U.N. Secretary General

Vesna Pusic withdraws UN secretary-general nomination

Former Croatian Foreign Minister Vesna Pusic on Thursday withdrew her nomination for the post of UN secretary-general.

Candidates for UN Secretary-General hold debate, Pusic receives applause

Candidates vying for the post of United Nations Secretary-General, including Croatia's former foreign minister Vesna Pusic, took part in a debate at UN headquarters in New York which was broadcast live for the first time in history.

Pusic says she is 'not a gender-neutral candidate' for U.N. chief

Croatian politician Vesna Pusic, hoping to become the next Secretary-General of the United Nations, says being a woman plays a key role in her election bid by shining a light on her career of gender equality activism, the Thomson Reuters Foundation reported.

Karamarko says will discuss Pusic's candidacy for U.N. secretary general position

"We will talk about it. I believe that the procedure has not been respected and owing to the outgoing government Croatia has embarrassed itself properly," Karamarko told the press.

Caretaker PM to resubmit Pusic's candidacy for U.N. secretary general position

"The prime minister will resubmit the candidacy of the First Deputy Prime Minister for the position of the U.N. Secretary General, given that the decision about has already been made," the source told Hina.