United States

Global probe leads to Israeli's arrest after Jewish centre threats

Israeli police were questioning a Jewish-Israeli teenager on Thursday after he was arrested during an international investigation into a wave of bomb threats against US Jewish centres.

US donates 24 Humvee vehicles to Bosnia army

The US government has donated 24 Humvee multipurpose vehicles to the Bosnia and Herzegovina Army, hit by a chronic shortage of funding and equipment, to reinforce its technical capacity.

Global coalition 'firmly united' in effort to defeat Islamic State

The global coalition to defeat and destroy Islamic State recommitted itself to the effort Wednesday, calling for "an integrated, multidimensional, and comprehensive approach."

Republican hard-liners say they will block Trump's health-care plan

A group of conservative legislators within the US Republican Party said Wednesday that they had enough votes to block legislation backed by President Donald Trump to replace the current health insurance system.

Trump communications may have been gathered in intelligence sweep

US President Donald Trump's communications may have been swept up as part of an intelligence operation, the head of the House Intelligence Committee said Wednesday.

US, Kurdish forces land near IS stronghold in Syria, watchdog says

US and allied Kurd-led forces landed near the Islamic State's de facto capital in Syria in a move aimed at tightening the noose around the extremist militia there, a monitoring group said Wednesday.

Tillerson to skip NATO meeting in Brussels but will travel to Russia

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will not attend a meeting of NATO foreign ministers next month in Brussels, the State Department confirmed Tuesday.

Iran: nuclear deal could end if US maintains sanctions

Iran could withdraw from the 2015 nuclear deal, if Washington continues to block its implementation, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif was quoted as saying by the ISNA news agency on Tuesday.

Confusion surrounds US electronics ban for Middle East flights

A new US security measure banning large electronic devices from airliner cabins on direct flights to the United States from 10 Middle Eastern hubs left travellers in confusion Tuesday.

Trump signs NASA funding bill, with goal of Mars exploration

US President Donald Trump signed into law Tuesday a measure that sets out funding plans for space exploration with the goal of eventually sending humans to Mars.

Downing Street: Britain to follow US flight ban on laptops in cabins

Britain will follow the United States by banning laptops and other larger electronic devices from passenger cabins on some inbound flights from Middle Eastern and African nations, the government said on Tuesday.

NSA chief: Trump mentioning Merkel spying affair 'complicates things'

US President Donald Trump has not helped US-German relations by bringing up the fact the country spied on Chancellor Angela Merkel, the head of the National Security Agency said Monday.

FBI investigating links between Russia, Trump campaign

The FBI is investigating possible links between US President Donald Trump's election team and the Russian government, Director James Comey told the House Intelligence Committee on Monday.

FBI's Comey: No information to support Trump wiretap claim

There is "no information" to support US President Donald Trump's claims that the FBI wiretapped his offices, Director James Comey says.

US and Ethiopia train AU soldiers to fight al-Shabaab in Somalia

Military personnel from the African Union mission in Somalia (AMISOM) gathered Monday in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa for training aimed at countering the threat from the radical Islamist group al-Shabaab.

Trump derides Russian ties claims as congressional probe set to begin

US President Donald Trump weighed in Monday to deny Russia-linked meddling in the 2016 US elections, before the first word on that very topic could be uttered at a public hearing before the Intelligence Committee in the House of Representatives.

Norway is world's happiest country, US is sad

Norway claimed the No. 1 spot as the world's happiest country, according to a United Nations report, which described the United States as "a story of reduced happiness."

FBI chief Comey to testify Monday on Russian election meddling

FBI director James Comey is to testify Monday at a public hearing of the Intelligence Committee in the House of Representatives on Russia-linked meddling in the 2016 US elections.

Gallup: Trump approval rating drops to 37 per cent

US President Donald Trump's approval rating has dropped to 37 per cent as of Saturday in a daily Gallup survey, the polling company said.

Report: Russian parliament to investigate US broadcasters

Russia's parliament is to investigate US broadcasters operating in Russia such as CNN, Radio Liberty and Voice of America, government newspaper Rossijskaja Gaseta reported Saturday.

