Trump says he doesn't like tweeting, then tweets some more

More than 20 million people follow Donald Trump's Twitter account, but the US president-elect seems to consider social media an annoyance.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube to share terrorist content database

Internet giants Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and YouTube plan to develop a shared database of deleted content deemed to promote terrorism.

Twitter strengthens measures against harassment and hate speech

After years of pressure, social media platform Twitter on Tuesday announced new tools to combat bullying and threats online.

Stephen King announces social media strike after Trump victory

The social media accounts of horror author Stephen King were silent on Sunday, after he announced he was "shutting down" after the US presidential election victory of Donald Trump.

Trump says he will be "very restrained" in using Twitter as president

US president-elect Donald Trump says he will be "very restrained" in his use of social media as head of state, after an election campaign during which he relied heavily on Twitter to voice his opinion.

Twitter cuts more jobs, ends Vine app in pursuit of profitability

The social media service Twitter will lay off about 9 per cent of its workforce worldwide, the company announced Thursday.

Twitter shares surge on takeover rumour

Twitter's share price jumped as much as 20 per cent Friday on media reports that Google and software company Salesforce were eyeing a takeover of the struggling social network.

Internet giants' tax records under scrutiny in Indonesia

Indonesia is examining the tax records of US internet giants such as Google, Facebook and Twitter, an official said Tuesday, according to media reports.

White nationalists have far more followers on Twitter than militant Islamists - report

White nationalists and self-identified Nazi sympathizers located mostly in the United States use Twitter with “relative impunity” and often have far more followers than militant Islamists, a study being released on Thursday found.

Trump slips up on Twitter while trying to win black votes in Iowa

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Saturday continued his appeal to black voters in the largely white state of Iowa, describing African-American citizens living in US inner cities as "trapped."

Twitter bans 235,000 over six months for terrorist ties

Twitter announced an escalation in its war on terrorist tweets Thursday, saying it had suspended 235,000 more accounts linked to terrorism since February.

Twitter announces plans to relax 140-character tweet limit

Twitter announced Tuesday it would soon give users greater wiggle room in tweets by not counting name handles and media attachments in its longstanding 140-character limit.

Turkey detains journalist over tweets about Kurdish conflict

Turkish police raided Saturday the home of a journalist and arrested him, apparently over posts he made on Twitter last year about to the ongoing conflict between the state and Kurdish militants in the south-east.

Infographic reveals what happens in one single second on the Internet

How many posts per second do users "like" on Facebook? How many hours worth of YouTube videos do people watch worldwide?

Twitter cuts Islamic State short with 125,000 blocked accounts

Twitter has stepped up its efforts to purge its membership of terrorism supporters, suspending 125,000 accounts since the middle of 2015, the social network said Friday.

French school evacuated over bomb threat made on Twitter

More than 2,000 high school students in northern France were evacuated Monday while security forces searched school grounds for evidence of a threat made on the internet, local authorities said.

Face with Tears of Joy topped emoji list in Twitter's year

The most-used emoji globally last year was one called 'Face with Tears of Joy,' which was posted 6.5 billion times on Twitter alone, suggesting uncontrollable laughter is what we crave.

Facebook and Google agree to block hate speech in Germany

Germany has stricter controls on sedition than many other nations and allows no leeway on glorification of the Nazis, use of their swastika symbol or Holocaust denial.

Turkey fines Twitter for refusing to remove controversial content

According to Anadolu, it is the first time that the BTK has imposed sanctions on a social media provider.

EU joins forces with internet firms to fight terrorism, hate speech

They will discuss, among other things, how to protect the public from terrorist material and how to use the internet to challenge terrorist narratives and online hate speech.