American authorities on Tuesday extradited to Bosnia and Herzegovina a former member of the Croat Defence Council (HVO), Azra Basic, suspected of war crimes, the Bosnian Prosecutor's Office has confirmed.

181 persons convicted for war crimes in Vukovar

In the 25 years since war crimes were committed in the eastern town of Vukovar, Croatian prosecutors have launched criminal proceedings against 1,203 persons, 181 have been convicted and many proceedings are still under way, the Justice Ministry said on Thursday.

Three Serbs charged with war crimes against civilians and POWs in Croatia

The County Prosecutor's Office in the northern Croatian coastal city of Rijeka has indicted three citizens of Serbia, former members of a Serb Territorial Defence force in Licki Osik, for war crimes against civilians and prisoners of war committed between August and October 1991 in the Licki Osik area, about 120 kilometres southeast of Rijeka.

Trial in Lora war crimes case postponed over motion for judge's exemption

The trial for war crimes committed at Split's naval port of Lora, dubbed Lora 2, was postponed indefinitely on Wednesday after an attorney for the first defendant, Tomislav Duic, asked for the exemption of presiding judge Vladimir Zivaljic, who he said had denied Duic the right to work while in prison and thus compromised his impartiality.  

Krsticevic: We expect war crimes to be prosecuted without discrimination or pressure

Croatian Defence Minister Damir Krsticevic said on Wednesday that he expected the judicial authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina to prosecute war crimes without discrimination or political pressure, while his Bosnian counterpart Marina Pendes said that there had been a selective approach in previous cases.

Croatian minister to travel to BH despite alleged criminal report

Defence Minister Damir Krsticevic will travel to Medjugorje, southern Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH), on Wednesday for a working visit, his ministry said in a statement.

Bosnian prosecutor: War crimes suspects beyond reach of police, better cooperation needed

The prosecutorial authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina are working on a large number of cases of war crimes whose perpetrators are outside the country, and the problem with their prosecution is the lack of regional cooperation, Bosnia and Herzegovina's Chief State Prosecutor Gordana Tadic told the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), Serge Brammertz, in Sarajevo on Tuesday.

ICC: US forces in Afghanistan may have committed war crimes

There is a "reasonable basis" to believe that US forces may have carried out war crimes, including torture, in Afghanistan, prosecutors at the International Criminal Court said Monday.

Three Bosnian Serbs indicted for war crimes

The Bosnian State Prosecutor's Office said on Saturday it had indicted three Bosnian Serbs for war crimes committed against Bosniak civilians in the Prijedor area.

RS interior ministry denies filing new criminal reports against generals

A spokeswoman for the Bosnian Serb (RS) Ministry of the Interior on Friday denied that new reports had been submitted to the Bosnia and Herzegovina State Prosecutor's Office against Croatian and Bosnian Croat generals over war crimes committed against Serbs in 1995.

Croatian FM: Info on Bosnia indictments to be released soon

Croatia's Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, Davor Ivo Stier, said on Friday that the government council for cooperation with international criminal courts would soon release information on alleged charges against Croatian and Bosnian Croat generals in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Minister Medved to coordinate activities concerning war crimes prosecution in Bosnia

The cabinet of Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic on Thursday appointed War Veterans' Affairs Minister Tomo Medved the chair of the task force for coordinating activities Croatia intends to take in response to war crimes prosecutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina pertaining Croatian nationals. 

Stier: Croatia will protect its citizens, against manipulation of judicial matters

Croatia will protect the rights of its citizens as it has been doing from the very start and it will provide all the necessary assistance to members of the Croatian Defence Council (HVO) arrested in Orasje, Foreign and European Affairs Minister Davor Ivo Stier said on Monday, underlining the importance of de-politicising the judiciary.

First witnesses heard in trial of Serb rebel leader Milan Martic

Zagreb County Court on Monday heard the first witnesses in the trial of Croatian Serb rebel leader Milan Martic for missile attacks on Zagreb, Karlovac and Jastrebarsko in May 1995.

Slovenian PM condemns post-war atrocities

Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar on Monday condemned the mass executions in Slovenia committed by Tito's Partisans in the wake of the Second World War, but said that his government would not apologise for them because present-day Slovenia was not responsible for those atrocities.

