Trump defends Putin, says US has 'got a lot of killers'

US President Donald Trump has brushed off a description of his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin as a "killer," saying, "What do you think? Our country's so innocent?"

British ex-ambassadors deny handing over Trump dossier to McCain

A former British ambassador to Russia told the media on Friday he spoke to US Senator John McCain months ago about the "dirty dossier" on Donald Trump and his alleged links to Russia.

Trump vows US companies won't leave "without consequences"

President-elect Donald Trump vowed Thursday that US companies will not be able to take their operations outside the country "without consequences."

How social media proved crucial for "Twitter-perfect" Trump

Donald Trump was a boon to financially challenged, increasingly uninfluential print and broadcast media, according to many political commentators. But internet analysts say the US president-elect's aggressive social media campaign won him the White House.

Trump calls Saturday Night Live portrayal of him "hit job"

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump took to Twitter on Sunday to vent his anger about the portrayal of him on US sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live.

"Vote (but not for Trump)!" calls group as it topples new Berlin wall

The crowd cheered as a wall was once again toppled at Berlin's famed Brandenburg Gate on Friday. This time, however, the joy came not from a newfound spirit of freedom, but from watching a portrait of Donald Trump fall on its face.

Trump says US "looks bad," calls for anti-crime agenda

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump called for a national anti-crime agenda in the wake of unrest in Charlotte, North Carolina after the latest high-profile shooting of a black man by police.

Report: Trump's charity paid billionaire's legal settlements

The charitable foundation of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has made numerous questionable payments including settlements of at least two court cases against the New York billionaire's businesses, the Washington Post reported Tuesday.

Trump: "President Barack Obama was born in the United States, period"

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who for years participated in the fringe "birther" movement questioning Barack Obama's nationality, is acknowledging that the US president is a native-born US citizen.

Mexican finance minister resigns after Trump visit

Mexico's Finance Minister Luis Videgaray has resigned following a controversial visit by US presidential candidate Donald Trump, the ministry said on Wednesday.

Trump praises Erdogan, won't criticize Turkey for crackdown

US Republican Party presidential nominee Donald Trump said he would not criticize ally Turkey for its crackdown following an attempted coup because the US needs to "fix our own mess" before lecturing other countries.

Report: Russian hackers stole Trump dossier from Democrats' computers

Russian spies hacked into the computer system of the Democratic Party and obtained a complete dossier on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, the Washington Post reported Tuesday citing party officials.

Trump says Clinton should "go to jail" over private email server

US presidential candidate Donald Trump on Thursday said his likely opponent Hillary Clinton should be imprisoned for using a private email server during her term as secretary of state.

Clinton blasts Trump as "unfit" to be president

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton assailed Republican candidate Donald Trump on Thursday as "not just unprepared" to be president but "temperamentally unfit" to hold the office.

Trump to visit Scotland golf resort day after EU referendum

Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, will visit Scotland on June 24 for the official reopening of his Trump Turnberry hotel and golf resort.

North Korea newspaper editorial praises "wise politician" Trump

North Korean state media praised US presidential candidate Donald Trump as a "far-sighted" and "wise politician," news reports said Wednesday.

Report: Trump says he'll pay off US national debt within eight years

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says the United States is headed for a "very massive recession" but that he would pay off the national debt within eight years, according to an interview with the Washington Post published Saturday evening.

Former US presidential candidate Ben Carson endorses Trump

Former US presidential candidate Ben Carson endorsed Republican front-runner Donald Trump on Friday, calling for the will of the American voter to be carried out and denouncing calls from within the Republican Party to stop the billionaire businessman's campaign.