South Sudan

South Sudanese rebels demand million-dollar ransom for oil workers

South Sudanese rebels have demanded a ransom of one million dollars for four kidnapped oil workers, the South Sudanese government confirmed on Tuesday.

South Sudan bans ivory trade for at least 10 years

South Sudanese President Salva Kiir on Wednesday banned ivory trade in an attempt to curb poaching in the violence-plagued country, which is believed to have become a hub for ivory smugglers.

Ethiopian troops chase South Sudanese accused of 28 killings

Ethiopian troops are pursuing South Sudanese tribesmen who are accused of killing 28 people and kidnapping 43 children, an Ethiopian official said Wednesday.

UN report: South Sudanese leaders plunder country's wealth

South Sudanese leaders have plundered national resources, leaving the international community to deal with a hunger crisis in the oil-rich country, UN rights experts reported Tuesday in Geneva.

Eight aid workers kidnapped in South Sudan

Eight local aid workers belonging to a US-based Christian charity have been abducted by rebel forces in South Sudan, an army spokesman said Monday.

South Sudanese army announces first arrests of soldiers for rape

The South Sudanese army said Friday it had arrested three soldiers on charges of gang rape in what was seen as an attempt to whitewash its image following reports of rape on a massive scale during the country's three-year military conflict.

Over 31,000 South Sudanese flee fighting and hunger to Sudan

Fleeing escalating fighting and famine in South Sudan, over 31,000 people have arrived in neighbouring Sudan so far this year, the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) said Monday.

Francis, first pope to visit Anglicans in Rome, weighs S Sudan trip

Pope Francis became the first leader of the Catholic Church to visit the Anglican community in Rome on Sunday, where he said he was considering a trip to famine-struck South Sudan.

Famine declared in parts of South Sudan - 100,000 facing starvation

More than 100,000 people are facing starvation in parts of violence-plagued South Sudan, three UN agencies said Monday as they declared famine in parts of the country.

South Sudan scraps fuel subsidies to close budget deficit

War-torn South Sudan has scrapped fuel subsidies to help close its 200-million-dollar budget deficit, Finance Minister Stephen Dhieu Dau said Monday.

UN: More than 5 million in need of food aid in South Sudan

About 5.2 million people are facing food insecurity in South Sudan, or nearly half of the population, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said Monday.

Top South Sudan army general resigns, citing ethnic cleansing

A South Sudanese army general resigned on Saturday, citing cases of ethnic cleansing and crimes committed against civilians by the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA).

South Sudan exodus exceeds 1.5 million as fighting rages

The number of people who have fled South Sudan's civil war has crossed 1.5 million, in what is now the world's third-biggest refugee crisis after Syria and Afghanistan, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) said Friday.

South Sudan soldiers charged with rape, murder to face execution

South Sudanese soldiers guilty of rape or murder amid the country's civil war will be executed by firing squad, the country's president, Salva Kiir, announced Monday.

Upsurge in fighting in South Sudan forces tens of thousands to flee

An upsurge in fighting in South Sudan's oil-rich north has forced tens of thousands to flee, the medical charity Doctors without Borders (MSF) said on Friday.

Morocco to help finance new capital for war-torn South Sudan

Morocco will contribute 5.1 million dollars towards the construction of a 10-billion-dollar new capital for war-torn South Sudan, the two countries announced during a visit by Moroccan King Mohammed VI to the current capital Juba.

Kenya to send troops back to South Sudan after spat with UN

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta said his country would again send troops to the UN peacekeeping mission in South Sudan after allegations of negligence led to the premature withdrawal of Kenyan soldiers from the war-stricken country.

UN: South Sudan reverses stance to accept further peacekeepers

The South Sudanese government will accept the deployment of a 4,000-strong United Nations regional protection force, UN spokesman Stéphane Dujarric said in New York Thursday.

South Sudan rejects regional protection force planned by UN

South Sudan said Wednesday it would no longer accept the deployment of a 4,000-strong regional protection force planned by the United Nations for the violence-plagued country.

