Non-taxable annual student earnings HRK 60,600

The non-taxable annual cumulative amount that students can earn amounts to HRK 60,600 and it won't be calculated on a monthly basis, while the contentious provisions in income tax regulations will be amended by the end of the month, Finance Minister Zdravko Maric and Science and Education Minister Pavo Barisic told a delegation of the student corps on Friday.

Croatia ranks 49th in ease of paying taxes

Croatia ranks 49th on the list of 189 countries covered by an in-depth analysis of tax systems conducted by PwC and the World Bank Group, and Croatia's total tax rate stands at 20.9% with 206 hours needed to make a total of 31 tax payments.

PM sees tax reform as one of most important in this gov't term

Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said at the government session on Thursday that tax reform was of the the most important reforms to be implemented during his premiership, underscoring his expectations that after its implementation, Croatia would have a stable, sustainable and predictable tax system, as one of the important factors of the overall legal security.

FinMin: Purpose of tax reform is to increase personal income and cut costs

Caretaker finance minister Zdravko Maric said on Saturday that the purpose of the planned tax reform was to increase personal disposable income and cut corporate and household costs.

AmCham: Tax reforms to improve competitiveness

The American Chamber of Commerce in Croatia  (AmCham) on Monday proposed a series of measures to improve the economy's competitiveness through tax reforms.

July 1 is Tax Freedom Day in Croatia

An employed Croatian from Zagreb, who earns an average wage, is married with one child, does not smoke and has a car, works 181 days a year, which means that July 1 is Tax Freedom Day, the day when this citizen begins to earn only for him/herself and his/her family, and not the state, the Lipa taxpayers association said on Friday.

EU crackdown on corporate tax cheats criticized as too weak

EU member states agreed Tuesday on measures aimed at cracking down on corporate tax cheats, but were accused of not taking firm enough action following a recent spate of tax avoidance scandals.

EU closes in on corporate tax loopholes; decision due by Tuesday

EU finance ministers reached a provisional deal Friday on measures aimed at clamping down on corporate tax cheats, but gave themselves three more days to raise any final objections, after some memb

EU ministers take new stab at rules to close corporate tax loopholes

EU finance ministers took a new stab Friday at agreeing to measures aimed at clamping down on corporate tax cheats, after failing to strike a deal last month, while recent tax avoidance scandals have put pressure on them to act.

Ministers set new September deadline for EU financial tax

A group of EU member states agreed Thursday to take a final stab at hashing out a controversial tax on financial transactions, after failing to meet a self-imposed June deadline to resolve their differences.

EU ministers aim for June decision on closing corporate tax loopholes

EU finance ministers will attempt in June to reach an agreement on proposals aimed at clamping down on corporate tax avoidance, after failing to achieve a breakthrough on Wednesday.

EU ministers seek unity over plan to reduce corporate tax loopholes

The measures, proposed by the European Commission in January, are part of a wider clampdown on multinationals that use loopholes to cut their tax bills.

Deadline for tax return forms expires Monday midnight

The deadline for the submission of 2015 income tax returns expires at midnight Monday and the Tax Administration has reported that 56,000 tax return applications have been lodged so far and another 95,000 have applied under special proceedings.

Italy tax police uncover 4.7-million-euro public healthcare fraud

A public hospital in an impoverished southern Italian region failed to collect 150,000 patient bills over three years, an oversight that cost 4.7 million euros (5.25 million dollars), tax police Guardia di Finanza said Monday.

FinMin: No changes to tax system this year

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric on Tuesday said that he would prepare macroeconomic prerequisites over the next two weeks relating to economic growth, inflation and personal consumption, ...

FinMin says no new taxes in 2016

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric on Tuesday said that he planned no interventions in the tax system in 2016, and explained that any move in that regard would be made after a thorough analysis of the entire system.

New government's economic agenda guidelines

According to the document on the cabinet's 2016-2019 term, the future government will focus on "further smart fiscal consolidation" with the aim of reducing the budget deficit and public debt.

HDZ chief rules out any new taxes

PM-Designate Oreskovic and his interlocutors in Kitzbuehel agreed that the imbalance between the revenue and expenditure side of the budget needs to be curtailed by HRK 4.5 billion however, without the introduction of new taxes,"