Tomislav Karamarko

Karamarko announces plan to establish public policy institute

Tomislav Karamarko, former leader of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) party and former First Deputy Prime Minister in the government of Tihomir Oreskovic, said on Thursday he was entertaining the idea of establishing a think tank that would devise a plan for the development of Croatia over the next 25 years.

Parliament rejects to strip Petrov, Bulj and Pupovac of immunity

The Croatian parliament on Wednesday endorsed the position of the Credentials and Privileges Committee (MIP) and refused to strip two Bridge officials

Petrov and Bulj not stripped of immunity in private suit

The parliamentary Credentials and Privileges Commission (MIP) on Tuesday rejected motions to strip two Bridge officials

Karamarko: Accusations against me politically motivated

Former Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader Tomislav Karamarko testified before Zagreb Municipal Criminal Court on Friday that claims by a former official of the Yugoslav secret police (UDBA) and a former Croatian Prime Minister, Josip Manolic, about Karamarko having worked for UDBA were nothing but "mere lies aimed at a political showdown" and passed on to the media just when he had begun advocating the implementation of lustration.

Administrative Court confirms Karamarko in conflict of interest

Former deputy prime minister and leader of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) Tomislav Karamarko was not available for any comments on Tuesday after a ruling by Zagreb Administrative Court on Monday upholding a decision by the Conflict of Interest Commission that he had been in conflict of interest due to his business and private relations with MOL adviser Josip Petrovic.

European Broadcasting Union urges Zagreb to protect HRT independence

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU), an international alliance of public service media, has urged the Croatian government to make sure that the national broadcaster (HRT) will maintain its independence in the run-up to the parliamentary election set for 11 September.

Ex-HDZ leader congratulates his successor

The former Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader, Tomislav Karamarko, on Monday congratulated his successor, Andrej Plenkovic, who took the helm of this party after his candidacy was supported by party members in Sunday's election.

Karamarko relieved of number of posts

At the closed part of its session on Thursday the caretaker government relieved Tomislav Karamarko of a number of posts he held before resigning recently as First Deputy Prime Minister.

Petrov: Karamarko's resignation comes too late

Caretaker Deputy Prime Minister and Bridge party leader Bozo Petrov said on Tuesday, in a comment on Tomislav Karamarko's resignation as HDZ chief, that his resignation came too late, that "one man does not make a party" and that both the SDP party and the HDZ "need structural changes."

Brkic says HDZ with new leader will prevent SDP's return to power

"The HDZ is turning a new page, and Karamarko, as an honest and moral man, has introduced a new standard on the Croatian political scene," Brkic said after a session of the party's most senior leaders

Karamarko says his resignation irrevocable, won't shift responsibility

Responding to questions from the press, Karamarko said it was not yet known what his position in the HDZ would be. "At the HDZ Presidency session, we talked about my resignation, which is irrevocable."

Foreign media: Leader of Croatia's largest party resigns amid turmoil

The chief of Croatia's most powerful party resigned Tuesday in the wake of a corruption affair and the collapse of the government coalition.

Karamarko resigns as HDZ chief

Tomislav Karamarko told a press conference on Tuesday that he was resigning as president of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ).

HDZ secretary general says party leadership expects Karamarko's resignation

The Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) Secretary General, Domagoj Ivan Milosevic, said on Monday that most of the HDZ members expect party chief Tomislav Karamarko to resign.

Karamarko reactivates term as MP

On Monday, after adopting a decision to dissolve itself effective July 15, the Croatian parliament upheld a report by the Credentials and Privileges Commission under which the former First Deputy Prime Minister and Croatian Democratic Union president Tomislav Karamarko is returning to parliament.  

Several HDZ founders demand Karamarko's resignation

The nine founders of the HDZ say in a press release that the HDZ under Karamarko's chairmanship was a discontinuation of the party policy pursued by Franjo Tudjman, the founder and the first president of the HDZ and Croatia.

Karamarko: HDZ ready for election but still working on reshuffle

After a ceremony marking the 27th anniversary of the establishment of the HDZ in Zagreb Karamarko said that his party had not yet abandoned the possibility of a government reshuffle.

Karamarko re-activates his term as MP

The parliament's Credentials and Privileges Commission on Friday unanimously supported a request to re-activate the term of Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader Tomislav Karamarko as a member of Parliament.

Karamarko, HDZ ministers won't attend parliamentary debate on PM's impeachment

The HDZ insists on the decision that parliament gives a vote of no confidence in Oreskovic after a joint debate on government-sponsored amendments to the law on mandatory health insurance and on health care.

