Festival of Tolerance taking place in Zagreb

The festival features close to 70 feature films and documentaries that deal with issues of intolerance towards those who are different, which should be countered by all wishing to live in a free and tolerant society.

Festival of Tolerance to be held on April 9-15

The German film "Colonia" by Oscar-winning director Florian Gallenberg will open the 10th Festival of Tolerance - JFF Zagreb, to start on April 9.  

Karamarko says PM's message addressed to those who speak about "us and them"

"Someone has promised a pact on the public scene and I can see that we are in that scenario. I resolutely dismiss that and that kind of dialogue," the HDZ leader said,

Milanovic says PM should draw up budget, not lecture on etiquette

"We don't have a government and that's Croatia's problem, we don't need someone now lecturing someone about manners. With some people, you can't talk in a nicer way," Milanovic said.

PM's appeal for tolerance public message for Karamarko, says HNS MP

"That message is above all addressed to Tomislav Karamarko who uses every party appearance to announce new ideas threatening or radicalising public discourse. I hope that he will get the message," Richembergh told a press conference.

Croatian PM appeals for promoting tolerance in public discourse

Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic has appealed for more tolerance in public discourse which, he assesses, is getting sharper, and this appeal was published on Oreskovic's Facebook account on Monday.

UAE names ministers for happiness and tolerance

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Wednesday created ministries for happiness and tolerance as part of a major cabinet shake-up in the oil-rich country, the official news agency WAM reported, with both portfolios going to women.
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