Non-taxable annual student earnings HRK 60,600

The non-taxable annual cumulative amount that students can earn amounts to HRK 60,600 and it won't be calculated on a monthly basis, while the contentious provisions in income tax regulations will be amended by the end of the month, Finance Minister Zdravko Maric and Science and Education Minister Pavo Barisic told a delegation of the student corps on Friday.

SDP leader urges gov't to change regulations on taxation of student income

Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Davor Bernardic on Thursday called on the government to urgently amend regulations under which students, once they earn HRK 15,000 in a year, have their each next income taxed at a rate of 24% plus municipal taxes, saying that by doing so, the government was being cruel to young people.

Two Zagreb student dorms renovated

A ceremony was held in Zagreb on Tuesday to mark the completion of a HRK 300 million project designed to renovate Zagreb's student dorms "Stjepan Radic" and "Cvjetno naselje".

Croats bag 1 silver and 5 bronze medals at Int'l Junior Science Olympiad

Croatian students pocketed a silver medal and five bronze medals during the 13th edition of the International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) that took place in Denpasar-Bali, Indonesia on 2-11 December.

As many as 81% of students financed by parents, survey shows

A survey covering more than 400 university students, most of them under the age of 25, shows that as many as 81% of them are financed by their parents.

100 students from Europe and Africa to attend int'l debate tournament in Rijeka

The international debate tournament RiOpen 2016, which will be held in the northern Adriatic city of Rijeka on 4-6 August, is expected to bring together about a hundred students from Europe and Africa who will hold debates on various topics

Croatian secondary-school students win silver and bronze at EU Science Olympiad

Croatian secondary-school students have won a silver and a bronze medal at the 14th European Union Science Olympiad (EUSO) that has just ended in Tartu, Estonia.

US government says schools must accommodate transgender students

Schools and universities must let transgender students use toilets and locker rooms "consistent with their gender identity" or risk losing federal money, the US government said Friday.

Croatian undergraduates dissatisfied with social, economic conditions of student life

Croatian students are least satisfied with the overall conditions of their college life, according to the findings of a survey carried out in 30 European countries.

More than 70% of students want to work abroad

As many as 70.8% of 716 students covered by a recent survey said they would try to find a job outside Croatia because they believed that abroad their chances of having a good life were greater.

Gov't to secure more money for student transport

The government submitted an amendment to the 2016 budget proposal on Tuesday, suggesting reallocation of 32 million kuna for public commuter transport for secondary school students.

Education, social policy, labour ministers talk 2016 draft budget

In the 2016 draft budget, the government plans to cut public transport subsidies for secondary school students, Education Minister Predrag Sustar said on Thursday after a government session.

Six students killed in France bus accident

Six students were killed in western France on Thursday when part of a truck hit the school bus they were travelling in.

13 Indian students at picnic drown in Arabian Sea

At least 13 college students on a beach picnic drowned in the Arabian Sea off the coast of western India on Monday, police said.

Croatia boasts more female post-graduate students than male

Broken down by the type of postgraduate studies, the biggest portion of enrollments was bio-medicine and medicine, 42.9%, and social studies 42.6%, followed by technical studies, 5.9%, bio-technical studies, 2.6%, humanistic studies, 2.2%, etc.

HDZ fears every 2nd young Croat considering emigrating

They promised us jobs but did not doing anything. Instead of jobs in the country, each week people who have graduated are departing the country ...