Traffic accident stats over 9 months better than last year

Statistics on traffic accidents for the first nine months of 2016 were better than at the same time last year, despite several recent extremely serious crashes, Josip Mataija of the Croatian...

Split airport records biggest passenger traffic in Croatia

Split Airport had over half a million passengers in July, which is the biggest passenger traffic in one month since the airport opened and the biggest passenger traffic at a Croatian airport.

Cars in Croatia increasingly old, unsafe

Josip Zaher of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK), which organised the event, said that 100,000 vehicles were sold in Croatia in 2008, including 88,000 new ones, while 80,000 vehicles were...

Railway traffic between Croatia and Hungary re-established

Railway traffic between Croatia and Hungary was re-established on Tuesday, Croatian Railway (HZ) reported, adding that the Koprivnica-Gyekenyes border crossing was the first to be reopened.

Police strike in Slovenia won't cause congestion at border says police chief

"Traffic will proceed normally over the next few days," Fank said, adding that he had spoken very openly with the union and lay down the limits to how far the police could go with strike...