South-East Asia

Thailand says two newborns diagnosed with Zika-linked microcephaly

Thailand on Friday confirmed that two newborns have been diagnosed with microcephaly linked to the Zika virus for the first time in South-East Asia.

Piracy down but not out in treacherous South-East Asian waters

Governments in South-East Asia are getting on top of the maritime piracy problem. But their approach needs to go beyond law enforcement, analysts say.

South-East Asia likely to face more Islamic State attacks

Several hundred people from South-East Asia have gone to fight for Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. But now local fears are on the rise as the jihadists are behind more attacks in the region.

South-East Asia braces for La Nina floods

After a year of drought caused by El Nino, the storms of the attendant weather phenomenon La Nina could bring about widespread flooding and devastation.

One killed after Rohingya escape detention camp in Thailand

A Rohingya migrant was shot by police after he and 20 others escaped from a Thai government detention camp on Monday, local officials said.