Karamarko: Accusations against me politically motivated

Former Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader Tomislav Karamarko testified before Zagreb Municipal Criminal Court on Friday that claims by a former official of the Yugoslav secret police (UDBA) and a former Croatian Prime Minister, Josip Manolic, about Karamarko having worked for UDBA were nothing but "mere lies aimed at a political showdown" and passed on to the media just when he had begun advocating the implementation of lustration.

Spanish court releases Sindicic

The Madrid court received the explanation from Munich that Sindicic's statements were not false and decided that there was no longer any reason to hand him over to Croatia, and he was released after being behind bars in a prison 42 km from Madrid for 55 days.

Weekly must pay Karamarko EUR 9,210 in damages over interview

Karamarko's lawyer Veljko Miljevic said he would appeal because the damages were too low. Karamarako initially asked for HRK 200,000 in damages but eventually reduced the demand to HRK 180,000.

What does refusal to testify in Perkovic-Mustac trial mean?

As for Sijan's refusal to testify, his fear of prosecution could be for any other crime but not Djurekovic's assassination because at that time he held other positions, Nobilo said.

Rijeka municipal prosecutor with no comment on Sindicic's release

The investigative court in Madrid on Monday rejected a request by the Rijeka Municipal Prosecution Office for Sindicic's extradition after he was arrested on 9 November in the town of Burgos in northern Spain. 

Madrid court rejects extraditing Sindicic to Croatia

The trial chamber, presided by Judge Alfonzo Guevara Marcos, concluded  that Croatia's request for  Sindicic's  (72) extradition is unfounded as it was not requested by Germany where the alleged offence took place. 

Madrid court okays Sindicic's extradition, he lodges appeal

Sindicic was arrested on November 9 in Burgos, a town in the north of Spain, on an Interpol arrest warrant issued by the Rijeka Municipal Prosecutor's Office.

Decision on Sindicic's extradition from Spain in 2 weeks' time

Sindicic, arrested in the town of Burgos on 9 November on an Interpol warrant issued by Croatia, has refused to be handed over to Zagreb.

Ex-Yugoslav agent refuses extradition to Croatia

Last Monday, Sindicic was apprehended in the northern Spanish town of Burgos, after the local prosecutor's office in the Croatian seaport of Rijeka issued a warrant for his arrest

Ex-Yugoslav secret agent Vinko Sindicic arrested in Spain

"The Bavarian State Office of Criminal Investigation has been notified that Vinko Sindicic has been arrested in Burgos, Spain," Presiding Judge Manfred Dauster said