Chairwoman says Commission was not under political pressure

The Conflict of Interest Commission chairwoman Dalija Oreskovic has said that the Commission was not under political pressure when it ruled about Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Karamarko being in a conflict of interest.

Karamarko: HDZ won't withdraw motion for no confidence vote in PM

"I resigned today from the position of first deputy prime minister. I consider that to be a good move because the government needs to have people who will be relieved of the relations that until now were not good," Karamarko told a press conference 

Petrov: Bridge has not changed its stance

the preservation of the incumbent government, led by Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic, or a new parliamentary election, and he urged the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) presidency to show responsibility toward Croatian citizens.

Petrov: Either Oreskovic cabinet or snap vote

Deputy Prime Minister Bozo Petrov said on Wednesday there were two possible outcomes of the current government crisis -

Karamarko resigns as First Deputy PM

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) chief Tomislav Karamarko on Wednesday announced that he was resigning as First Deputy Prime Minister, and once again called on Deputy Prime Minister Bozo Petrov and Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic to step down as well.

Karamarko resigns as First Deputy PM

Karamarko told a news conference in the HDZ headquarters that parliament would decide on the HDZ-sponsored motion for Oreskovic's impeachment on Thursday after which, he claims, the HDZ would start working on government reshuffle.

Karamarko has conflict of interest, says commission

Croatia's government and MOL, INA's two major stakeholders, are involved in two arbitration proceedings over their relations in INA.

Bridge MP Bulj satisfied with Commission's decision on Karamarko's conflict of interest

Bridge MP  Miro Bulj is satisfied with the Conflict of Interest Commission ruling that Deputy Prime Minister and Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader Tomislav Karamarko was in a conflict of interest.

SDP chief says his party will support PM's impeachment

Commenting on the Conflict of Interest Commission's decision in the case of Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Karamarko, Milanovic said the decision was irrelevant, saying that the issue was a lot bigger than conflict of interest.

Commisison finds Karamarko is in conflict of interest

The Commission established that Karamarko has found himself in a situation when his private interests could influence his performance in the government and that he should not be involved in decision-making regarding the INA-MOL arbitration.

Bridge MP says Karamarko should have resigned earlier

Member of Parliament Miro Bulj of Bridge, a junior partner in the ruling coalition, said on Wednesday that Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader Tomislav Karamarko should have resigned earlier as First Deputy Prime Minister. 

Gov't to convene on Friday

The government will convene on Friday, government officials confirmed to Hina on Wednesday.

Karamarko to step down as Deputy PM - unofficial sources

The sources who spoke on condition of anonymity said that Karamarko had stated that his resignation was a part of the strategy of the HDZ-led Patriotic Coalition.

Karamarko sure HDZ reshuffle plan to be backed by 76 MPs

"We will have them and that's why we are doing this," he told reporters after a Patriotic Coalition meeting when asked if they would have 76 votes of support in the 151-seat parliament.

Karamarko declines to say if HDZ has 76 votes in parliament

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) president Tomislav Karamarko on Monday declined to say whether or not his party had secured 76 votes in the 151-seat parliament which is necessary to make up a new majority without the Bridge party, stressing however that elections were the last thing the HDZ wanted.

Bridge denies claims about deadline for Karamarko's successor

The Bridge reformist party has stated on its Facebook account that it has not given any ultimatum to the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) to choose the successor to Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Karamarko of the HDZ by noon Tuesday or Bridge lawmakers will sign the SDP-sponsored motion for the parliament to dissolve itself.

Catholic weekly accuses HDZ leadership of destabilising gov't

The newspaper's chief editor, Ivan Miklenic writes that through "incessant manipulation over the media and public opinion", the strongest party (HDZ) "has caused uneasiness and stirred up disturbance among government  members".

Conflict of Interest Commission to decide on Karamarko Wednesday

The Commission, which is established by the parliament and which consists of independent experts, stated on Friday that it would make the decision next Wednesday.

Interior minister: Karamarko's unacceptable conduct must be punished

The authorities in Croatia should punish Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Karamarko's unacceptable behaviour, or we should go to the polls for a parliamentary election, Interior Minister Vlaho Orepic said on Friday.

Petrov: HDZ should prove support of 76 MPs or nominate new deputy PM

Petrov called on the HDZ to line up the 76 deputies allegedly supporting it in parliament for a government reshuffle or to nominate someone else to replace Karamarko as deputy prime minister, or else a snap election will be called.

