Star Wars

Dubrovnik's main street closed for Star Wars dress rehearsal

The main street through the historic old city of Dubrovnik was closed on Wednesday evening as the Star Wars film crew tested the set before the filming starts on March 9.

"Star Wars" sequel to be filmed in Dubrovnik

The eighth "Star Wars" sequel will be filmed in Dubrovnik for about ten days.

Star Wars film opens strong in China

Star Wars: The Force Awakens broke records in China with an estimated 33 million dollars in ticket sales on opening day, the Walt Disney Co said. 

Berlin church boosts attendance with service on a Star Wars theme

Star Wars has a lot in common with the Christian message in the view of two young Berlin vicars. A service on a Star Wars theme drew hundreds, many in fancy dress.

Obama feels «the Force» during White House press conference

Obama had earlier warned the press corps that they were not the droids he was looking forward to.