US Presidential Election

Obama to Trump: You can't manage White House like family business

US President Barack Obama said in an interview broadcast Sunday that he has tried to impress upon president-elect Donald Trump that running the White House is different from any other job.

Ethics watchdog concerned by rush on Trump nominees

A US government ethics watchdog is concerned that president-elect Donald Trump's cabinet appointees are being rushed through the nomination process without being properly vetted.

Trump vows good relations with Russia after hacking briefing

US president-elect Donald Trump vowed Saturday to pursue good relations with Russia despite an intelligence assessment that charged Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a campaign of...

Tillerson to cut ties with Exxon, get 180-million-dollar retirement

Rex Tillerson, Donald Trump's nominee for US secretary of state, has cut his ties with oil giant ExxonMobil and will receive a retirement package valued at 180 million dollars, the company said....

Trump points to Assange, questions intelligence on Russian hacking

US president-elect Donald Trump pointed to remarks by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on the hacking of Democratic Party emails as he questioned US intelligence agencies' assessment that Russian...

Clintons to attend Trump's swearing-in ceremony

Hillary Clinton, the former opponent of US president-elect Donald Trump, will accompany her husband Bill Clinton to Trump's swearing-in ceremony on January 20, CNN reports, citing Clinton's office...

Trump wishes "many enemies" well in New Year's message

US president-elect Donald Trump on Saturday sent a New Year's message referring to his "many enemies" as he prepared for a New Year's Eve party at his resort in Florida.

No expulsion of US diplomats over hacking dispute, Putin says

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday that he would not expel any US diplomats over a hacking row with the White House.

Russia expelling 35 US diplomats in hacking row

Russia is expelling 35 US diplomats in response to US President Barack Obama's expulsion of the same number of Russian officials in a hacking row, according to a statement from Foreign Minister...

Obama expels diplomats, orders sanctions over Russian hacking

US President Barack Obama on Thursday expelled 35 Russian diplomats and ordered sanctions on Russian intelligence services over what the US government says was Moscow-ordered interference in the...

Reports: US will soon take measures against Moscow for hacking

Outgoing US President Barack Obama will announce measures in the coming days to punish Moscow for alleged Russian hacking that interfered in the recent US presidential elections, US media reported...

Obama says he could have won in 2016, Trump says no way

President Barack Obama, who leaves office January 20, believes he could have won a third mandate in the White House if not for constitutional term limits, he said in an interview released Monday...

Ivanic: Trump's election won't impact US policy on Bosnia

Bosnian Presidency Chairman Mladen Ivanic said on Monday that Donald Trump's election as US president would have no impact on the Balkans or Bosnia and Herzegovina because the US policy on this...

Trump praises Putin for letter seeking closer cooperation

US president-elect Donald Trump praises Russian President Vladimir Putin for a Christmas letter seeking closer cooperation between the nations under the new US leader.

Putin backs those who hacked US Democratic Party for "exposing truth"

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday expressed support for those who hacked the US Democratic Party for "exposing the truth".