Gov't secretary, two ex-PM's advisors questioned in travel expense scandal

Corruption investigators on Tuesday questioned a former secretary at the Office of the Prime Minister, Sandra Zeljko, who until now was the key witness in an investigation into Tomislav Saucha, a member of Parliament and chief-of-staff of former Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic suspected of the unlawful payment of travel expenses in the government.

PM says criticism of joint news conference with prosecutor absurd

Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic on Monday evening dismissed criticism from the Opposition and some NGOs who had said it was unusual that a premier and chief state prosecutor should hold a joint news conference.

Saucha to be released from investigative custody on Friday afternoon

The Office for Prevention of Corruption and Organised Crime (USKOK) has questioned all witnesses in the case of Ex-Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic's chief of staff Tomislav Saucha who is suspected of falsifying official travel orders, and Saucha, who was placed in investigative custody on 10 February, is likely to released on Friday afternoon.

Croatia's serious fraud office probing ex-PM's chief of staff over bogus travel expenses

Saucha is suspected of having verbally ordered his secretary - in his capacity as Milanovic's chief of staff in charge of ordering and approving travel orders and invoices for official trips - to make travel orders for trips by the former PM's special advisers that never took place, in order to acquire illegal gain from the state budget in the period from November 2013 to January 2016.

USKOK to probe reimbursement of bogus expenses in premier's office in 2015

The Office for Suppression of Corruption and Organised Crime (USKOK) is going to investigate the findings of the Office of the State Auditor about the reimbursement of bogus travel expenses in the Office of Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic in 2015.

Grabar-Kitarovic says her campaign was impeccable, not investigated by USKOK

President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic said on Thursday that her presidential campaign in 2015 was impeccable and that it was not covered by an investigation into Danijel Artenjak of the Napredni Modeli company, which worked on her presidential campaign.

Two men under investigatation for bribery in MiG overhaul

The USKOK anti-corruption office has launched an investigation into a Defence Ministry official and a Ukrainian overhaul company representative for bribery in the overhaul and procurement of MiG 21 aircraft.

Kalmeta claims state prosecutor currying favour with Bridge

The mayor of Zadar and former minister of maritime affairs, transport and infrastructure, Bozidar Kalmeta of the ruling HDZ party, said on Monday that the second indictment the anti-corruption office USKOK had issued against him was an attempt by Chief State Prosecutor Dinko Cvitan to curry favour with the HDZ's coalition partner, the Bridge party.

War profeeting indictment against businessman Gavrilovic upheld

The Zagreb County Court on Wednesday upheld a war profiteering indictment against Djuro Gavrilovic, despite the claims of his defence attorneys that the statute of limitations has run out in this case.

Djuro Gavrilovic charged with war profiteering

The anti-corruption office USKOK has issued an indictment against businessman Djuro Gavrilovic, charging him with purchasing several meat-processing companies that were part of the Gavrilovic concern during the 1990s war in Croatia with money intended for the country's defence in the amount of two million German marks.

USKOK probing MiG-21 aircraft overhaul corruption claims

USKOK, the Croatian body that investigates serious or complex fraud and corruption, has launched an investigation against two Croatian nationals on suspicion of graft in the overhaul of MiG-21 aircraft, following charges pressed by the military police.

Ex-army commander and other accused in Sibinj case plead not guilty at retrial

Former army commander General Mladen Kruljac, and former mayor of the eastern Croatian municipality of Sibinj, Ivica Batinic,pleaded not guilty to the charge of embezzling millions from the state budget and municipal budget at a retrial that commenced before the Osijek County Court on Monday.

Ex-Sisak county head Lovric Merzel trial to start Tuesday

Lovric Merzel and her attorney objected to shortcomings in the proceedings conducted by the Office for the Prevention of Corruption and Organised Crime (USKOK), insisting that the case against her constituted political persecution.

Court postpones decision on Kalmeta indictment

The new session of a panel of judges that can uphold, reject the indictment or send it back to the prosecutors to amend it is scheduled for 2 June.

Court to decide on indictment against Kalmeta Friday

Kalmeta's lawyer Kresimir Vilajtovic told Hina on Monday that there was no legal evidence to corroborate the indictment issued by USKOK in June 2015.

