European Parliament approves EU-Canada trade deal amid protests

The European Parliament approved a controversial trade deal between the European Union and Canada on Wednesday.

More than 5,000 cases brought against Turkey since coup attempt

Thousands of applications have been submitted to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on abuses in Turkey since the attempted coup last summer, the court said Thursday.

Yezidi women accept rights award, call Europe "model of co-existence"

Two Yezidi women who survived sexual enslavement and torture by Islamic State militants held back tears as they received the EU's top human rights prize at an awards ceremony in Strasbourg on Tuesday.

EU lawmakers in favour of suspending EU membership talks with Turkey

EU lawmakers appeared to form a broad majority on Tuesday in favour of temporarily freezing EU membership talks with Turkey.

Yezidi survivors of sexual slavery win top EU rights prize

Nadia Murad and Lamiya Aji Bashar, Yezidi women who survived sexual enslavement by Islamic State, have been awarded the European Union's top prize for human rights, the European Parliament announced Thursday.

Police injured in attack with Molotov cocktails near Paris

Two police officers suffered serious burn injuries after an attack with Molotov cocktails in the town of Viry-Chatillon south of Paris.

EU lawmakers clear final hurdle for global Paris climate deal

The European Union can ratify the Paris climate deal, the bloc's legislature overwhelmingly decided Tuesday, clearing a last hurdle for the accord to go into force globally.

Juncker seeks to keep "European dream" alive amid Brexit upheaval

The European Union is trying to figure out how it needs to change in the wake of Britain's decision to withdraw. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker believes that member states should draw closer together.

EU's Juncker: More time may be needed for Turkey visa-free access

More time than expected may be needed for Turkish citizens to get visa-free access to the European Union, a top official from the bloc said Wednesday, downplaying hopes on what has been a key demand from Ankara in exchange for its help on migration.

Juncker: No EU market access for Britain without freedom of movement

Britain will not get unlimited access to the lucrative EU market if it does not allow other Europeans to enter its territory freely, the head of the bloc's executive said Wednesday, as he laid out his vision for its post-Brexit path.

EU seeks crackdown on pre-paid cards, virtual cash to fight terrorism

Pre-paid cards and virtual currencies should be less easy to use anonymously, the European Union's executive said Tuesday, as it unveiled new proposals to crack down on terrorist financing.

Juncker: Brexit leaders are unpatriotic for jumping ship

Those leading the camp for Britain to exit the European Union are now proving to be unpatriotic by jumping ship, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said Tuesday, pointing the finger at Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage.

Conference on Croatian cravat held in EP

A conference about the cravat (necktie) was held on Tuesday in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, where the exhibition called "The Challenge of the Cravat