Taliban to Trump: Do not follow in the footsteps of Obama and Bush

New US President Donald Trump should review US policy towards Afghanistan and not follow in the footsteps of his predecessors, Barack Obama and George Bush, said the Taliban in a statement late Saturday. 

Taliban welcomes Russian initiative to take members off UN blacklist

The Taliban said Thursday that it welcomed an initiative by UN Security Council members Russia and China to consider taking some of its adherents off a UN terrorism blacklist as part of peace efforts in war-torn Afghanistan.

Taliban promise to back, protect development projects in Afghanistan

Taliban forces have promised to support and protect development projects in Afghanistan, a statement released by the group on Tuesday read.

Official: US airbase bomber joined Afghan peace process in 2008

Kabul (dpa)-  The suicide bomber who conducted an attack on Bagram airbase, the largest US military base in Afghanistan, killing foiur and injuring 16, had joined the reconciliation process years ago, local officials said on Sunday.

4 killed, 17 wounded as Taliban target US base in Afghanistan

A suicide bomber who apparently infiltrated Bagram Air Base on Saturday in Afghanistan killed two US soldiers and two US contractors, Defence Secretary Ash Carter said.

Taliban asks Trump to pull US troops out of Afghanistan

Taliban militants asked US president-elect Donald Trump to pull all US forces from Afghanistan after Trump won the "hard-fought" US election on Wednesday.

Spokesman: Taliban has been using drone technology for 18 months

The Taliban has been using drone technology to plan offensives for a period of 18 months, a spokesman said Saturday, a day after the organization released a drone-recorded video of a deadly attack on a police headquarters in Helmand province.

Taliban militants deny involvement in Kabul shrine attack

A deadly attack on a Kabul shrine was not the work of Taliban militants, the Islamist group said Wednesday.

Taliban overrun district centre in north-western Afghanistan

Taliban militants overran a remote district centre in Afghanistan's north-western Faryab province on Tuesday with Afghan forces retreating to an Afghan army base away from the main bazaar, an official said. 

Taliban attack capital of Helmand in southern Afghanistan

Taliban fighters launched an attack on the capital of Afghanistan's embattled southern province of Helmand, closing in on the already besieged city, officials said on Monday. 

Taliban kidnap more than 100 locals in Afghanistan

Taliban militants in the past days have kidnapped more than 100 travelers in two Afghan provinces.

Afghan forces, Taliban fight for Kunduz in third day of clashes

Afghan forces attacked Taliban militant positions in Kunduz on Wednesday in the third day of clashes since the insurgents launched a coordinated attack on northern Afghan city.

Parts of Kunduz city fall to Afghan Taliban, local officials claim

Heavy fighting between Afghan security forces and Taliban militants on Monday afternoon continued following relative calm, with parts of the city falling to the Taliban, local officials claimed.

Taliban launch coordinated attack on Kunduz city

Taliban militants launched a coordinated attack on Kunduz city, the capital of the province of the same name and one of the most embattled provinces in Afghanistan's north, a security official said.

Six Afghan security forces killed in fighting with Taliban

Six Afghan national security force members were killed while fighting Taliban militants in southwestern Farah province, an army official said on Saturday. 

Afghan soldiers kill 13 fellow troops, desert base

Thirteen Afghan army soldiers were killed in their sleep on Monday night after two fellow soldiers poisoned them and later opened fire on them in Afghanistan’s embattled northern Kunduz province, officials said on Tuesday. 

US airstrike kills eight policemen in southern Afghanistan

Eight highway police officers are dead after a weekend airstrike by US forces in southern Afghanistan, an Afghan official said Monday. 

Taliban suicide bombing kills 23 at mosque in north-west Pakistan

A Taliban suicide bomber blew himself up among worshippers at a mosque in north-western Pakistan on Friday, killing 23 people and wounding scores others, officials said.

Taliban seize 200 armoured vehicles from Afghan security forces

Taliban militants have seized around 200 armoured vehicles from Afghan security forces in recent months according to the country's former spy chief.

Taliban driven back from southern Afghan capital

Afghan forces have halted the advance of Taliban militants in Uruzgan's capital Tarin Kowt after the Taliban threatened to overrun it on Thursday. 

Southern Afghan capital on the verge of falling to Taliban

The capital of Afghanistan's southern Uruzgan province, Tarin Kowt, is on the verge of falling to the Taliban, as militants attacked the town's security checkpoints for the fourth consecutive day, a security official said Wednesday.

Key district falls to Taliban in south-east Afghanistan

Taliban militants took control of a strategically important district in south-east Afghanistan on Friday night, officials said, as the militant group continues to make advances across the country. 

Afghan forces retake control of district in northern Afghanistan

Afghan forces late Saturday retook control of a district that fell to the Taliban on Saturday morning in the northern Afghan province of Kunduz, said officials on Sunday. 