Trump demands "vast sums of money" for defending Germany

Berlin owes "vast sums of money" to NATO and the United States for the defence of Germany, US President Donald Trump said Saturday on Twitter, a day after a White House meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Secret Service laptop with Trump Tower evacuation plans stolen

A laptop computer with sensitive information including an evacuation plan for Trump Tower has been stolen from a Secret Service agent in New York, CNN reported Friday.

Trump, Merkel talk NATO role, "fair" trade deals

US President Donald Trump called on European allies to do their share to support the NATO military alliance and said he would pursue "fair" trade deals as he sat down Friday for the first time with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

North Korean threats on agenda as Tillerson visits South Korea

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson visited the demilitarized zone (DMZ) on Friday after arriving in South Korea for meetings with his counterpart, Yun Byung Se, to discuss North Korea's nuclear and missile threats.

Report: US denies deadly Syria mosque bombing

The US military on Thursday said it had killed a number of extremists in an airstrike in Syria, but denied it was responsible for the bombing of a mosque in which activists say at least 42 people were killed.

Trump plans to appeal US judges move to block six-country entry ban

US President Donald Trump's new ban on travellers from six Muslim-majority countries was kept from taking effect Thursday, with federal judges on opposite sides of the country blocking the policy.

Russian government shrugs off link to alleged Yahoo hack in US case

The Kremlin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Thursday shrugged off an alleged Russian government connection to what US authorities have described as a hack of hundreds of millions of Yahoo user accounts.

Trump unveils 'America First' budget, with security the big winner

Military spending would surge while foreign aid and environmental protection outlays would plummet under US President Donald Trump's first budget proposal, billed as an "America First" budget plan that will serve as a blueprint for next year's spending.

Hawaii judge halts US travel ban; Trump calls decision 'terrible'

A US district court judge in Hawaii on Wednesday blocked US President Donald Trump's new ban on travellers from six Muslim-majority countries, just hours before it was due to take effect.

Trump slams tax document release, but calls them not 'embarrassing'

US President Donald Trump on Wednesday questioned the release of his 2005 tax documents, blasting the reporter who acquired the returns after months of speculation about his tax bill during the 2016 election.

US: Two Russian intelligence officers charged in huge 2014 Yahoo hack

Two Russian intelligence officers worked with two known hackers who stole information from at least 500 million Yahoo user accounts in 2014, US officials said Wednesday as they announced charges against the four.

Trump's 2005 tax bill was 38m dollars, with income of more than 150m

US President Donald Trump had a tax bill of 38 million dollars and reported income of nearly 153 million dollars in 2005, according to a copy of two pages from a tax return that was published online Tuesday.

Trump meets Saudi deputy crown prince

US President Donald Trump held talks Tuesday with Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at the White House, in the first high-level meeting with the key US ally since Trump took office in January.

Trump "extremely confident" of wiretapping evidence

US President Donald Trump remains "extremely confident" that the Justice Department will provide evidence that he was the subject of surveillance by the previous administration during the presidential election, spokesman Sean Spicer said Tuesday.

Reports: Trump approves CIA drone strikes

US President Donald Trump has authorized the Central Intelligence Agency to approve drone strikes, US media reported Tuesday.

Estimate: US health care plan could leave 24 million uninsured

The proposed replacement for America's current government health care plan would save money through 2026, but could leave 24 million people without insurance, according to a government agency tasked with performing cost-benefit analyses of proposals.

Unknown rebels abduct American and Swedish UN staffers in Congo

Two United Nation staffers - one American, one Swedish - are among six people recently abducted by unknown rebels in central Congo, the government announced Monday.

McCain calls on Trump to substantiate Obama wire-tapping claim

Republican Senator John McCain on Sunday called on US President Donald Trump to either retract or substantiate a claim that his predecessor Barack Obama wire-tapped his office last year.

Schwarzenegger says he won't run for Senate

Former California governor and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger said Sunday he will not run for US Senate despite rumours that he was considering returning to politics.