Osijek court issues first indictment against Dinamo executive Zdravko Mamic

The prosecution charges Zdravko Mamic of having siphoned from Dinamo at least HRK 52 million, and his brother Zoran of having defrauded the club of at least 38.1 million.

Two remaining suspects in money laundering case placed in custody

Two remaining suspects in the case of laundering HRK 630 million through fictitious gold sales were placed in investigative custody on Saturday after returning to the country from neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Detention set for 13 suspected of laundering EUR 84m through fictitious gold sales

Among them are the fugitives Antonijo and Pejo Ivic, whose names became public after this week's theft of two kilos of gold and EUR 280,000 from the headquarters of Zagreb's criminal police.

USKOK cracks down on ring suspected of laundering over EUR 84 mln

The Office for the Suppression of Corruption and Organised Crime (USKOK) on Friday opened an investigation into 15 suspects who are believed to have conspired to launder over 630 million kuna.

Corruption indictment upheld against ex-tax authority chief

The Zagreb County Court on Monday upheld an indictment against former Tax Administration chief Nada Cavlovic Smiljanec, former Osijek tax authority chief Ruzica Kovacevic, and entrepreneur Zeljko Bilos for defrauding the state of HRK 9.5 million.

Zdravko Mamic no longer Dinamo's executive director

Zdravko Mamic held a news conference in Zagreb on Tuesday to inform the public that he would no longer be the executive director of the Dinamo Zagreb soccer club, but would be an advisor in the club.

Bridge supports amended Sports Act

The Bridge coalition of independent slates has been advocating, for quite some time, ridding sports of political influence that serves utterly doubtful individual and group interests.

New probe into Dinamo soccer officials for HRK 70 mln graft

The USKOK anti-corruption office has launched another probe into the executive director of the Dinamo Zagreb soccer club, Zdravko Mamic and six others suspected of siphoning almost HRK 70 million from the club.

USKOK dismisses charges against MP Rusak

The anti-corruption office USKOK on Wednesday said it had dismissed criminal charges against MP Gordana Rusak who was charged with an attempt to bribe other parliamentary deputies.

Corruption probe into HDZ MP stopped

USKOK said on its website that it had stopped the investigation because during the probe it had not established a relevant degree of suspicion that they had committed said crime.

Ostojic: USKOK confirmed Grmoja and Petrov's allegations false

An investigation has revealed that Petrov was not under surveillance, that his phone calls were not tapped or data on his phone contacts examined, USKOK said on its website.

Grmoja says investigation results as expected

Claims were already made in the past that there had not been any surveillance measures or examination of phone calls, but then new facts came to light. 

Anti-corruption office says Petrov wasn't under surveillance

The anti-corruption agency USKOK said on Wednesday that Bridge party leader Bozo Petrov had not been under any kind of surveillance measures.

Sanader claims is victim of political persecution in Planinska case

"I am not a criminal and did not do what I am charged with. I am proud of my two terms as Prime Minister and of the results we achieved, from excellent economic results to the reforms we conducted," said Sanader.

Petrov says Ostojic should face parl. committee on home affairs, national security

"If the SDP had not tried to cheat us, his (Kosic's) speech would have definitely made me go with the Croatia Is Growing coalition."

Ostojic reiterates Petrov was not under surveillance

Ostojic called on all those reporting such things to file criminal charges, so that he could defend himself from such charges but also to be able to prosecute them later, should evidence show that they were telling untruths.

Interior minister: Petrov was not under surveillance

Ostojic said that Bridge spokesman Nikola Grmoja was accusing him without providing any evidence and called on Petrov to face him publicly and discuss the allegations.

Petrov says USKOK hasn't summoned him for interview

Petrov also said that he did not talk with Bridge spokesman Nikola Grmoja, who earlier in the day gave a deposition at USKOK, because he was at talks with Karamarko.

Bridge spokesman gives deposition about Petrov surveillance

"I didn't say I had evidence. The parliamentary committee confirmed that the complaint arrived. Institutions should now do their job and establish if that is true or not," he added.

