Serbians launch petition against war mongering

Prompted by recent inflammatory statements by Serbian politicians regarding an incident involving a Kosovo-bound train from Belgrade, Serbian citizens have launched a petition called "Serbian Citizens Against War Mongering", the Novi Sad-based portal 021.rs reported on Wednesday.

HVIDRA war veteran association against meeting Serbia veterans

The leader of the association of Homeland Defence War veterans that goes by the name HVIDRA and a Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) parliamentarian, Josip Djakic, on Friday said that HVIDRA did not support the idea to organise meetings of veterans from Croatia and Serbia as long as former Serbian soldiers and paramilitaries did not sincerely apologise for the aggression they had launched against Croatia.

Thousands of children are detained in conflict zones, report finds

Thousands of children have been detained and held without charges for months and even years in conflict zones where governments often treat children as national security threats, according to a report by Human Rights Watch released Thursday.

Two decades later, Bosnia still burdened with war refugees

Two decades after the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina ended there are still 98,000 people with refugee status in the country and another 30,000 who live abroad.

Indictment against Serb paramilitary leader upheld

An indictment against Serb paramilitary leader Dragan Vasiljkovic, aka Captain Dragan, charged with war crimes against POWs and civilians in southern and central Croatia, was upheld by the Split County Court on Monday, which paves the way for organising a trial against him soon

Monument to children killed in Homeland War unveiled

A monument to the 402 girls and boys killed during the 1991-95 Homeland War was unveiled in Slavonski Brod on Saturday, the eastern town chosen for its location because 28 local children were killed.

Croatian MPs receive family of Slovak peacekeeper killed in 1990s war

Slovakia and the Czech Republic parted ways peacefully, but Croatia was not given such an opportunity, Demo said at the talks with the dead soldier's mother, Eva Rigova. He also stressed that war was the worst calamity that could hit the mankind.

Jewish organisations commemorate Jasenovac victims

"We are here to pay tribute to all victims of the Jasenovac Camp," said Coordinating Committee chairman Ognjen Kraus in his brief address at the start of the commemoration, after Rabbi Lucijano Moše Prelevic led the prayer.

Report: Russia rarely targeted Islamic State forces in Syria

Russia's claim to have mainly targeted Islamist militants during a six-month military intervention in the Syrian civil war was false, a private think tank on international affairs said in a report Tuesday.

Syrian warplane shot down with surface-to-air missile, regime says

A Syrian warplane was shot down Tuesday by "terrorist organizations" using a surface-to-air missile, state news agency SANA said.

Armenia warns of war with neighbour Azerbaijan over disputed region

The sudden surge of violence in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh has the potential to set off an all-out war between Armenia and neighbouring Azerbaijan, Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan said Monday.

Book on suffering of Ruthenians in Homeland War launched

Those 97 Ruthenians, of whom 55 were civilians and 42 defenders, represented nearly three percent of their community in Croatia, said author Nikola Pap.

Libyan militia vows "long-term war" against unity government

An armed militia in Libya threatened Friday to wage a "long-term war" against a UN-backed unity government that said it would move to the capital Tripoli, where a rival administration is in control.

Fifth year of Syria's war the worst yet, aid groups say in new report

The fifth year of Syria's civil war has been the worst yet, 30 aid agencies said on Friday in a new report entitled, "Fuelling the Fire."

Syria, Russia airstrikes on hospitals "strategy of war," Amnesty says

Airstrikes on hospitals and other medical facilities by Syrian government and Russian forces are part of a "strategy of war" designed to pave the way for ground forces to advance on northern Aleppo, Amnesty International said on Thursday.

Steinmeier urges trust-building to end crises in Ukraine, Middle East

Renewed dialogue and trust-building are needed to solve the complex crises faced by the world today, including the conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier told the UN Security Council Monday.

"They just want war to end," Red Cross says, urges Syria aid access

Syria is suffering from "enormous destruction" and constant humanitarian access must be provided to areas that have been under siege, the president of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) told dpa on Saturday.

Vukovar-Srijem County completely cleared of mines left over from war

Jakopec said that maps of mine-suspected areas had covered 107.2 square kilometres, which was 4.4% of the County's total area.

Number of Islamic State militants has fallen to up to 25,000

The number of Islamic State militants fighting in Iraq and Syria has fallen, according a US intelligence assessment.

Croatia pledges EUR 1mn for Syria

"I hope that the political process, based on the UN resolution, will bring this crisis and tragic conflict to an end. Let us not be ashamed to respond when our children ask us:  What have you done to stop the war in Syria?" Grabar-Kitarovic said.

No end to war for the people in eastern Ukraine

Residents in a town on the front line between the Ukrainian army and pro-Russian separatists are weary of the fighting. Their homes are wrecked and peace seems a long way off, with little help coming from Kiev.

Naser Oric goes on trial for war crimes in Srebrenica area

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo on Tuesday commenced the trial of Naser Oric, the wartime commander of Srebrenica's defence forces charged with war crimes against Serb prisoners of war.

Obama calls on Congress to pass Islamic State war resolution

US President Barack Obama calls on Congress to pass a resolution authorizing military force in the fight against Islamic State.

Remains of 56 war casualties exhumed at Gornje Seliste

Remains of 56 people, presumably Serbs killed during the war in 1995, have been exhumed from a mass grave near the municipal cemetery in Gornje Seliste, 

Mass grave site with Srebrenica victims found in east Bosnia

According to initial information, this has to do with Bosniak victims killed after the fall of Srebrenica in the summer of 1995,"