Kremlin spokesman: Ambassador met with Clinton advisors too

The Russian ambassador to the United States also met with advisors to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, a Kremlin spokesman said Sunday, as he dismissed charges of Russian interference in the US presidential election.

Intruder scales White House fence while Trump was inside

An intruder carrying a backpack scaled the White House fence along Pennsylvania Avenue before being arrested late Friday, the Secret Service said.

Merkel seeks partnership - not confrontation - with Trump, gov't says

The German government's coordinator for transatlantic relations says that the building of trust will be the main goal of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's first meeting with US President Donald Trump.

Judge declines to apply freeze to new Trump travel ban

A US federal judge in Washington state has declined to apply a freeze of President Donald Trump's original travel ban to the new ban issued this week, the Washington Post reported on Friday.

Trump invites Abbas to Washington for talks, Palestinians say

US President Donald Trump on Friday called Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and invited him to visit Washington in the near future, the official Palestinian news agency WAFA reported.

Trump administration ready to start NAFTA revision talks by mid-year

The United States will be in a position to begin renegotiations of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) by the middle of the year, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said Friday.

US payrolls continued expansion in February as jobless rate dipped

The unemployment rate in the United States edged lower in February to 4.7 per cent, while payrolls continued growing strongly, the Bureau of Labour Statistics said Friday.

Turkish artillery targeted Syrian forces and US-backed units

Turkish-backed operations in northern Syria are attacking Syrian government troops outside the flashpoint city of Minbij, with several people reported killed and injured in recent days, local sources told dpa on Friday.

Report: Japanese, US navies conducting drill in East China Sea

Japanese and US navies are conducting a joint military exercise in the East China Sea amid China's growing assertiveness in the region, local media reported on Friday.

More states sign on to legal effort to block Trump travel ban

At least two more US states on Thursday joined an ongoing legal effort led by the states of Washington and Minnesota to block parts of President Donald Trump's revised executive order on immigration.

Trump didn't know former aide Flynn worked as foreign agent

The White House said Thursday it was unaware that former national security advisor Michael Flynn did work to benefit a foreign government before being named to President Donald Trump's administration.

White House vows to find American missing for 10 years in Iran

US President Donald Trump's administration vowed Thursday to find a US citizen who went missing a decade ago in Iran, the White House said.

Indian government criticized for silence on attacks in US

India's opposition parties on Thursday criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi for failing to comment on the recent attacks on people of Indian origin in the United States.

US stands by military drills with South Korea

The US indicated Wednesday it would continue joint military exercises with South Korea following a proposal by China that the drills be suspended in exchange for North Korea halting its nuclear activities.

Report: US Marines equipped with artillery deploy to Syria

US Marines have arrived at an outpost in Syria as the United States weighs a plan to take back the city of Raqqa from Islamic State, a news report said Wednesday.

Hawaii moves to challenge Trump's revised travel ban

The state of Hawaii will challenge US President Donald Trump's revised travel ban, according to court documents filed by lawyers late Tuesday.

China calls on N Korea to suspend nukes, US to stop military drills

North Korea should suspend its nuclear activities in exchange for the US and South Korea halting their annual joint military drills, China proposed on Wednesday, as tensions between the two sides escalate.

US: 18 per cent of freed Guantanamo inmates returned to militancy

Data from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence about the "re-engagement of detainees" formerly held at the US military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, through July 15, the latest date available:

Frankfurt consulate used for CIA hacking operations, Wikileaks claims

The US consulate in Frankfurt was used as part of Central Intelligence Agency hacking operations in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, according to agency documents released by WikiLeaks Tuesday detailing US cyber activities.

Switzerland top country in US magazine's annual ranking

Switzerland unseated Germany in an annual ranking of the world's best countries released Tuesday by a US news magazine, which said the Alpine nation was viewed by survey respondents as "a sanctuary for calm reason."

Hoyt for urgent solutions to crises in S-E Europe

Helping Southeast Europe so that it becomes more stable, safer, more prosperous and better integrated with the rest of Europe is a common goal of Croatia and the United States, US Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs Hoyt Brian Yee said on Tuesday.

