Stipe Petrina

MP Petrina slams PM over TTIP

"I ask that the prime minister and some government ministers be recalled because of the TTIP which has been kept back from parliament and its deputies, namely because of arrival of Monsanto in Croatia," Petrina said at the start of today's session.

Petrina leaves HRID parliamentary group

Independent MP Stipe Petrina has left the parliamentary group HRID and set up his own group with two deputies of the Croatian Pensioners' Party (HSU) Silvano Hrelja and Marija Ilic.

Milanovic confident Croatia Is Growing coalition will form government

During his talks with the President he heard that his coalition would have Petrina's support, who was elected to parliament on the Bridge's slate of independent candidates. 

Petrina says will back SDP coalition because it's closer to majority

I have told the President that I will support those who have secured 75 seats, in the event that my vote is crucial. As for the prime minister-designate, we will see.

Petrina says new elections are nothing to be afraid of

Petrina said in a political talk show aired on Croatian Television that he would not support the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) but that this did not mean that he would support the Social Democratic Party either.

Petrov says president wanted for warn about gravity of situation

"In that part of the meeting, (the president) just warned once again that such situations call for responsibility, that the situation is quite difficult,  ...

MOST member accuses president of 'disgraceful behaviour'

The president behaved disgracefully at the consultations for the new government with the Bridge delegation, which comprised me, two other members and Bridge president Bozo Petrov.