Biden: US, EU must fight Russian plan to destroy liberal world order

Russia is intent on dismantling the liberal world order, and the best way to stop it is a strong alliance between the United States and the European Union, US Vice President Joe Biden said...

China warns against trade war ahead of Trump inauguration

Chinese President Xi Jinping warned against a new trade war and presented China as a global champion of free commerce Tuesday at the World Economic Forum, where the change in US administration...

Fine on Muslim parents for refusing daughters' swim lessons upheld

The European Court of Human Rights upheld Tuesday a decision of a Swiss court backing fines on Muslim parents who refused to allow their daughters to take part in mixed swimming lessons on the...

Police dig into Berlin attacker's links to Switzerland

Possible Swiss connections of Berlin Christmas market attacker Anis Amri are at the centre of a police investigation in Switzerland, the office of the country's Attorney General confirmed Friday...

Man shoots Swiss police officers in house search, turns gun on self

A man in north-eastern Switzerland shot two police officers during a house search on Tuesday before later turning the gun on himself.

Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse agree to huge fines in US mortgage probe

Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse have agreed to settle investigations into the fraudulent sale of mortgage-backed securities by paying 7.2 billion dollars and 5.3 billion respectively in the United...

Zurich mosque attack probe reveals killing by occultist suspect

The man who opened fire in a Zurich mosque and then took his life had earlier killed an acquaintance with a knife before beginning the shooting spree, investigators said Tuesday.

Man opens fire on praying Muslims in Zurich, injures three men

An assailant shot and injured three men who were praying at a Muslim religious centre in central Zurich on Monday, local police said.

Switzerland gives green light for free movement of Croatian citizens

The Swiss government has given the green light for free movement of Croatian citizens, as a result of which Croatians will be treated as other European Union citizens in that country, Croatian...

Switzerland opts for moderate immigration law amid pressure from EU

Immigration into Switzerland will not be controlled through caps and quotas that would have violated Swiss-EU agreements, but through softer measures, the parliament in Bern decided on Friday.

Oxfam names world's worst tax havens

Multinational corporations rob developing countries of 100 billion dollars every year by using tax avoidance schemes, global charity Oxfam said in a report released Monday.

World's longest tunnel railway tunnel opens to public in Switzerland

The first scheduled train to pass through the world's longest railway tunnel arrived in the Swiss city of Lugano more than 30 minutes faster than usual Sunday thanks to a shortcut that took 12.2...

Political veteran Doris Leuthard elected Swiss president for 2017

Centre-right politician Doris Leuthard will serve as Swiss president next year, the parliament decided Wednesday in Bern.

Swiss voters reject ambitious time table for nuclear phaseout

Switzerland will not adopt an ambitious time table for taking the country's five nuclear power plants off the grid by 2029, a 54-per-cent majority of Swiss voters decided Sunday.

Swiss defend title of world's richest people

The Swiss are the richest people in the world, with an average wealth of 561,900 dollars per adult, Credit Suisse said in its annual global wealth report on Tuesday, confirming Switzerland's top...