US fines China's ZTE 892 million dollars for sales to Iran, N Korea

A Chinese company will pay a record 892 million dollars for shipping telecommunications equipment to Iran and North Korea in violation of US sanctions against the two governments, the Commerce Department said Tuesday in Washington.

Germany's Schaeuble clashes with Trump White House over trade surplus

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble clashed on Tuesday with the new US administration over its claims that Europe's biggest economy enjoyed trade surpluses as a result of currency manipulation.

Trump on Twitter blames Obama for Bush's released Guantanamo inmates

US President Donald Trump falsely tweeted Tuesday that Guantanamo inmates who returned to militant activity had been released from the US military prison by his predecessor, Barack Obama.

US-backed militia hands over posts near Minbij to Syrian forces

A US-backed militia positioned in northern Syria said on Tuesday it has handed areas west of Minbij to Syrian government forces, an official source said. 

China vows 'necessary measures' against US-S Korea missile system

China says it "will take necessary measures to maintain [its] security interests" against a US anti-missile system deployed to South Korea, according to a Foreign Ministry spokesman.

Philippines protests US TV show's negative portrayal of Duterte

The Philippines has filed a protest against a "highly negative depiction" of its president Rodrigo Duterte in a US television series and urged TV network CBS to correct the portrayal, the country's embassy in Washington said Tuesday.

US deploys anti-missile system to South Korea

The United States has begun deploying its THAAD missile defence system to South Korea, the US Pacific Command confirmed on Tuesday, a day after North Korea launched four ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan.

US considers plan to separate children from illegal immigrant parents

US Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly is considering a plan to separate children from parents who try to enter the country illegally via Mexico, he said Monday in an interview with local media.

Former Guantanamo Bay inmate killed in US airstrike in Yemen

A US airstrike in Yemen against al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) killed a man who was held prisoner by the US military at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, a Pentagon spokesman confirmed Monday.

Report: North Korea says missile exercise targeted US bases in Japan

North Korea says it has carried out a missile launch exercise targeting US bases in Japan, South Korean news agency Yonhap reported on Tuesday, a day after Pyongyang fired four ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan.

US Supreme Court sends transgender bathroom case back to lower court

The US Supreme Court on Monday returned to a lower court a transgender bathroom case brought by a high school student.

Timeline of Trump's so-called 'travel ban' executive order

US President Donald Trump's revised executive order on immigration halts refugee approvals for 120 days and blocks new visas for people from six majority-Muslim countries for 90 days.

US: 300 refugees eyed for "potential terrorism-related activities"

Attorney General Jeff Sessions says that some 300 refugees in the United States are under federal scrutiny as possible terrorism suspects.

Trump issues revised immigration order, drops Iraq from banned list

US President Donald Trump signed a revised executive order Monday halting new visas for people from six majority-Muslim countries and suspending refugee admissions for 120 days, the White House said.

US-backed forces claim strategic advances in north-eastern Syria

Strategic advances claimed by US-supported militants have reportedly cut off the road between two Islamic State strongholds in Syria as part of operations to liberate the city of al-Raqqa from the extremist group.

China condemns N Korea missile test; assigns some blame to US, South

China has joined the international community in condemning Monday's launch of four ballistic missiles by North Korea and urged calm in the region.

Report: FBI director asked to dispute Trump's claim

FBI Director James Comey has asked the Justice Department to issue a statement rejecting President Donald Trump's claims that his predecessor, Barack Obama, ordered the tapping of Trump's offices, the New York Times has reported.

White House demands probe into whether Obama abused powers

US President Donald Trump is demanding an investigation into "very troubling" allegations that the administration of his predecessor, Barack Obama, abused its powers ahead of the 2016 election, the White House said on Sunday.

Tony Blair calls report of a possible Trump role 'invention'

Tony Blair has dismissed a report that US President Donald Trump is considering the former British prime minister for the role of Middle East envoy as "an invention."

China positions itself as peaceful, stable alternative to Trump

Delegates at the National People's Congress annual meeting said they wanted world peace and more power for President Xi Jinping.

Report: New US entry ban announcement expected Monday

The Trump administration is expected to announce "a new entry ban executive order" on Monday, US media reported, citing administration officials.

