Pakistan on track to achieve polio-free status by end of 2019

Pakistan launched on Monday the first part of an anti-polio campaign to vaccinate more than 22 million children under age 5, with the aim to achieve polio-free status by the end of 2019.

357 officials punished in China over vaccine scandal

China on Thursday said it would penalize 357 officials in connection with a vaccine scandal that has eroded public trust in the government.

Institute of Immunology given licence to produce viral vaccines

Croatia's Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices (HALMED) on Thursday reported that it had granted licences to the Institute of Immunology (IMZ) for certain segments of the production of viral vaccines.

WHO: First Zika vaccine trials may come too late for Brazil

The first tests of Zika vaccines on humans are expected to start only at the end of the year and will therefore not be able to help fight the current outbreak in Brazil, a senior World Health Organization (WHO) official said Wednesday.

US: Human trials of Zika vaccine could be held this summer

Human trials of a vaccine for Zika virus could begin as soon as this summer, the top US infectious disease researcher says.