Minister: Tax reform to be prepared in parallel with work on 2017 budget

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric said ahead of a meeting with Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic on Monday that the planned tax reform should be discussed by the government and that its implementation would be prepared in parallel with work on a draft budget for next year.

Minister says tax reform to broaden tax base, stimulate economic activity

Outgoing Finance Minister Zdravko Maric said on Tuesday that the planned tax reform would focus on income and profit tax breaks, which he believes will result in a broader tax base and stimulate economic activity. 

Economists: Tax breaks only one in string of necessary economic measures

Economic analysts have welcomed caretaker Finance Minister Zdravko Maric's announcement of tax breaks but they warn that the planned tax changes are only one in a number of measures that need to be implemented to make the national economy more competitive.

Luxembourg rejects reports calling its tax practices into question

Luxembourg on Tuesday rejected media reports that it had started verbally offering companies beneficial tax arrangements, which raised concerns that the country may be trying to sidestep new EU tax transparency measures.

G20 threatens "defensive measures" if tax havens fight transparency

The Group of 20 (G20) major advanced and emerging economies are calling for "all countries and jurisdictions" to meet global standards for financial and tax transparency by mid-2017.

Developing countries call for "end to tax havens"

A group of developing countries is supporting international efforts to fight the use of foreign tax havens.

EU wants corporates to reveal tax haven activities after Panama leaks

Large multinational firms should publish detailed information on any profits and taxes registered in tax havens, under a proposal unveiled by the European Union's executive on Tuesday that drew immediate criticism from several campaign groups.

Britain to "tighten the screw" on tax evasion after Panama leaks

Britain promised to "tighten the screw" against tax evasion on Monday by investigating British use of tax havens revealed in the Panama Papers and introducing tougher legal framework.

EU urges quicker progress on tax-haven blacklist after Panama Papers

The European Union should produce a common blacklist of international tax havens within six months, the bloc's top taxation official said Thursday, trying to give the project fresh momentum after a massive leak detailing tax avoidance practices.

Indictment upheld against two tax inspectors, the Cetinskis

The two tax inspectors and the Cetinskis are charged with abuse of office and authority, incitement to abuse of office and authority, and document forgery.

FinMin rules out tax changes in 2016

Finance Minister Zdravko Maric said on Tuesday that he would prepare macroeconomic prerequisites over the next two weeks relating to economic growth, inflation and personal consumption, underscoring that there would be no additional changes to the tax system.

Belgium warns of problems with plans for EU financial tax

Belgium has problems with a controversial tax on financial transactions being negotiated by 10 EU countries, Finance Minister Johan Van Overtveldt said Saturday, while denying reports that his country was about to withdraw from the project.

Netherlands to appeal EU demand for Starbucks back taxes for enjoying an "illegal" tax break

"The government is of the opinion that the Commission does not convincingly demonstrate that the tax authority deviated from the statutory provisions," he wrote in a letter to MPs Friday.

Croatia 38th among 189 economies in ease of paying taxes

In the overall rankings, Croatia is 38th, and the report notes that Croatia's total tax rate is 20%, and 19 payments take 206 hours to be conducted, according to PwC report.