Minister: Selective application of command responsibility disputable

Croatia's Minister of War Veterans' Affairs, Tomo Medved, has said that "Croatia's institutions are at the disposal of the families of the recently arrested ten former members of the Croat Defence Council (HVO) in Orasje", and that they will insist on the release of the arrestees until further proceedings, and underscored that he finds the selective application of command responsibility disputable.

Cvitan: It's significant that only Croatian citizens are under probe

Croatia's Chief State Prosecutor Dinko Cvitan said on Friday that before the recent arrest of ten former Bosnian Croat fighters in Orasje "documentation was requested for 28 persons" and that judging by those persons' names, they came from "different entities", as well as that it was significant that eventually only 10 Croatian citizens had found themselves under investigation.

Ex-ICTY convict Martinovic found guilty of 1996 Mostar murder

Vinko Martinovic also known as Stela has been sentenced to seven years in prison for the murder of Jasmina Djukic in 1996 in Mostar, but can appeal the ruling.

Plenkovic says timing of Orasje arrests significant

Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said on Thursday the criminal proceedings against and recent arrest of Croatian Army officers in Orasje, Bosnia and Herzegovina, had been prepared for a long time, that the timing of the arrest was significant and that state institutions would do their best to protect Croatian interests and endangered people.

Bosnian court sets one month's detention for HVO members suspected of war crimes

The State Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Wednesday set one month's detention for ten former members of the Bosnian Croat HVO forces arrested on Monday on suspicion of war crimes against Serbs.

Ex-Bosnian Serb official indicted for war crimes in Sarajevo area

The Bosnia and Herzegovina State Prosecutor's Office on Wednesday issued an indictment against former Bosnian Serb official Jovan Tintor for war crimes committed in the Sarajevo municipality of Vogosca.

Croatian ambassador in Sarajevo visits arrested ex-HVO members

Croatia's ambassador in Sarajevo on Tuesday visited the former members of the HVO Bosnian Croat forces suspected of war crimes against Serbs, saying that Croatia's next steps depended on whether they would be released on their own recognisance.

Croatia concerned over arrest of Bosnian Croat veterans

Croatia's Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (MVEP) on Monday expressed concern over the arrest of ten Bosnian Croat war veterans in the northern Bosnia and Herzegovina town of Orasje and asked the country's authorities to allow the Croatian ambassador to visit the arrested men, who have dual Bosnian and Croatian citizenship.

Ten ex-Bosnian Croat fighters arrested on war crimes charges

Ten former members of the HVO Bosnian Croat forces from the Bosanska Posavina region of Bosnia and Herzegovina were arrested on Monday on the suspicion of war crimes against Serbs, the country's investigation and prosecutorial authorities have confirmed.

Plenkovic: It's time to deal with the past

Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said on Thursday that, by attending in Slovenia earlier today the burial of victims of the Yugoslav communist regime killed in 1945, he wanted to say that it was time to deal with the past.

WWII victims of communist crimes buried in Maribor

A commemoration for the victims of communist crimes exhumed at Huda Jama, Slovenia ended on Thursday with their burial at the war victims' memorial park Dobrava in Maribor, with Croatian and Slovenian state leaders attending.

PM: Coming to terms with past important for democratisation

Croatia's Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic has said that his cabinet deems that coming to terms with the legacy of totalitarian regimes is civilisation, ethical and political standard and also an important institutional instrument for pluralism and democratisation of society.    

Huda Jama one of 620 mass graves of victims killed in Slovenia in 1945

According the Slovenian commission in charge of identifying mass graves of victims killed in the wake of the Second World War, the Huda Jama mass grave is one of 620 identified multiple graves throughout Slovenia for victims executed by the Tito-led Partisans who performed extrajudicial killings from the period immediately after the Second World War.

Helsinki Committee urges govt involvement in fate of post-WWII victims

The executive board of the Croatian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights (HHO) on Tuesday urged the Croatian government to take a more active role toward the issue of WWII and post-war victims, to strengthen cooperation with Slovenian authorities in this regard and to make decisions on the fate of the victims as well as adopting a new law that would completely resolve these problems.

