Foreign governments begin to identify citizens killed in Nice attack

Officials began Friday to identify the dozens of non-French victims killed in an attack on a crowd of Bastille Day revellers in the southern French city of Nice in a truck attack.

Number of Dallas gunshot victims rises to 12 officers, two civilians

The number of people shot in the Dallas, Texas, attack has risen to 14, according to the Dallas Morning-News.

Heirs of victims of Egyptair plane crash to receive compensation

The legal heirs of the victims of the Egyptair flight that plunged into the Mediterranean Sea last month will receive an initial compensation of 25,000 dollars, an official said Monday.

Victims of communist regime commemorated at Macelj

A prayer service was held in the northwestern border town of Macelj on Sunday to commemorate people killed there by the communist regime 71 years ago.

Petrov lays wreath at Bleiburg, says: "Let's stop being hostage to the past"

"Let's stop the 'us and them' divisions and let's deal with the problems of our citizens together," Petrov said, adding that it was time Croatia stopped being hostage to its past and to divisions...

UN calls for millions in donations to help Ecuador earthquake victims

The United Nations on Tuesday called on the world to support the victims of the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck in Ecuador on April 16.

Official state commemoration for Jasenovac death camp victims held

The victims of the World War II Jasenovac concentration camp were commemorated on Friday, on the 71st anniversary of the breakout of 600 inmates of the Ustasha-run death camp, of whom 100 survived...

Minister: Responsibility lies with those boycotting official Jasenovac commemoration

Asked by reporters who was responsible for the fact that three commemorations were being held, Hasanbegovic said: "Those who are boycotting the official state commemoration." Asked if he felt...

Croatia not successor to any criminal regime, culture minister says

"Certain associations have objected to three points. The first are certain incidents in society from which the government has clearly distanced itself and behind which it never stood....

Karamarko: Victims must be truly respected

"Victims are victims and we should all treat them the same, rather than use them for political purposes," Karamarko said while answering questions from the press.

Karamarko: Let's unite in respect for victims

Our not so recent past has left us a memory of too many victims for such a small nation. This truth is even more difficult and painful if we know that so many mass execution sites were the...

US Air Force confirms victims in shooting at Texas base

The US Air Force confirms a shooting incident with casualties at a base outside San Antonio, Texas.

All Brussels attack casualties identified; number down to 32

A week after the triple bombing attacks on Brussels, all casualties have been identified, state prosecutors say, while bringing the total number of victims down to 32.

Three Dutch citizens among victims of Brussels attacks

Three people from the Netherlands were killed in the attack on Brussels airport departure hall, the Dutch Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Friday.

Two Belgians, one Peruvian woman named as victims of Brussels attacks

A university student and a government worker from Belgium and a Peruvian woman married to a Belgian were among the confirmed dead Wednesday following the terrorist attacks in Brussels, as...