Croatia to record current account surplus for 4th consecutive year

In the third quarter of 2016, the surplus on the balance of payments current account was EUR 3.345 billion, according to the central bank's preliminary data, and since figures for Q4 will likely...

Record surplus in Croatia's current account in 2015

The surplus in Croatia's current account in 2015 was EUR 2.3 billion, the highest in the country's history, mainly thanks to a good tourism income, according to central bank preliminary data.

Current account surplus in Q3 2015 reaches EUR 3.89b

In Q3 2015, the current account surplus rose to 4.7% of GDP from 0.8% in Q4 2014. Central bank analysts estimate that the current account surplus for 2015 could be 4.8% of GDP.

Croatia sees EUR 679M surplus in personal transfers in 2014

"In contrast, the highest inflows were recorded in Portugal (EUR4.8 bn), ahead of Poland (EUR2.8 bn), the United Kingdom (EUR2.4 bn), Italy (EUR2.1 bn) and Romania (EUR2.0 bn).