Karamarko: It would be best if Oreskovic, Petrov and I left government

"It would be good if Oreskovic, Petrov and I left. The HDZ will nominate a prime minister-designate. We will do our best to overcome the problems. It would be best if the government leadership was renewed and if it started anew," Karamarko said.

Bridge MP: Oreskovic, Karamarko and Petrov should leave government

Speaking to reporters in the parliament, Misic said that he had not heard Petrov's statement that Bridge would not take part in any government reshuffle should Karamarko decide to topple the government.

Petrov: Bridge won't take part in any gov't reshuffle

Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Bridge party Bozo Petrov said on Wednesday that Bridge would not take part in any government reshuffle and would rather opt for an early election. 

SDP hasn't decided how it will vote on PM's impeachment

Milanovic told the press the only sensible decision was to dissolve parliament and call a new election, in September at the latest, although he said it should take place as early as mid-July.

PM: Karamarko is huge burden for government and HDZ

Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic reiterated on Tuesday that First Deputy Prime Minister and Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader Tomislav Karamarko was a huge burden for the government and the HDZ.

Karamarko sure that there is time to establish new HDZ govt

Asked by reporters if the HDZ would have enough support from lawmakers to vote no confidence in PM Oreskovic, the HDZ chief said that he called on all who think that the current performance (of the government) was not good to help halt this trend.

HDZ chief says party is launching no-confidence vote in PM

"This government is dysfunctional," said Karamarko, while citing reasons why the HDZ would vote no confidence in the current government.

Milosevic: HDZ has made important decisions of which Karamarko will brief public Tuesday

"Important decisions have been made and HDZ president Tomislav Karamarko will inform you of them tomorrow," Milosevic told reporters after a session of the HDZ inner leadership.

Request for PM's impeachment not yet sent to parliament

The president of the HDZ parliamentary group, Ivan Suker, does not yet know if the HDZ will opt for Oreskovic's impeachment.

President holds talks with Karamarko, Petrov

President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic received First Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Karamarko in her office on Monday and then Deputy PM Bozo Petrov, who informed her about the situation in the government, the president's office told Hina.

Seks says Karamarko should step down

He does not believe that Karamarko will get a majority support in parliament to form a new government. He said the prolongation of the crisis could be avoided if Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic resigned, but that at the moment it was unlikely to expect that.

Mesic: Early election the only good solution

"It is difficult to predict how things will unfold, but it is quite clear that there is a crisis. There are several possible scenarios: a new election, which I think is the only right solution, and a possible reshuffle, which cannot be a long-term solution," Mesic said

Tomasic: Both Petrov and Karamarko should resign

"I don't believe in a reshuffle and we can't have a new election because, as you have heard, that would cost us several billion euros, and we cannot afford that," Tomasic told Hina 

HDSSB won't take part in reshuffle

The Croatian Democratic Party of Slavonia and Baranja (HDSSB) will not participate in the reshuffling of the new parliamentary majority, the party's leader Dragan Vulin said at a press conference in the eastern city of Osijek on Sunday.

We have predispositions for reshuffle, says Karamarko

Speaking to the press after an HDZ Presidency and Main Committee session, Karamarko said, "We concluded that we have the predispositions and good elements to embark on a reshuffle."

Petrov: Karamarko is a burden, HDZ should show if it's democratic party

As for a parliamentary majority reshuffle Karamarko was talking about, Petrov said if Karamarko wanted to do that with Bridge, Bridge would never consent to it. "For us it has always been, Croatia in the heart and not Croatia in the pocket."

We will form new majority, says Karamarko

The Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) has decided to form a new majority and the goal is that it be a good one, HDZ president Tomislav Karamarko said on Saturday, ruling out the possibility of further cooperation with the Bridge party.

Karamarko: I'm not resigning, Oreskovic no longer enjoys HDZ's trust

"I believe it would be a good solution at the moment. We should sit down and see - a new government headed by him or in a different configuration. In any case, we should draw the line and reset things, but he does not enjoy our trust," he said.

Foreign media: Croatian government steps away from collapse after only six months

Croatia's government was steps away from falling on Friday as bickering coalition partners refused to resign from their cabinet posts as demanded by Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic, withdrawing support for him.

Karamarko: I'm not resigning, Oreskovic no longer enjoys HDZ's trust

"We won't pull anyone at their sleeve to save this government," Karamarko told an impromptu news conference, adding that a parliamentary reshuffle was possible as well.

Foreign media: Coalition heads must go says Croatian premier to men who gave him job

Croatia's nonpartisan prime minister on Friday called for the leaders of the two parties that put him in power to step aside to end a crippling political crisis and allow the country to move forward.

