Trump administration reverses transgender bathroom protections

The Trump administration on Wednesday withdrew Obama-era guidance about the use of school and university bathrooms by transgender students, local media reported.

Pakistani police arrest five for flogging transgender person

Police in eastern Pakistan on Monday arrested five members of a criminal gang after a video of their ringleader flogging a transgender person went viral on social media, officials said.

German opposition pushes to simplify gender change for transsexuals

A German opposition party is putting forward a draft law that would make it easier for transsexuals to change their gender and name in official documents, Green Party lawmaker Volker Beck told dpa Thursday.

US government says schools must accommodate transgender students

Schools and universities must let transgender students use toilets and locker rooms "consistent with their gender identity" or risk losing federal money, the US government said Friday.

Transgender debate: Toilets become a battleground in North Carolina

A law passed in North Carolina lays down which toilets transgender people may use, triggering a wave of protests and lawsuits. Will a US court be the final arbiter?