800 victims from Huda Jama mass grave to be reburied in Maribor

According the Slovenian commission in charge of identifying mass graves of victims killed in the wake of the Second World War, an estimated 3000 victims were buried in the abandoned coal mine known as the Barbara Pit (Slovene: Barbara rov) in the town of Huda Jama.

56 civilians killed in 1990s war commemorated

The innocent victims in Bacin must never be forgotten and the truth about their murder and the Homeland War must be passed onto younger generations, a 25th anniversary commemoration for the victims of one of the most horrible crimes against civilians during the 1991-95 war heard in Bacin on Friday.

UN rights body pressures Syria, Russia with Aleppo war crimes probe

The UN Human Rights Council decided Friday to launch an investigation into war crimes against civilians in Aleppo, putting pressure on the Syrian government and its ally, Russia, which have been bombarding the Syrian city.

Captain Dragan trial: Witness says lost hearing and kidney due to torture

The trial of Dragan Vasiljkovic, aka Captain Dragan, charged with war crimes against Croatian soldiers and civilians in the early 1990s, resumed before the Split County Court on Thursday with the testimonies of three reserve police officers from Glina who spoke about the atrocities they lived through as prisoners of war in Knin at the start of the Homeland Defence War.

Witness accuses ex-Serb paramilitary commander of torture

Retired Croatian war veteran and former police officer Velibor Bracic on Wednesday testified for several hours before the Split County Court in the trial of Croatian Serb paramilitary commander Dragan Vasiljkovic aka Captain Dragan, saying that aside from being exposed to hunger and thirst, captured Croatian soldiers were beaten by guards in Knin on a daily basis and that he was also beaten by the accused.

Second indictment issued against JNA general charged with mining Peruca dam

A second indictment has been issued against retired Yugoslav People's Army (JNA) general Borislav Djukic, who has been standing trial for the mining of the Peruca dam, and it charges him and seven other persons, including senior JNA officers, with the murder of 117 civilians, rape, property destruction and expulsion of residents of Sibenik-Knin County.

Krmpotic gets 3yrs for arson during Medak Pocket operation

A former commander of the 9th Guard Brigade's reconnaissance platoon, Josip Krmpotic, was sentenced to three years in prison by the Zagreb County Court on Thursday for arson and destruction of homes in Serb villages during the 1993 Medak Pocket liberation operation.

European Court of Human Rights nixes Glavas's application

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on Thursday dismissed the application of Branimir Glavas against Croatia, and the Strasbourg-based court declared it inadmissible, claiming that the applicant abused his right of application before that court, the Office of the Representative of the Republic of Croatia before the ECHR stated in a press release.

Remains of post-WW2 Huda Jama victims being transferred to Maribor cemetery

The transfer of the victims is likely to be completed by the end of this week when Slovenian President Borut Pahor is due to attend a commemoration at the Maribor cemetery.

Office of prosecutor nixes war crimes charges against Croat Serb leader

The County Office of Chief State Prosecutor in the city of Osijek has dismissed the war crimes charges which were pressed against  Croatian Serb leader Vojislav Stanimirovic  by journalist Karolina Vidovic Kristo and historian Josip Jurcevic.

British foreign secretary says Russia may have committed war crime

Russia may have committed a war crime in Syria, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said Sunday.

Bosniak sentenced to three yrs for killing Croat civilians in 1993

The Bosnian State Court's Appeals Chamber has sentenced a member of the 7th Muslim Brigade of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jasmin Coloman, to three years in prison for war crimes, namely for killing three Croat civilians and wounding another nine in central Bosnia, the Court said in a statement Friday.

Mladic boasted of having mined Peruca dam, says witness

During the trial of Borislav Djukic, a retired general of the former Yugoslav People's Army (JNA), charged with the war crime of destroying the dam on Peruca Lake in the Dalmatian hinterland during Croatia's 1991-1995 war of independence, a witness told the Split County Court on Friday that General Ratko Mladic had boasted of having himself placed mines to destroy the dam.

