German political leaders rule out early visa-free travel for Turks

German political leaders have ruled out the European Union granting Turkey visa-free travel until Ankara fulfills certain requirements.

Turkey seeks to debunk Vote Leave claims ahead of British referendum

Turkey's delegation to the European Union lashed out Monday at those arguing ahead of Britain's EU referendum that Turkey could soon receive visa-free access or even join the bloc and flood Britain with new migrants.

Erdogan: No migrant deal without visa-free EU access for Turks

Turkey's parliament will reject a deal made with the EU to take back migrants if Turkish citizens are not granted visa-free access to Europe, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday.

Merkel says visa-free travel for Turkey by July 1 unlikely

An EU plan to extend visa-free travel privileges to Turkey by July 1 will have to be delayed amid concerns that Ankara will not meet key conditions of the deal in time, said German Chancellor Angela Merkel Monday.

EU ministers back curbs on visa-free travel amid Turkey debate

EU interior ministers gave their backing Friday to new rules making it easier to suspend visa-free access to the bloc in the case of a migration surge or abuses of the system, amid a debate about granting visa liberalization to Turkey.