Powerful Libyan militia rejects ceasefire pact in Tripoli

A powerful Libyan militia announced its rejection of a ceasefire agreement for the city of Tripoli hours after it was made public Thursday, spelling potential trouble for the deal.

Libyan forces bombard rivals in volatile oil-rich region

Libyan forces aligned with one of the country's competing administrations - in this case, the one based in the east of the war-ravaged country - mounted airstrikes Saturday against rivals in an oil-rich region, the military and media reported.

Libyan rivals clash near key oil terminals

Clashes erupted Friday between rival Libyan forces near major oil terminals, the latest bout of violence in the war-wracked country, Libyan military and media said.

Rival militias agree on ceasefire after deadly clashes in Tripoli

Warring militias in the Libyan capital Tripoli reached a ceasefire agreement, after two days of fighting left nine people dead, the Libyan News Agency reported Saturday.

Fighting between rival militia kills nine in Tripoli

Fighting between rival militias in the Libyan capital Tripoli killed nine people and injured 16, the Libyan News Agency reported Friday.

Islamist government attempts comeback in Libya

International efforts to install a unity government and end Libya's civil strife suffered a new blow overnight when an Islamist-leaning government that controlled the capital Tripoli until March attempted to regain power.

Two Italians abducted by militants in southern Libya

Two Italian nationals were abducted Monday by militants in Libya's southern town of Ghat near the border with Niger, a local official told dpa.

Libya's National Oil Corporation to resume exports

Libya's National Oil Corporation (NOC) said Thursday that it would resume exports from its eastern ports "as soon as possible," after taking control of the facilities for the first time in about two years.

Libyan forces seize key oil terminals, official says

Libyan army troops, aligned with an administration rival to the UN-backed unity government, said on Sunday they had seized major oil terminals from a militia.

Libyan government forces advance into former Islamic State stronghold

Forces aligned with Libya’s UN-backed government have made territorial gains in the last district held by the Islamic State in the group's former stronghold of Sirte, an official said on Saturday.

Libyan parliament votes down unity government, office says

Libya's internationally recognized parliament, based in the eastern city of Tobruk, has voted down a UN-backed proposed national unity government, the assembly's media office said on Monday.

Libyan forces claim advances in last Islamic State stronghold

Forces aligned to Libya's UN-backed unity government Tuesday said they had captured one of three remaining Islamic State-held districts in the city of Sirte, the extremist group's last stronghold in the North African country.

Libyan forces claim control of Islamic State command centre in Sirte

Libyan forces aligned to a UN-backed unity government Wednesday said they had captured Islamic State's command centre in the city of Sirte, its last stronghold in the North African country.

Medical sources: 15 soldiers killed by suicide attack in Benghazi

Tripoli (dpa) -  A suicide attack targeting Libyan Army troops in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi killing at least 15 soldiers, medical sources tell dpa.

Forces loyal to Libya’s unity government advance deep into Sirte

Forces loyal to Libya's internationally backed unity government managed Wednesday to advance deep into the western parts of Islamic State's main stronghold, Sirte city, a senior military official told dpa on condition of anonymity.

Libyan government advances towards Sirte; Islamic State hits back

Libya's UN-backed unity government claimed advances against Islamic State on Wednesday, saying its forces had taken three towns near the extremist group's stronghold of Sirte, while the jihadists struck back with a massive suicide attack killing more than 20 troops.

Over 20 Libyan soldiers die in suicide attack claimed by Islamic State

More than 20 Libyan troops have been killed in a suicide bombing at a checkpoint near the western city of Misrata, hospital officials in the city say.

Western envoys in Libya in show of support for UN-backed government

Ambassadors from Britain, France and Spain were in the Libyan capital Tripoli on Thursday in a rare visit seen as a show of support for a nascent UN-backed administration.

Libya peace efforts boosted as unrecognized government quits

International efforts to end Libya's civil strife and install a national unity government received a major boost on Tuesday as a rival administration that claimed control of the capital Tripoli said it was leaving office.

Libyan leader shrugs off EU sanctions

The head of Libya's elected parliament on Saturday shrugged off sanctions that the European Union (EU) imposed after accusing him of hampering a peace deal for the restive country.

UN-backed Libyan government chief arrives in capital by sea

The head of the UN-backed compromise government for war-torn Libya arrived by sea Wednesday in the capital Tripoli to take up his position.

US bombs Islamic State in Libya, strike kills 40

The US launched an airstrike against an alleged Islamic State training camp in Libya, with local hospital sources saying 40 people were killed.

Reports: Libyan parliament fails to approve unity government

Libya's internationally recognized parliament Monday withheld approval from a UN-backed national unity government and shot down a key clause in the peace agreement, lawmakers said.

Libyan rivals declare national unity government

Libya's UN-backed presidential council announced Tuesday the formation of a long-awaited national unity government, in a bid to end the country's civil strife.

Truck bomb kills 70 after crashing into Libyan police camp

At least 70 people were killed Thursday when a truck bomb exploded at a police camp in Libya's north-western coastal city of Zliten, a local hospital reported.

At least 50 dead in attack on Libyan police camp

 At least 50 people were killed Thursday in a truck bombing  targeting a police camp in the Libyan coastal city of Zliten, a medical official said.

Islamic State militants attack Libya's largest oil terminal

Islamic State militants on Monday launched an attack on the port of al-Sidra, Libya's largest oil terminal, military officials said.