Sabor appoints 10 Constitutional Court judges

Parliament on Friday appointed ten Constitutional Court judges by a two-thirds majority thus avoiding a constitutional crisis that might have occurred on June 7 had the Constitutional Court...

Greek Cypriots elect new parliament

Voters in the mostly Greek Republic of Cyprus in the southern part of the divided Mediterranean island went to the polls to elect a new government on Sunday.

Turkish parliament votes in favour of lifting immunity for members

The Turkish parliament voted with a two-thirds majority in favour of lifting the immunity of 138 members of parliament, including nearly all the pro-Kurdish legislators.

Turkey set to vote on lifting legislator immunity; Kurds see attack

The first round of a vote that could see the immunity of more than 130 members of the Turkish legislature lifted, a move the country's pro-Kurdish party says is aimed at its deputies, is set to go...

Syria extends voting for parliamentary polls criticized as "sham"

The Syrian government on Wednesday extended voting in parliamentary elections by five hours, citing high turnout.

Syrians voting in government-held areas for "sham" parliament polls

Syrians living in government-held areas were voting Wednesday in elections for the country's rubber-stamp parliament, hours ahead of the resumption of talks in Geneva to resolve the country's five...

Voting under way in Kazakhstan parliamentary elections

Voting was under way in snap parliamentary elections in the former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan on Sunday.

Kuwait, Indonesia remain suspended; 207 FIFA members to vote

The cases of suspended FIFA members Indonesia and Kuwait will be dealt with at the next ordinary congress of the ruling football body in May

PM-designate presents ministerial nominees

Presenting his team, Oreskovic said he had held a meeting with the nominees on Thursday morning, describing the meeting as "very positive and full of energy".

Voting in parliamentary elections being repeated at seven polling stations

Voting is being repeated at one polling station each in Osijek, Pakrac and Slunj and two polling stations each in Sibenik and Zadar. 

Voting to be repeated at 7 polling stations next Sunday

Because of a surplus of ballots, voting will be repeated at one polling station each in Osijek, Pakrac and Slunj and at two polling stations each in Sibenik and Zadar

Turnout by noon higher than in 2011 election

Croatians went to the polls on Sunday in large numbers to vote for a new parliament, and 685,837 did so by 11:30 hours, the State Election Commission (DIP) said.

HDZ leader says Sunday vote to be celebration of democracy

"I am optimistic about the election outcome and believe that the turnout will be high," Karamarko told reporters after he voted in the company of his daughter Lana.

PM Milanovic votes in parliamentary election

"People, you know how important this is. These are the most important elections in the last four years, everything before that was just a game. This is the real thing,"

President Grabar-Kitarovic votes in parliamentary election

Grabar-Kitarovic gave the brief statement for the press after casting her ballot at a polling station in downtown Zagreb. She was accompanied by her husband Jakov.