Vasiljkovic's counsel to contest charges

The defence counsels for Dragan Vasiljkovic, aka Captain Dragain, who pleaded not guilty to war crimes charges on Tuesday, said that they did not intend to prove his innocence but would have him acquitted by contesting the charges and evidence presented by the prosecution.

Serb paramilitary chief denies charges in Croatia war crimes trial

Dragan Vasiljkovic, aka Captain Dragan, charged with war crimes against Croatian soldiers and civilians in the early 1990s, entered a plea of not guilty at a long-awaited trial that started at the Split County Court on Tuesday, amid tight security and intense media interest.

Trial of ex-Serb paramilitary leader to start in Croatia Tuesday

Former rebel Serb leader Dragan Vasiljkovic, also known as Captain Dragan, who is charged with war crimes against POWs and civilians in southern and central Croatia in the early 1990s, will appear in the dock at Split County Court on Tuesday.

25th anniversary of occupation of Berak marked

Wreaths were laid and candles lit in Berak near the eastern town of Vukovar on Friday to mark the 25th anniversary of the occupation of that village by the former Yugoslav Army and Serb paramilitaries on September 2, 1991.

Seselj boasts with diplomatic passport, says he's coming to Croatia

Serb Radical Party leader and Serbian lawmaker Vojislav Seselj on Tuesday boasted that he had been issued with a diplomatic passport and that he would be "coming to Zagreb soon."

Croatian FM tells Serbian PM to present list of warrants against Croats

Croatian Foreign and European Affairs Minister Miro Kovac on Tuesday sent a message to Serbia's Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic that if he decides to attend the Dubrovnik Forum later this week, he should by all means bring a list of warrants issued by Serbia against Croatian citizens for alleged war crimes.

War crimes indictment issued against 13 Bosnian Serbs

The Bosnia and Herzegovina prosecutorial authorities have issued an indictment against 13 former Bosnian Serb soldiers charging them with war crimes committed in and around Bosanski Novi, including the killing of a large number of civilians.

War criminals in Bosnia can exchange their prison sentences for fine

The laws in force in Bosnia and Herzegovina allow for the possibility that all persons who are given prison sentences of shorter duration can "buy" their freedom if they pay a fine, however, the question arises if this is moral and tolerable in the gravest cases such as war crimes

Indictment raised for murder of 27 ethnic Croats in Bosnia

Prosecutorial authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina have raised an indictment against a former Bosniak officer of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Army, Enver Buza, for war crimes committed against ethnic Croats in the village of Uzdol.

Some veterans in Vukovar notified Serbia wants them for war crimes

Some war veterans from Vukovar have started receiving a note signed by Croatian War Veterans Minister Tomo Medved informing them that the Serbian War Crimes Prosecutor's Office has launched proceedings against them which have been referred to Croatia.

ICTY criticises Serbia for continued glorification of war criminals

Serbia continues to glorify war criminals and is not fully cooperating with the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), the Hague-based tribunal says in its latest report addressed to the United Nations as Belgrade accuses Croatia of rehabilitating war criminals.

Supreme Court orders retrial in Glavas case

The Supreme Court has quashed a trial court's verdict in two war crimes cases against wartime Interior Ministry official Branimir Glavas, ordering the Zagreb County Court to conduct a retrial for war crimes committed against Serbs in Osijek in the early 1990s.

Amnesty: South Sudan government committed war crimes after peace deal

South Sudanese forces and allied militia hunted down and killed civilians, raped women and torched villages in opposition strongholds last year after a peace deal was endorsed by its president, human rights group Amnesty International said.

Bosnian Serb leader appeals 40-year sentence for Srebrenica genocide 

Former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic on Friday appealed his 40-year prison sentence after being found guilty of genocide by a UN international criminal court in The Hague.

Karadzic appeals 40-year prison sentence

Wartime Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic on Friday filed an appeal against the guilty verdict by which a UN tribunal sentenced him to 40 years in prison, insisting that his trial was not fair.

ICTY denies Croatia's request to be included in Prlic et al appeal

The International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in The Hague has denied Croatia's application for leave to appear as amicus curiae in the appeal proceedings against six former senior officials in the 'Croatian Republic of Herceg-Bosna', the ICTY reported on Tuesday.