Conflict of Interest Commission still hasn't received all requested documents in Karamarko case

The Conflict of Interest Commission has still not received all requested documents concerning allegations that First Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Karamarko was in a conflict of interest because his wife was in a business relationship with a consultant for the Hungarian oil and gas group MOL.  

PM and his two deputies say accomplishment of common goals remains gov't priority

The statement was issued after PM Oreskovic, before his return from Paris on Tuesday, said that he would meet with his two deputies to see how tensions between them could be defused.

HRID to give Karamarko no-confidence vote

The Presidency of the HRID party unanimously decided on Wednesday that it would give a vote of no confidence in First Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Karamarko in parliament over possible conflict of interest.

No official statement made after HDZ-led coalition's meeting

Representatives of the parties making up the Patriotic Coalition led by the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) on Wednesday morning held a meeting in the national parliament, but no official statement was made after the talks.

PM says to meet with Karamarko, Petrov "to defuse tensions"

Croatian Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic said during a visit to Paris on Tuesday that he would meet with his two deputies on Wednesday to see how current tensions between them could be defused.

SDP urges decision on debate, vote of no confidence in Karamarko

After he was ordered out of the parliament on Tuesday, Social Democrat MP Pedja Grbin called on First Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Karamarko to leave the government as soon as possible and prevent further damage, ...

Bridge official refutes reports that Petrov is willing to leave gov't if Karamarko resigns

Asked if in case Petrov resigned, government ministers appointed by Bridge would also step down, Simic said he hoped that that would not happen.

SDP insists on Karamarko's resignation, SDP MP ordered out of parliament

After a break, which was requested over a different topic, Grbin recalled that three weeks ago the SDP had asked that Karamarko should step down because "it has transpired that, like his colleagues before, he put his private interests above public interests."

Karamarko makes submission to Conflict of Interest Commission, wife submits necessary documents

"Once all documents are submitted, the Commission will inform the public of it and hold a public session," she said.

Milanovic: I don't see how Karamarko could get majority support in parliament

Milanovic made the statement in an interview with Nova TV, noting that he was not following the current developments between the partners in the government "either with amusement or with approval."

Petrov rules out possible cooperation with Karamarko

Deputy Prime Minister Bozo Petrov said on Monday he could not see how his Bridge party could continue cooperating with First Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Karamarko after they supported the motion for his impeachment.

HDZ gets new presidency, Milijan Brkic elected Karamarko's deputy

At the 17th electoral convention of the ruling HDZ party, held in Zagreb on Saturday, Milijan Brkic was elected deputy party leader as the only candidate for that post, having won the votes of 1,601 of more than 1,800 delegates attending the event.

Karamarko says govt. will know how to protect national interests in INA

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) president and First Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Karamarko said on Saturday that the government would know how to protect national interests in the INA oil company, "regardless of malicious persons' imputations".

Karamarko accuses Bridge of trying to topple gov't with SDP

Submitting a report at his party's electoral convention, Karamarko said that the HDZ had been recording victories for four years and had restored its status as the strongest political party and returned to power.

HDZ's partners support Karamarko

"Perhaps we are not on the same ship, but we have the same direction, and our direction is the well-being of the Croatian people," said Pero Coric of the HSP AS party.

Reiner: HDZ is strong, united; presidency supports Karamarko

Zeljko Reiner, Parliament Speaker and member of the Presidency of the ruling Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) party, said on Friday that the Presidency was unanimous in supporting HDZ leader Tomislav Karamarko. 

Petrov hopes no-confidence vote in Karamarko won't take place

Deputy Prime Minister and Bridge party leader Bozo Petrov said on Friday he was confident that parliament would not conduct a vote of no confidence in First Deputy PM and HDZ leader Tomislav Karamarko and that the Patriotic Coalition would nominate a candidate to replace him.

Karamarko: Bridge and Petrov won't manage to topple government

All six Bridge ministers in the government voted against the government's decision, as did Bridge leader Bozo Petrov.

Petrov: Bridge isn't for new election but isn't for old models of conduct either

Bridge leader Bozo Petrov said on Friday the party was not for a new election but that it could not back old models of conduct, voicing confidence that First Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Karamarko would assume responsibility and the ruling Patriotic Coalition nominate a new candidate to replace him.

Majority in gov't back Karamarko, Bridge ministers against

Croatia's government led by Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic on Friday decided not to endorse a motion filed by the Opposition on a no-confidence vote in First Deputy Prime Minister and Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader Tomislav Karamarko.

