Survey: Many Europeans fear more terrorism after wave of refugees

Many Europeans fear the refugee crisis will increase the likelihood of terrorism in their country, according to a recent survey.

Deputy FM: Croatia will not oversee B-H

Bosnia and Herzegovina's Foreign Minister Igor Crnadak assessed that institutions in that country were capable of dealing with the challenges of terrorism. 

Pusic: Migrant crisis and terrorism can be dealt with through development cooperation

Pusic said that many of the current crises, such as the migrant crisis and terrorism, could be dealt with through development cooperation with countries where these problems resulted from poverty and war. 

There are no problems with management of migrant crisis in Croatia, says minister

He underlined that the Croatian authorities were treating migrants humanely and that Croatia should not be punished because of that.

EU joins forces with internet firms to fight terrorism, hate speech

They will discuss, among other things, how to protect the public from terrorist material and how to use the internet to challenge terrorist narratives and online hate speech.

IOM says refugee crisis incites human trafficking

The IOM analysed human trafficking in the region and presented recommendations for measures that should be taken.