Kovac: Serbia won't be able to join EU without changing its war crimes law

Serbia will not be able to join the European Union without changing its law on regional jurisdiction over war crimes, Croatian Foreign and European Affairs Minister Miro Kovac reiterated on Thursday, commenting on the statement by Serbian war crimes prosecutor Milan Petrovic that Serbia would not scrap that law.

JNA general pleads not guilty to Peruca dam demolition

Indictee Borislav Djukic, a retired general of the former Yugoslav People's Army (JNA), on Wednesday pleaded not guilty to the charge of war crime of destroying the dam on Peruca Lake in the Dalmatian hinterland during the 1991-1995 war for Croatia's independence.

Minister: Rest assured that we will prosecute war criminals

Justice Minister Ante Sprlje said on Wednesday that Croatia will prosecute and bring to justice all who committed war crimes on its territory, including aides of the deceased ICTY indictee Goran Hadzic.

Vukovar lawyers' association asks Serbian PM for assistance in prosecuting war crimes

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has promised that all will be done to identify persons who committed war crimes against non-Serb prisoners of war held at five POW camps in Serbia in the 1990s, the chairman of the lawyers' association Vukovar 1991, Zoran Sangut, said after the first meeting with the Serbian authorities on this issue in Belgrade on Tuesday.

Court capacity should be increased to make war crimes trials more efficient, hears round table

In 2015, there were more criminal reports against war crimes, she said, adding that this bore evidence of "the greater activity of those concerned about the inefficiency of prosecution."

About 100 witnesses to be examined in Martic war crimes trial

The trial in absentia of Milan Martic, the war-time leader of rebel Serbs in Croatia, for the shelling of Croatian cities in May 1995, started this week at Zagreb County Court and about 100 witnesses will be examined, mostly victims of those events.

President Grabar-Kitarovic meets "Macelj 1945" association reps

In October 2005, remains of 1,163 victims exhumed in the wider Macelj area were buried in a memorial mortuary in Macelj, a north-western Croatian village near the border with Slovenia. They were exhumed in 1991 and 1992.

Chad's ex-dictator Habre sentenced to life in prison for war crimes

Chad's former president Hissene Habre was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison for crimes against humanity, war crimes, torture and sexual slavery by a Senegalese court on Monday.

Senior Serbian army officers reported for war crimes in Kosovo

The two senior officers of the then Yugoslav Army are considered to be responsible for the murder of 41 Albanian civilians on 2 April 1999, the Pristina-based KTV television said.

Egyptian national indicted for war crimes against Bosnian Croats

The Bosnia and Herzegovina State Prosecutor's Office has issued an indictment against an Egyptian national, a member of the El Mujahid unit, for committing war crimes against Croat civilians during the 1992-1995 Bosnian war.

Brammertz requests Hadzic case be declared closed

The Chief Prosecutor of the UN tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), Serge Brammertz, has requested the termination of the proceedings against war-time Croatian Serb rebel leader Goran Hadzic, who has been diagnosed with brain cancer, ...

Catholic bishop compares Banja Luka to Bleiburg

Banja Luka Catholic Bishop Franjo Komarica on Tuesday compared the plight of Croats at Bleiburg, Austria at the end of WWII with the crimes and expulsions committed in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina during the 1992-95 war.

Documenta calls for tribute to all victims of WW2 and its aftermath

"We must not forget retaliatory executions at Tezno (Slovenia) and other sites of mass murder in Slovenia and Croatia as well as impermissible abuse of those who survived those death marches," the NGO said in the appeal issued on Friday.

Supreme Court upholds convictions for Trpinja war crimes

They all pleaded not guilty to the charges of killing 17 Croatian civilians and seven Croatian prisoners of war.

40 persons indicted for war crimes committed in Knin prison

The Split County Prosecutor's Office has issued an indictment against 40 persons for war crimes committed against prisoners of war and civilians held in prison in Knin from 1991 to the end of 1993.

Mercep sentenced to 5 1/2 years for war crimes against Serb civilians

Wartime assistant interior minister Tomislav Mercep on Thursday was found guilty of committing war crimes against Serb civilians in the early 1990s and sentenced to five and a half years in prison.