Europe urged to prepare for Zika, French territories face epidemic

France's health minister said Wednesday that two overseas territories are entering an epidemic phase of Zika, and that measures have been taken to combat the spread of the virus.

Australian charged with possession of al-Qaeda terror manual

An Australian man arrested in an anti-terrorism sting allegedly possessed bomb-making instructions and an al-Qaeda document detailing how to carry out a terrorist attack, police said Tuesday.

Are left-wing terrorists making a comeback in Germany?

Three shadowy figures from the left-wing RAF terror movement that claimed to have disbanded nearly 20 years ago have been linked to violent attempted robberies. Could the RAF be making a comeback?

Fugitive left-wing German terrorists linked to failed robbery

German police have linked fugitive former members of the left-wing terrorist group Red Army Faction (RAF) to an attempt to rob an armored security van more than six months ago, security officials told dpa on Tuesday.

Terrorists targeting tourist areas of Malaysia, minister says

Tourist areas of the Malaysian capital are being targeted by terrorists groups, a senior minister said, following a deadly attack in the Indonesian capital Jakarta and the arrest of a bombing suspect in Malaysia on Friday.

Syria backs peace talks, but wants list of "terrorist" negotiators

The Syrian government said Saturday that it's prepared to attend UN-sponsored peace talks later this month in Geneva, but wants to see a list of opposition representatives and "terrorists" who will attend, the country's foreign minister said.

Belgium hunts for Paris terrorism suspects, five detainees released

Investigators believe that a person in possession of the Belgian mobile phones may have coordinated the Paris attacks, according to Het Nieuwsblad.

Montenegrin dignitary appeals for not associating Muslims with terrorists

Fejzic told the local TV broadcaster that the Muslims felt to be under the scrutiny only for the developments for which they were not responsible.

Minister says services doing their best to make Croatia as safe as possible

"No one can guarantee you that a terrorist act cannot occur - it would be absolutely irresponsible and inappropriate. But we are doing our best

Croatian police confirm one of suspects in Paris attacks registered in Croatia on Oct 8

"At France's request we have made checks and found that the person named in their query passed the registration process at the Opatovac reception centre on October 8.

HNS condemns terror attacks in Paris in strongest terms

The Croatian People's Party - Liberal Democrats (HNS) has condemned in the strongest terms terrorist attacks which took place in Paris on Friday evening.