Tony Blair

Blair urges Britons to rise up and reverse Brexit

Britain's departure from the European Union is not inevitable, former prime minister Tony Blair said Friday, calling for the creation of a cross-party movement to persuade the public they can change their minds on Brexit.

Blair to call on Britons to rethink Brexit

Former British prime minister Tony Blair is set to challenge the government on Friday on its commitment to leave the European Union.

Report: Post-Thatcher generation of Britons even more right-wing

Britons became more right-wing under Tony Blair, bucking the expected trend that younger generations are more liberal than their parents.

Tony Blair vacationing in Dalmatia

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is vacationing on the southern Croatian island of Ciovo, off the town of Trogir, and is staying at the Brown Beach House hotel.

Blair defiant as inquiry says Britain overstated Iraq intelligence

Former prime minister Tony Blair said he would take the same decision again to join the US-led 2003 invasion of Iraq, after he and other officials were accused of misleading the British public and parliament over the intelligence used to justify the war.
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