Report: Obama ordered cyber attacks against North Korea

Former US president Barack Obama undertook a series of cyberattacks against North Korea's missile programme, the New York Times reported Saturday.

HNS: Croatia given slap by US over anaemic reaction to intolerance and hate speech

The Croatian People's Party (HNS) issued a statement on Saturday criticising the government, president and parliament speaker for their "utterly anaemic" reactions to growing intolerance, hate speech and human rights violations in the country.

Trump accuses Obama of wiretapping his office during 2016 campaign

President Donald Trump used a series of early morning tweets Saturday to accuse his predecessor, Barack Obama, of wiretapping Trump's New York office during the 2016 election campaign, but did not reveal the source of his information.

U.S. sees corruption, social discrimination, violence against minorities as problems in Croatia

The United States' Department of State that issued its report on human rights practices in 2016 identifies "social discrimination and instances of violence directed against members of ethnic minorities, including ethnic Serbs and Roma, women, and children," as well as corruption as main problems in Croatia concerning the human rights state of affairs last year.

US conducts second day of strikes against AQAP in Yemen

The US military conducted a second day of air strikes Friday in Yemen, targeting al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), a Pentagon spokesman said.

Hole story: Trump offers doughnut diversion from Russia ties

US President Donald Trump sunk his teeth into the political opposition Friday, labelling them hypocrites and calling for a probe of their Russia ties, with his attorney under a cloud for failing to disclose contacts with the Russian ambassador.

Jilted lover arrested over threats against Jewish community centres

A Missouri man was arrested Friday in connection with several threats against Jewish institutions, which federal prosecutors allege was part of a revenge scheme against a former lover.

Russia denounces claim that ambassador to US is 'top spy'

Russia's Foreign Ministry on Friday denounced a claim in a report by US broadcaster CNN that long-time Ambassador Sergei Kislyak is "one of Russia's top spies and spy-recruiters in Washington."

US Attorney General Sessions will recuse himself from Russia probes

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Thursday he would recuse himself from Justice Department decisions on investigations related to President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign, as questions swirl about its connections to Russia.

White House stands by embattled Attorney General Sessions

The White House remained firmly in support of US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, even as top Democrats called Thursday for resignation over his testimony denying contacts to Russia.

EU Parliament urges reinstating visa requirements for US citizens

The European Parliament on Thursday called for the reinstatement of visas for US citizens in response to Washington's failure to lift visa requirements for nationals of five EU countries.

Trump's ban on funds for family planning prompts global initiative

Delegates from more than 50 countries gathered Thursday in Brussels to find ways to plug the funding gap resulting from President Donald Trump's order barring aid to international organizations that discuss abortion as a family-planning option. 

Sessions denies discussing Trump campaign with Russia

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wednesday denied any wrongdoing after local media reported he had failed to disclose two meetings he had with the Russian ambassador last year, hours after a lawmaker said allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow would be investigated.

Exiled Turkish cleric has 'no intention of leaving the US'

Exiled Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen has no plans to leave the United States for Canada, according to an organization close to him, following speculation about a possible move.

Russia, Syria aircraft accidentally bomb US-backed rebels

Russian and Syria aircraft inadvertently bombed US-backed rebels in northern Syria, the general overseeing US operations said Wednesday.

US-backed forces report attacks by Turkey in northern Syria

The Turkish Euphrates Shield operation, which includes Syrian rebels, attacked a US-supported militia in northern Syria, according to officials with the militia.

US questions credibility of UN rights body, mulls future cooperation

A senior US diplomat questioned the credibility of the UN Human Rights Council on Wednesday, sending the clearest signal to date that the new US administration is reviewing its engagement with the institution.

Fresh look, softer tone, same old right-wing populism from Trump

In his first speech to a joint session of Congress, though, Trump finally followed in the footsteps of his predecessors, reaching across the aisle on issue after issue.

Best quotes from President Donald Trump's first speech to Congress

During his first speech to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, US President Donald Trump spoke about a wide range of topics including immigration, terrorism, employment and defence.