Strasbourg, France

Greek prime minister: Europe facing a "deep political crisis"

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said Wednesday that Europe is still reeling from the financial crisis that prompted political turmoil and led to the British referendum.

EU proposes sticks, carrots to win Africa, Middle East migration help

Countries in Africa and the Middle East should be offered a mix of positive and negative incentives to help curb migration flows to Europe, the European Commission proposed Tuesday.

EU seeks to improve its appeal to highly skilled foreign workers

Highly skilled workers from around the world should in future face fewer hurdles to seeking employment in the European Union, under proposals unveiled on Tuesday aimed at attracting more global talent.

EU seeks to attract foreign students, researchers with easier access

The European Union will soon make it easier and more appealing for students and researchers to enter the bloc, in a bid to attract more skilled foreigners.

Lead lawmaker "optimistic" about approval of EU flight-data storage

The European Parliament looks set this week to clear the way for the data of airline passengers travelling to, from and within the European Union to be systematically stored, after blocking the measure for years over data privacy concerns.

Greek thrown out of EU parliament session over racist Turkey remarks

An EU lawmaker affiliated with Greece's extremist far-right Golden Dawn party was ejected from the European Parliament plenary session on Wednesday, after making racist remarks about Turkish nationals.

EU parliamentarians attack planned migrant-swap deal with Turkey

Lawmakers in the European Parliament on Wednesday criticized plans for a new migration deal with Turkey that would see Ankara take back migrants and asylum seekers in exchange for the European Union resettling Syrian refugees out of the country.

EU seeks equal labour rights for workers posted in other countries

European workers whose employers send them to other EU member states should be granted the same pay and labour conditions as local employees, the European Commission said Tuesday, in a proposal aimed at preventing unfair labour market competition.

EU Parliament accuses Islamic State of "genocide" in Syria, Iraq

The Islamic State extremist group has committed genocide by persecuting religious minorities in Syria and Iraq, the European Parliament said in a resolution voted Thursday.

EU takes aim at virtual money, pre-paid cards to fight terrorism

Virtual currencies and pre-paid cards should be less easy to use anonymously, the European Union's executive said Tuesday, as it unveiled a plan to crack down on terrorist financing.

EU, US reach new transatlantic data-sharing deal for businesses

Brussels and Washington reached a deal Tuesday on a new system to protect transatlantic data transfers, the European Commission announced, after the previous framework was struck down last year by an EU court.

Polish premier defends controversial reforms, urges EU not to meddle

Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo on Tuesday defended her government's controversial judicial and media reforms, arguing that Brussels is meddling with its investigation into a possible breach by Warsaw of EU values.

Polish premier defends controversial reforms in EU parliament debate

Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo on Tuesday defended her government's controversial judicial and media reforms, which are being investigated for a possible breach of EU values, in a debate with EU lawmakers.

Tusk warns EU has two months left to save Schengen

The European Union has two months left to get its migration crisis under control or face the end of its cherished Schengen area, EU President Donald Tusk warned Tuesday.