Taliban seize more territory in northern Afghanistan

After days of heavy fighting, Taliban militants have taken control of another of the five districts in the northern Afghan province of Kunduz, provincial authorities said Saturday.

Afghan forces use schools as shelter, says watchdog

Afghan security forces have been using schools as shelter in the country's north-eastern Baghlan province, endangering children and their education, Human Rights Watch [HRW] charged in a report published on Wednesday. 

6 men hanged by Taliban in southwestern Afghanistan

Six men, including three Afghan army soldiers, two policemen and one civilian were hanged by Taliban in Afghanistan's remote southwestern Farah province last Thursday, an official said Wednesday. 

Afghan officials confirm death of Islamic State leader

Afghan officials on Saturday confirmed that Hafiz Sayed Khan, the leader of the Islamic State movement's Afghanistan branch, was killed in a US airstrike. 

Bomb blast kills 5, including police general, in central Afghanistan

Five policemen, including a public order police commander, were killed when their vehicle was struck by a homemade bomb on the outskirts of Afghanistan's capital Kabul province, an official said on Saturday. 

Chopper crew in Afghanistan taken hostage after crash landing

A Pakistani government helicopter was set on fire and its seven-member crew taken hostage after it crash landed in the Afghan province of Logar on Thursday, officials in both countries report.

Taliban attack foreign guesthouse in Kabul

Northgate Hotel, a facility providing life-support services to foreign military personnel in Afghanistan, was attacked by Taliban militants early on Monday morning. 

Former Afghan spy chief says he has proof Pakistan helps terrorists

Pakistan was accused of habouring and aiding Taliban militants in a social media post by the former head of Afghan intelligence late Thursday.

Dozens taken hostage by Taliban in southern Afghanistan

Dozens of people were taken hostage by Taliban militants after their vehicles were stopped in Afghanistan’s southern Helmand province on Tuesday, an official said.

Afghan army free 7 captives from Taliban after highway kidnappings

Security forces freed seven hostages from Taliban fighters hours after the group ambushed two vehicles in northern Afghanistan on Wednesday, officials said.

Taliban seize 50, kill 12 in road ambushes

The Taliban have kidnapped more than 50 people from Afghanistan's roads and killed at least 12 in the past week, officials said Wednesday.

Seven killed as Taliban storms court in Afghanistan's Logar city

Seven people, including the new head of a court in Afghanistan's south-eastern Logar province, have been killed when three Taliban militants attacked the court mid-morning Sunday, officials said.

10 killed, many taken hostage as Taliban attack buses in Afghanistan

At least 10 bus passengers were killed on Tuesday and between 15 to 18 were taken hostage in northern Afghanistan in an attack by the Taliban.

New Taliban leader is hardline cleric with no battlefield experience

Taliban new leader Haibatullah Akhundzada is a veteran of the movement, but has very little battlefield experience like his two predecessors.

Taliban warns of retaliation after Afghanistan hangs 6 militants

The Taliban warned it will avenge the deaths of six militants convicted of terrorism who were hanged in Afghanistan on Sunday.

Pakistan launches crackdown after deadly Easter bombing

Several raids were conducted and a number of suspects were arrested across major cities in the country's most populous province, army spokesman General Asim Bajwa said.

Militants blow up newly built girls' school in Pakistan

Taliban-linked militants destroyed a newly built primary school for girls in Pakistan's troubled northwestern tribal region, officials said Saturday.

Taliban execute woman for adultery in western Afghanistan

A woman was shot dead by the Taliban for committing adultery, a government official in the western Afghan province of Ghor said Monday.

Afghan, Taliban talks expected to restart by end of February

Talks between Afghan officials and Taliban representatives are expected by the end of February, it was announced on Saturday after four-way talks involving Afghanistan, China, Pakistan and the United States.

Man behind Pakistani campus massacre threatens more school attacks

The Taliban commander behind this week's massacre of students at a Pakistani university threatened more attacks on schools Friday, calling them nurseries of “non-believers.”

Afghan foreign minister urges Taliban to participate in peace talks

Afghanistan's Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani on Monday opened four-nation talks aimed at drafting a road map for eventual peace with the Taliban.

Canadian held by Taliban released after 5 years

A Canadian man kidnapped by Taliban militants in Afghanistan in 2010 has been released, Canadian Foreign Minister Stephane Dion and the militant group said.

Rival Taliban factions agree on truce to end deadly infighting

Mullah Nazar Mohammad, a member of the Quetta Shura and a prominent judge in the organization, spoke about the agreement in the audio posted on the Taliban's official website.

Afghan Special Forces free 59 captives from Taliban in south

"The prisoners were released after Afghan forces conducted an air assault on a village in Nahr-e Saraj district," the statement said.
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