Stjepan Mesic

Mesic resigns as honorary president of SABA

Former President Stjepan Mesic resigned as honorary president of the Alliance of Antifascist Fighters and Antifascists of Croatia (SABA) on Tuesday, saying he wanted to spare this organisation from the negative consequences of his statements in the early 1990s.

Mesic blames HDZ, political atmosphere for his Jasenovac statement

Former president Stjepan Mesic on Tuesday offered an apology for his statement about the 1991-1945 Ustasha-run concentration camp at Jasenovac to all who might have been insulted by his denial of the atrocities committed there, saying that his statement in which he had described Jasenovac as "a labour camp" should be seen in the context of the war, misinformation and the political atmosphere in 1992.

Parl. committee fails to back proposal to close Mesic's office

Mlakar insists that all former heads of state should be given equal rights and that the legislation should be amended to that aim. The HDZ parliamentarian also fears that the latest proposed amendments cannot pass the test of constitutionality.

Former president's office to be closed down on May 1

Under the current law, Mesic is entitled to permanently exercise these rights as a former president, while other presidents after him may enjoy these rights for a maximum five years.

Petrov, Maric dismiss criticism against gov'ts proposal to strip ex-president of office

The government is expected to put forward the decision to rescind the Office of former President Stjepan Mesic, explaining this as a austerity measure.

Ex-president wins defamation lawsuit against daily

"As far as I am concerned, everything in that article except for my name is a lie," Mesic said when questioned in criminal proceedings regarding the case