Indians form 'longest human chain' to protest alcohol use in Bihar

Millions of people in India's eastern state of Bihar joined hands on Saturday to demonstrate against alcohol consumption, in an act officials called "the world's longest human chain."

Finland launches basic income experiment to overhaul welfare system

From the start of 2017, 2,000 people in Finland begin receiving a monthly government payment of around 600 dollars - whether employed or not. Finland hopes this social welfare experiment will...

Italy top court: Calling someone "homosexual" is no longer offensive

Calling someone "a homosexual" can no longer be considered offensive, Italy's top appeals court ruled on Tuesday, quashing a libel conviction against a man who had used the term in an argument....

Ferrero cuts ties with Romanian supplier after child labour report

Italian confectioner Ferrero Rocher has cut ties to a Romanian supplier following accusations of child labour, slave wages and unhygienic conditions in the manufacture of its Kinder chocolate eggs...

Trump slams "Hamilton" again, Pence says not offended by comments

US vice president-elect Mike Pence told a US broadcaster Sunday that the boos and cheers he received from the audience during a Broadway performance were "what freedom sounds like."

Spanish pensioner's death sparks protests

Thousands of people took to the streets of some 20 cities in Spain on Saturday to protest against energy poverty.

Trump calls for apology after Broadway actors' protest to US VP-elect

US president-elect Donald Trump called for an apology from the cast of the hit Broadway show Hamilton on Saturday after the actors expressed their anxiety to his deputy Mike Pence, who was...

Turkish government defends bill that critics say "legitimizes rape"

Top government officials in Turkey doubled down on Saturday to defend a piece of legislation that would allow men to evade punishment for sexual assault by marrying the underage girls they abused...

Human Rights Watch warns on "alarming" closures of Turkish societies

Turkey has shuttered several key children's charities, human rights groups and women's associations, in what a Human Rights Watch researcher called on Monday an "alarming" development that could...

German police shut down right-wing concert at city hall

The police in central Germany prevented a concert from taking place in a town hall, where around 300 right-wing extremists had gathered.

Singapore Speakers' Corner rules seen as threat to popular LGBT rally

Foreign entities including companies and non-governmental organizations will have to apply for a permit to fund or support activities at Singapore's Speakers' Corner, a move seen as an attempt to...

Protest in Paris against same-sex marriage draws thousands

Tens of thousands of people demonstrated in Paris on Sunday against same-sex marriange.

EU court condemns Italy over lack of compensation for rape victims

Italy's failure to offer compensation to victims of rape and other violent crimes is a breach of European Union laws, the court's top court ruled on Tuesday, adding pressure on Rome to change its...

Polish parliament rejects proposal on abortion ban

Polish lawmakers voted down a complete ban on abortions on Thursday, handing a victory to tens of thousands of men and women who had protested the proposal in recent days.

Survey shows cannabis use on rise in Croatia

An analysis of differences in the prevalence of illegal drug use in the period from 2011 to 2015 does not indicate any major differences in the consumption of tobacco, alcohol and sedatives (...