South Sudan renews oil contracts with China, Malaysia companies

South Sudan has renewed oil mining contracts with China’s National Petroleum Corporation and Malaysia’s Petronas for five more years, Petroleum Minister Ezekiel Lul Gatkuoth said Friday.

UN Security Council rejects weapons embargo for South Sudan

The UN Security Council on Friday rejected a resolution to impose sanctions and a weapons embargo on South Sudan, which has been embroiled in a years-long civil war.

Japan plans to oppose US-backed South Sudan arms embargo

Japan is expected to oppose a UN arms embargo and additional sanctions on South Sudan, which its major ally the United States wants to impose, Japanese media reported on Wednesday.

South Sudan plans to increase oil production despite fighting

South Sudan is planning to increase its oil production from 130,000 to 350,000 barrels a day despite the ongoing armed conflict, Petroleum Minister Ezekiel Lul Gatkuoth said Sunday.

UN: More than 17,000 children recruited as fighters in South Sudan

About 1,300 South Sudanese children have been recruited as fighters this year, bringing the total to more than 17,000 since a military conflict erupted between President Salva Kiir and his former deputy in late 2013, the UN children’s fund UNICEF reported Thursday.

Another Norwegian aid agency staffer expelled from South Sudan

South Sudan has expelled the second senior staff member of the Norwegian Refugee Council in less than a week, the aid agency said Wednesday, accusing the country of preventing aid organizations from helping the victims of its armed conflict.

Norwegian Refugee Council official expelled from South Sudan

The humanitarian organization Norwegian Refugee Council (NRS) said Friday that one of its employees has been arrested by South Sudan’s National Security Service in Juba, the capital of the violence-plagued country.

US journalist deported from South Sudan over critical reporting

A US freelance journalist working for the Associated Press has been deported from South Sudan after reporting on human rights violations in the violence-plagued country, the news agency said Wednesday.

Japanese peacekeepers arrive in South Sudan with mandate to use force

The first batch of 130 Japanese peacekeepers arrived in South Sudan on Monday to support the UN mission and with a mandate to use force for the first time since World War II.

South Sudan US-backed radio resumes broadcasting week after shutdown

South Sudanese authorities on Saturday allowed apopular US-backed radio station to resume broadcasting after a week-long shutdown.

Local authorities in South Sudanese state allege ethnic killings

Local authorities in South Sudan's Yei River State on Friday reported the killing of 11 people because of their ethnicity, following a UN warning that the country's civil conflict could escalate into genocide.

South Sudan closes USAID-funded radio station

South Sudanese authorities on Friday closed down Eye Radio, the popular broadcaster said in a statement on Twitter.

Gunmen fire into crowd of football fans in South Sudan, killing 11

Three gunmen fired at a crowd of people watching a football match on television in the South Sudanese capital Juba, killing 11 people, police said Monday.

Kenya pulls peacekeeping troops from South Sudan after UN criticism

Kenya said Wednesday it would pull its peacekeeping troops out of South Sudan after the UN criticized a Kenyan-led troop of peacekeepers in the war-torn country for allegedly failing to protect civilians during an outbreak of violence in July.

UNICEF: South Sudan armed groups release 145 child soldiers

About 145 child soldiers were released Wednesday by armed groups in South Sudan, the UN children's fund UNICEF said.

At least 62 killed in clashes between rebels and army in South Sudan

At least 62 rebels and militiamen were killed in a clash with soldiers in South Sudan’s oil-rich Upper Nile and Unity states, army spokesman Lul Ruai Koang said Saturday.

30 killed in attacks on passenger vehicles in South Sudan

About 30 people have been killed in two separate attacks on passenger vehicles in South Sudan, the army and police said Monday.

UN: Tens of thousands face hunger in South Sudanese town

The South Sudanese town of Yei is facing a humanitarian crisis, as tens of thousands of trapped civilians are threatened with serious shortages of food and medicine, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) warned Friday.

South Sudanese refugee count climbs above 1 million

The internal conflict in South Sudan has forced more than 1 million people out of the country, the UN Refugee Agency (UNCHR) said Friday.

