Classical statue of athlete to go on display in Croatia

An ancient bronze statue of the Greek athlete Apoxyomenos is soon to go on display at the Fritzi Palace in Mali Losinj in Croatia.

Assassins’s Creed and The Walking Dead arrive on phones

Assassin’s Creed and The Walking Dead are just two of a few successful games which are making the jump from consoles to smartphones and bringing delight to casual gamers on the go. 

New science suggests children catch obesity at birth from mum or dad

Expectant mothers are encouraged to switch to a healthy diet and stop smoking, but scientific studies are showing by then it may be too late: the parents' pre-pregnancy lifestyles, even including a father's bad diet, are not forgotten by the genes.

Infographic reveals what happens in one single second on the Internet

How many posts per second do users "like" on Facebook? How many hours worth of YouTube videos do people watch worldwide?

Fast-rising Telegram eclipses 100 million messaging users

The cloud-based messaging industry is gaining another competitor as Telegram eclipses the 100-million-user mark and continues to grow. 

One drop of blood will reveal all in "labs on a chip"

At first glance, the disposable chip does not look like an up-and-coming high-tech device, but the little, clear plastic square, developed at the University of Kiel, Germany, is brimming with potential.

Powder-mix food has all the needed nutrients, but where's the fun?

Compleat is a powder containing a blend of key nutrients: Just add water for a drinkable dinner, says nu3, the company which developed the new, space-age substitute for solid food.

BMW i8 is world's best-selling hybrid sports-car

BMW's attention-grabbing i8 is the world's top-selling hybrid sports car, says the Munich maker, with 5,456 of the i8 sold globally last year.

Microsoft aims for entry-level business users with new Lumia 650

After releasing the fairly high-priced Lumia 950 and 950XL, Microsoft has now set its sights on entry-level business users by adding the mid-range Lumia 650 to its Windows 10 smartphone lineup.

Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge: Samsung unveils new flagship smartphones

A stronger battery and expandable memory distinguish Samsung's new top smartphone models, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Visually, the two smartphones showcased at the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona differ little from their predecessors.

7,000-year-old settlement found in Arab part of Jerusalem

People lived in the area of today's Jerusalem as early as 7,000 years ago, an excavation in the Arab part of the city shows. 

New Apple app lets budding composers preserve instant song ideas

A new iOS app from Apple allows tyro songwriters and composers to capture and organize guitar riffs and other new musical ideas. The free app called Music Memos records voices and instruments in uncompressed audio using the iPhone’s built-in microphone.

Firefox adds push notifications for closed websites

Push notifications are a familiar sight to most smartphone users, allowing apps to alert them in the screensaver about events, news, alerts, status updates or other information.

65 years ago, a dying woman's cells became immortal

In early 1951, a poor black tobacco farmer named Henrietta Lacks went to a hospital in the US city of Baltimore with acute abdominal pain. She would die eight months later of cervical cancer, aged 31.

Toy robots and superpiano: Vienna Technical Museum goes online

Toy robots, antique guns from the Austro-Hungarian imperial armoury, cameras, model ships, musical instruments

Popping joints are usually harmless, spine expert says

Joints that crack may sound alarming, but it's almost always harmless, says a top spinal doctor.

Discoverer of revolutionary gene-editing tool voices ethical concerns

A Germany-based French microbiologist who co-discovered a revolutionary gene-editing tool that is raising some serious ethical issues said she's firmly opposed to using it to alter human reproductive cells.

Giant hydropower waterwheel has conservationists worried for fish

On the edge of the broad, bucolic Lueneburg Heath in northern Germany they're building a high-performance waterwheel as big as a house. Conservationists are not amused.

Eyeglasses from 3-D printers are designed to perfectly match face

One-off eyeglasses, made using 3-D printing, are about to take off as a trend, thanks to smart technology that matches them to a wearer's face to give the most flattering appearance.

Will Netflix bring the long-awaited digital revolution to TV viewing?

Some industries have been transformed by the internet within a matter of years, but television is one that’s proven harder to crack.

Plague pathogens may have survived for hundreds of years in Europe

German scientists have discovered Asia and Africa may not be to blame for the plague that claimed the lives of millions of Europeans in several waves over centuries. The pathogen may also have survived in European lice over long periods.