USKOK looking into Grmoja's claims about Petrov surveillance

The Police Directorate would not comment on Grmoja's claims, and outgoing Minister of the Interior Ranko Ostojic said he would hold a news conference on Wednesday.

Dubrovnik mayor indicted for corruption

The indictment filed at Split's County Court charges Vlahusic and Frankovic with abuse of office, incitement to abuse of office, tax evasion and book-keeping fraud from May 2010 to December 2014.

USKOK says there's no evidence of political trade-offs

USKOK had instructed the police to investigate possible threats and alleged trading in parliamentary seats of which some MPs publicly complained.

Court rejects USKOK appeal, Zdravko Mamic to be released on bail

While out of custody, Mamic must comply with measures imposed by the court, including a ban on any contact with witnesses.

Dinamo boss refused bail

A panel of non-trial judges decided on Tuesday that Zdravko Mamic can be released on bail of 14 million kuna and upheld 5 million kuna bail granted to his son.

Court decision on indictment against Bandic not before mid-2016

Only in the case that the indictment is upheld will a preparatory hearing be convened to determine a trial date.

Zagreb Mayor and 15 others indicted

Bandic and the others are indicted for abuse of position and powers, influence peddling, tax evasion, customs fraud, obstruction of evidence, forging official or business documents,

Cvitan: Prosecutors have good results despite poor working conditions

Cvitan, who came at the helm of the State Prosecutor's Office from USKOK said that he had to point out that the Zagreb-based USKOK office was lacking in clerks and office space.

Mamic can be released on bail, must not contact Dinamo officials

Mamic has been set bail of HRK 14 million while his son Mario is required to pay HRK 5 million to be released from custody. 

Milanovic, Kalmeta, Cvitan on probe into parl. seats' trade-off

I was not summoned, and I see no reason why I should be summoned. I went public with the offer to (Bridge leader) Bozo Petrov to be parliament speaker...

SDSS, MOST officials interviewed in police probe into political trade-offs

"I gave a statement to the police and guaranteed with my signature that I would not divulge its contents to the media," Grmoja told Hina,

HDZ: Milanovic trying to stay in power to prevent investigations

Milanovic first attempted to cause in a rift in the Bridge party by organising secret talks under cover of night, then he blackmailed, through middlemen, members of ethnic minorities 

Dinamo fans stage protest

The protest was secured by a large number of riot police and the streets in the vicinity of the ministry were closed to traffic due to the large number of protesters.

Ex-HDZ ministers testify at Sanader's trial in "Planinska Street" case

Former PM and former HDZ leader Sanader is charged with pushing for the building's purchase at that inner cabinet meeting, as a result of which the sales contract was signed ...

Dinamo boss placed in investigative custody

Mario Mamic may be released from the Remetinec detention centre only after he posts 5 million kuna bail. Stipancic was set bail of 4 million kuna and Krota of 2 million kuna.

USKOK wants Mamic and other suspects in custody, says Dinamo defrauded of HRK 78.5 mln

After the last two suspects were questioned on Thursday morning, USKOK decided to request that all five be placed in investigative custody.

Mamic, Vrbanovic present their defence, deny charges

Prosecutors will most probably continue with their questioning on Thursday morning, after which they will say if they want the suspects to be remanded in custody,

Dinamo boss Zoran Mamic arrested again

Mamic has been under investigation before on suspicion that he, his brother Zoran, Vrbanovic and tax official Milan Pernar embezzled at least HRK 117.8 million ...

Court upholds indictment against former Social Democrat head of Sisak County

Lovric Merzel and her attorney objected to shortcomings in the proceedings conducted by the Office for the Prevention of Corruption and Organised Crime (USKOK), ...

Supreme Court upholds prosecutor's appeal to decision on Sanader's bail

The case was referred to the trial court for reconsideration. Bail had been set at 12.4 million kuna (1.65 million euros).

Constitutional Court president Jasna Omejec says nobody is above law

"Croatian citizens can be calm - if a law is unconstitutional, it will be quashed, just as any law complying with the Constitution will be upheld by the Constitutional Court.

Court approves properties for Sanader's bail

After questioning real estate experts, Zagreb County Court on Tuesday decided that former prime minister Ivo Sanader can be released from prison ...