Karamarko: Petrov is walking "on thin ice", there's no conflict of interest

Croatian First Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Karamarko says that the Bridge party, a junior partner in the ruling coalition, is walking on thin ice when demanding his resignation.

Culture minister: Motion to replace First Deputy PM will be rejected

Hasanbegovic said he did not expect any surprises from the HDZ's partner Bridge during the vote, adding that Bridge leader Bozo Petrov "clearly said that he would rely on facts and not rumours and lies."

HDZ will comment after Conflict of Interest Commission decision

Let's stop meddling in someone else's business and clean our own backyards first, and we all together have to organise the state and finally ensure jobs for the people, so they don't have to emigrate, Brkic said.

Petrov calls on HDZ to take position on conflict of interest affair

"You know which side we are on and what fighting for national interests means to us," Petrov told reporters, adding that "the first that should take a position (on the affair) is the HDZ, and after that the Conflict of Interest Commission. 

Sincic says Karamarko should resign

Human Shield party president and MP Ivan Sincic said on Sunday that Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) president Tomislav Karamarko should resign as first deputy prime minister because of his wife's business ...

Dobrovic says everyone must be responsible for their actions

Environment and Nature Protection Minister Slaven Dobrovic of the Bridge party said on Sunday that responsibility was very important and that everyone must be responsible for their actions.

Karamarko affair is HDZ's problem, says Bridge

"(Bridge's) focus is on care for national interests, not on individual political positions. That implies a change of the current political culture and a high degree of political care for the common well-being, rather than private interests," the party said.

Kovac believes there was no conflict of interest, Prgomet says Karamarko affair big political burden

"Mr Karamarko was very clear about everything. I'm confident that there was no conflict of interest whatsoever," Kovac said while answering reporters' questions after an event marking the 27th anniversary of the establishment of the HSLS party,  ....

Karamarko sure govt. will complete term

He said his wife Ana would prove with the documents she would submit to the Conflict of Interest Commission that she did not deal with energy, MOL or INA in her business dealings with Petrovic's company, only with public relations.

Motion for Deputy PM Karamarko's impeachment on parl. agenda

Opposition MPs believe that this casts doubt on Karamarko being able to adopt objective decisions in the interest of Croatia and its citizens. Parliament has 30 days to decide on the motion for Karamarko's impeachment.

Petrov: Situation not good, new details emerging every day

"The situation isn't good because new details emerge every day. Bridge will announce its decision in time. Since new details continue emerging, it's important to wait and see how the situation develops," Petrov said in an interview with Nova TV.

HDZ chief says situation in his party stable

"There are no (internal) frictions. This is misinformation launched by those who are trying to destabilise the HDZ, which has been the election winner for the past four years. The party is united,"

PM sure his first deputy hasn't hurt Croatia's interests

Oreskovic recalled his statement that with regard to INA he would in his capacity as prime minister take responsibility and form a team to prepare a strategy of relations between Croatia and MOL.

Karamarko must explain if involved in any decision on arbitration with MOL

Karamarko has to explain in writing within 15 days whether as a member of the government he participated in any discussion or decision making on the government's attitude and policies related to the arbitration procedures between Croatia and MOL.

Milanovic says request for vote of no confidence in Karamarko to be submitted today

He confirmed that his party had held talks with Bridge on the matter, adding that "unfortunately, one can't speak about Bridge as a united political entity."

Conflict of Interest Commission to investigate Karamarko case

Before the Commission makes a decision, Karamarko can address it on the case, and it will also interview Petrovic, said Commission member Davor Ivanjek, who is in charge of the case.

HDZ chief says lack of quorum in parliament won't happen again

Speaking to reporters after a session of the Patriotic Coalition caucus, Karamarko expressed dissatisfaction that last Friday there was no quorum in the parliament and that it failed to vote on proposed legislation three times.

Agency owned by Karamarko's wife in business relationship also with Gavrilovic company

Djuro Gavrilovic, the owner of the meat company, has been under investigation by the anti-corruption office USKOK on suspicion of war profiteering.

SDP to initiate Karamarko's impeachment on Wednesday

The SDP asked for Karamarko's resignation in parliament last week, accusing him of putting private interests before national ones because of his wife's business dealings with MOL consultant Josip Petrovic.

Reiner and Karamarko lay wreaths in Bleiburg and Tezno

Croatian parliament and government delegations, headed by Parliament Speaker Zeljko Reiner and First Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Karamarko, laid wreaths at the monument in Tezno, Slovenia on Saturday commemorating Croatian soldiers and civilians killed there in the aftermath of the Second World War.