Staffan de Mistura

Syrian rebels shell Aleppo; Russia raises possibility of truce

Syrian rebels Tuesday shelled government-held areas of Aleppo killing 14 people, according to state media, while Syria's ally Russia suggested a ceasefire in the northern city could be reached within hours.

UN envoy presses on with Syria talks despite opposition protest

UN Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura says he will continue to mediate peace talks in Geneva this week, despite the opposition's announcement of a "postponement."

UN envoy looks for foreign support for Syrian transition before talks

UN mediator Staffan de Mistura says he will open a dialogue with regional powers supporting different sides in the Syrian war ahead of next week's Geneva peace talks, to find out if they support a political transition in Syria.

UN Syria envoy: Truce cannot hold unless there is progress in talks

The current ceasefire in Syria depends on progress at peace talks in Geneva, UN envoy Staffan de Mistura says.