Report accuses South Sudanese leaders of using war to amass wealth

 South Sudan’s leaders have amassed fortunes while waging a brutal civil conflict that killed tens of thousands of people, a non-governmental organization said Monday.

South Sudan accepts UN plan to send 4,000 additional peacekeepers

South Sudan's transitional government on Sunday accepted the deployment of an additional 4,000 UN peacekeepers following three days of negotiations with diplomats from the United Nations over the security situation in the east African country.

South Sudanese rebel leader flees the country

South Sudanese former rebel leader Riek Machar has left the country after clashes with the army sent him fleeing the capital Juba last month, his spokesman said Thursday.

UN strengthens peacekeeping mission to South Sudan by 4,000 troops

The UN Security Council on Friday authorized the deployment of a 4,000-member regional protection force to strengthen the UN peacekeeping mission in South Sudan and threatened to impose an arms embargo if the government impedes the work of UN troops.

UN: 70,000 South Sudanese have fled to Uganda since July

At least 70,000 South Sudanese have fled to neighbouring Uganda since renewed violence broke out last month in the war-torn country, a top UN official said Wednesday.

UN failed to protect South Sudanese civilians, review finds

The UN peacekeeping mission to South Sudan failed to protect civilians sheltering at a UN camp in the northern town of Malakal where inter-ethnic clashes broke out in February, according to a report by a UN board of inquiry released Friday.

UN: More than 70 people killed, 200 raped in South Sudan violence

At least 73 civilian deaths and 217 rapes have been recorded by the United Nations since renewed clashes broke out last month in South Sudan, a top UN official said Thursday, noting that violence was carried out by both government and opposition forces.

Amnesty: South Sudan government committed war crimes after peace deal

South Sudanese forces and allied militia hunted down and killed civilians, raped women and torched villages in opposition strongholds last year after a peace deal was endorsed by its president, human rights group Amnesty International said.

South Sudan swears in new vice president as incumbent still missing

South Sudanese President Salva Kiir Tuesday swore in opposition leader Taban Deng Gai as his vice president Tuesday, less than 24 hours after dismissing Riek Machar, the man who held the office until he went missing earlier this month.

Uganda sends troops to help evacuate nationals from South Sudan

Uganda has sent troops to South Sudan to ensure the security of its citizens who are being evacuated after fighting erupted between forces loyal to President Salva Kiir and those supporting former rebel leader Riek Machar, the Ugandan army said Friday.

South Sudan's neighbours brace for influx of refugees after fighting

South Sudan's neighbours were Thursday preparing for a massive influx of refugees who had fled fighting between the army and troops loyal to former rebel leader Riek Machar that displaced more than 40,000 people.

Germany evacuates citizens from South Sudan as tensions run high

Germany on Wednesday was evacuating its nationals from South Sudan where tensions were running high amid uncertainty over whether a ceasefire would hold.

Obama orders troops to protect US embassy in South Sudan

US President Barack Obama is sending 47 troops to South Sudan to protect the embassy in Juba amid fighting there.

South Sudanese president calls for talks after ceasefire brings calm

South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir said Tuesday he wanted to negotiate with former rebel leader Riek Machar to restore peace after fighting between their forces killed hundreds in the capital Juba.

South Sudanese capital calm after president declares ceasefire

South Sudan’s capital Juba was calm Tuesday after President Salva Kiir declared a unilateral ceasefire after fighting between the army and troops loyal to former rebel leader Riek Machar killed hundreds.

South Sudanese president declares unilateral ceasefire

South Sudanese President Salva Kiir on Monday declared a unilateral ceasefire with immediate effect following several days of fighting with troops loyal to former rebel leader Riek Machar.

UN chief calls for arms embargo against South Sudan

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Monday called on the Security Council to implement an arms embargo immediately against South Sudan and to bolster a UN peace mission in the country.

South Sudan's hopes of peace dashed after decades of warfare

When South Sudan became independent from Sudan five years ago, hopes were high that independence would bring peace and development to the nation devastated by decades of civil warfare.

