State Audit Office

Amendments on central bank law to be discussed after ECB position

A bill of amendments to the Croatian National Bank Act (HNB) which, among other things, would enable the State Audit Office to audit the work of the central bank, will be discussed only when the European Investment Bank (ECB) takes a position on it, 

Of 576 local government units, only 32 found to have managed property efficiently

Only 32 of 576 local government units in Croatia managed their properties efficiently in 2012-2014, including construction land, business offices and apartments, a report by the State Audit Office shows.

DUUDI says there was no wrongdoing

Pejnovic recalled that in mid-February last year, the government tasked DUUDI with taking over balance sheets from its forebearers, and this was done. 

President concerned about State Audit Office findings

According to State Audit Office, DUUDI's fincial statements are not reliable in significant segments and DUUDI's books do not contain information on the real state of affairs ...