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Radiohead condemns violence at party in Istanbul, as police crush protest

Turkish police used tear gas and water cannons on hundreds of protestors who rallied in Istanbul Saturday against the previous night's attack on a small record shop holding a listening party for...

Turkish police use tear gas on dozens protesting record store attacks

Turkish police are using tear gas on dozens of protesters rallying against Friday night's Islamist attacks on a record store that was hosting a Radiohead listening party.

Police in Istanbul use teargas and water cannon against protesters

Turkish police used teargas and water cannon to disperse Labour Day protesters in Istanbul on Sunday, with several groups of anti-government demonstrators shouting "Down with fascism" and "Long...

Police teargas migrants as Europe approves refugee aid for Greece

Macedonian police tossed teargas cannisters at migrants trying to cross the Greek border on Wednesday, Greek TV footage showed, as Europe approved more assistance to Athens to relieve the dire...

Police teargas migrants in another day of clashes at Idomeni camp

Clashes broke out again on Wednesday between Macedonian police and migrants stranded at the refugee camp in the Greek border town of Idomeni, Greek TV reported.

Macedonian police fire tear gas at migrants on Greek border

Macedonian police used tear gas Sunday to prevent hundreds of migrants from breaking across the border from Greece, the Macedonian interior ministry said.

Report: Macedonian police fire tear gas at migrants on Greek border

Macedonian police used tear gas and stun grenades against hundreds of refugees and migrants who attempted to cross into the country from the Idomeni camp on the other side of the border in Greece...

Police fire tear gas at protesters outside of seized newspaper

Turkish police are firing fresh rounds of tear gas at demonstrators gathered outside the Istanbul offices of Zaman newspaper, the mass-circulation opposition daily that was seized by the...

Turkish police tear-gas Kurdish anti-curfew protesters in Diyarbakir

The Turkish police used plastic bullets, tear gas and water cannons on demonstrators protesting a curfew in the largely Kurdish city of Diyarbakir on Wednesday.

Macedonian police fire tear gas at migrants storming border fence

Macedonian police fired tear gas at hundreds of migrants after they stormed a metal fence along the border with Greece on Monday, as refugees were blocked from travelling between the two countries...

Thaci elected president of Kosovo amid opposition violence

Kosovo's parliament on Friday elected Hashim Thaci as the country's new president, in a session interrupted by opposition tear gas attacks and as anti-government protests in the streets turned...

Tear-gas attack pauses presidential election in Kosovo parliament

Kosovo's parliament went into recess Friday as a tear-gas attack by the opposition interrupted the debate ahead of a presidential election.

Kosovo opposition again launches tear gas in parliament

The parliament of Kosovo has scheduled a vote to elect the country's new president for Friday in a session again disrupted by an opposition tear gas attack.