Fighting intensifies in Juba as South Sudan sinks into chaos

Fighting intensified Monday in South Sudan’s capital Juba, following several days of clashes between the army and troops loyal to former rebel leader Riek Machar that have killed hundreds and sent thousands fleeing.

South Sudan president calls for ceasefire as thousands flee capital

South Sudan's President Salva Kiir on Sunday called for an immediate ceasefire to end fighting between the army and former rebel troops loyal to his deputy Riek Machar.

Thousands flee fighting in South Sudanese capital

Heavy fighting erupted Sunday in the South Sudanese capital Juba, sending thousands of people fleeing following several days of clashes between government and rebel forces.

Heavy fighting near South Sudan rebel leader's residence

Heavy fighting was raging Sunday in the South Sudanese capital Juba, with witnesses reporting gunfire, artillery and tanks on the streets following several days of clashes between government and rebel forces.

Nearly 150 reported killed as South Sudan marks independence

Nearly 150 people were killed in a new outbreak of violence in South Sudan's capital Juba one day before the world's youngest nation marked the fifth anniversary of its independence from Sudan on Saturday, local broadcaster Radio Tamazuj reported.

Situation in Juba calm after skirmishes on anniversary eve

The situation in the South Sudanese capital of Juba was calm late Friday after gunfire erupted earlier just one day before the world's youngest nation is set to mark five years of independence from Sudan.

South Sudan says mystery haemorrhagic fever "under control"

South Sudan said Wednesday a mysterious haemorrhagic fever which has killed 10 people near its border with Sudan is "under control."

South Sudanese rebel leader sworn in as vice president

South Sudanese rebel leader Riek Machar was sworn in Tuesday as the country's vice president in a move to end his 28-month conflict with President Salva Kiir, which has killed tens of thousands of people.

South Sudanese rebel leader arrives in capital as part of peace deal

South Sudanese rebel leader Riek Machar arrived in the capital Juba on Tuesday after repeated delays to implement a peace agreement due to end his 28-month military conflict with President Salva Kiir, which has killed tens of thousands of people.

South Sudan soldiers suffocated more than 60 men to death: Amnesty

South Sudanese government soldiers killed more than 60 men and boys by keeping them in a shipping container until they suffocated and dumped their bodies in an open field, Amnesty International says.

UN sounds alarm over mass rape policy in South Sudan

Women and girls in South Sudan have been systematically raped, mainly by government soldiers and allied militias, the UN human rights office said Friday, warning that these massive violations have gone largely unnoticed by the world.

UN: 26,000 flee ethnic violence in South Sudan refugee camp

Some 26,000 people have reportedly fled a refugee camp in South Sudan after ethnic clashes broke out at the UN facility, the UN refugee agency UNHCR said Friday.

Clashes kill five at UN camp in South Sudan

Five people have been killed in clashes at a United Nations camp housing displaced people in South Sudan, the UN mission to the war-torn country said Thursday.

Agencies seek billions of dollars in food aid for African countries

Aid organizations and officials have launched appeals for billions of dollars in funding to bring food aid to millions of people in Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and South Sudan.

South Sudan facing "unprecedented" hunger levels, UN warns

War-torn South Sudan is facing unprecedented levels of food insecurity, with 2.8 million people – nearly a quarter of the population – in urgent need of food aid, UN agencies said Monday.

South Sudanese troops accused of suffocating 50 civilians to death

South Sudanese government troops killed 50 civilians by keeping them in a hot container where they suffocated, a commission monitoring the ceasefire between the government and rebels said.

Deal to form South Sudan interim unity government collapses

A deal struck this month to form a unity transitional government in South Sudan has collapsed, rebel leader and former vice president Riek Machar said Sunday.

South Sudan facing food shortage crisis, commission says

South Sudan is facing a major humanitarian crisis, a commission monitoring the country's peace process warned Tuesday, saying only a fraction of the necessary food aid is arriving where needed.

Fire at South Sudan protection site destroys shelter of 1,000 people

A baby was killed and eight people were injured in a fire that broke out at a UN civilian protection site in South Sudan, destroying shelter for 1,000 residents of the camp, a UN spokesman said Monday.