Scientists push to have new geological epoch named after human impact

Humans have had a profound impact on the planet, often unintentionally and sometimes with destructive consequences, and now our traces are starting to show up in the Earth's uppermost mineral layer, implying we may be living in a new geological epoch.

Netflix Socks help sleepy binge-watchers

The on-demand video-streaming service Netflix has come up with a novel idea for anyone afraid they will doze off during their favourite TV series: socks that automatically pause the show when you fall asleep.

Resistance gene against "last-resort" antibiotic found in Europe

Scientists have found in the wild in Germany a gene that was first detected in China and which makes bacteria resistant to colistin, often hailed as the "last-resort" antibiotic.

German love affair with diesel shows no sign of fading

Germany's love affair with the diesel engine shows no sign of flagging, full-year registrations show, despite the emissions-rigging scandal that has rocked Europe's biggest carmaker Volkswagen.

Next Lara Croft: Tomb Raider adventure set for January 28 PC release

Downloads of the PC version of the game will become available that day on the Steam platform, the Windows Store and the Square Enix store, with an XBox version coming available one day later.

HP introduces virtual-reality gaming PC

Vive, which is planned to be released later in the first half of this year, can also be used and controlled as a second display.

New Wi-Fi standard HaLow: More reach, less power

The Wi-Fi Alliance, an industry group, announced IEEE 802.11ah. HaLow’s range is twice that of today’s WiFi while also requiring less power because it uses the 900 MHz band as opposed to the current 2.4 to 5 GHz range.

Tool fights off scourge of USB drives pretending to be keyboards

That’s why Windows users who are given a flash drive to open should deactivate the Windows autostart function for USB devices and have a virus scanner check out the thumb-stick before opening it.

25 years of World Wide Web: Blogs and websites worth checking out

During most of 1991, only one website existed in the world

European space chief has his eyes on the moon as next stop

Johann-Dietrich "Jan" Woerner, director general of the European Space Agency (ESA) since July 1, is already talking about building a 3D-printed village on the moon. 

Radical feminist slogan returns as fashion motto

Celebrities such as super-model Cara Delevingne and her friends have been spotted wearing sweatshirts that read, "The Future is Female."

Breaking a glass ceiling: European designers use glass in new ways

In a world of design where it appears no frontier has not been crossed, designers often have to choose a radically new path if they want to make a mark.

BMW demonstrates gesture-controlled sports car at Las Vegas CES

BMW is showcasing a new gesture-controlled interface called AirTouch in a concept version of the i8 Spyder sports car at the CES Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

CES Las Vegas: Faraday lifts lid on radical electric car

A striking all-electric concept sports car from largely unheard-of maker Faraday Future has made its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Radiation agency offers five tips to weaken signals from phones

It’s hard to live without mobile devices in today’s world, so Germany’s Federal Agency for Radiation Protection (BfS), which monitors radiation effects, has some tips for making sure exposure levels stay as low as possible.

Older software runs on Windows 10 thanks to Compatibility Mode

Even though most software manuals may say otherwise, most older programmes or games designed for Windows 7 or 8 can also be run on Windows 10, thanks to a trick that is not widely enough known.

Let's Play: With video, computer games become a spectator sport

They have names like Gronkh, Pewdiepie, Towellie and Trump. They build houses in Minecraft, get the creeps in Five Nights at Freddy’s and battle monsters in League of Legends.

Samsung’s Gear VR offers a cheap way into the virtual world

There’s a deep roar as every second more than 100 cubic metres of water flows down the Gullfoss waterfall in Iceland. There’s mist in the air and furious eddies and foam where the water cascades down.

Art lovers on tour in Europe this year face delectable choice

Discerning art-history fans visiting Europe this year will have a ton of choice, with museums in the major cities gearing up for some delectable special exhibitions that gather paintings from far and wide to compare in one room.

Daily Austrian ski passes eclipse 50-euro mark for first time

Skiing prices in Austria continue to increase, with the cost of a day pass in regions such as Kitzbuehel, Soelden or Ischgl eclipsing the 50-euro (54-dollar) mark for the first time this winter, according to the Austria Consumers Association (VKI).

Face with Tears of Joy topped emoji list in Twitter's year

The most-used emoji globally last year was one called 'Face with Tears of Joy,' which was posted 6.5 billion times on Twitter alone, suggesting uncontrollable laughter is what we crave.