Organizers cancel Brussels march as officials cite limited police

The group that organized a solidarity march in response to recent terrorist attacks in Brussels called off the event in the Belgian capital, heeding a request by government officials.

Organizers cancel Brussels solidarity event after officials' request

Organizers are cancelling a solidarity march set to take place in Brussels in response to the recent terrorist attacks.

Brussels warns against solidarity march in wake of suicide bombings

Belgian politicians on Saturday implored people not to take part in a so-called March Against Fear in Brussels this weekend, with the ongoing investigation into recent terrorist attacks keeping the capital on edge.

Minister, Brussels mayor tell people not to march in solidarity event

Belgium's interior minister and the mayor of Brussels are asking people not to participate in a March against Fear on Sunday in the capital, Belga news agency reports.

EU needs less selfishness and more solidarity, founding members say

European Union countries should set aside their "narrow self-interest" and rediscover a "spirit of solidarity," founding members of the bloc Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg said Tuesday.