snow storm

US Mid-Atlantic region digging out after massive snowfall

Snow tapered off and skies cleared Sunday over the US Mid-Atlantic and north-east as a winter storm system tracked offshore, leaving record-setting amounts of snow in its wake.

At least two killed, 100 injured as Japan hit by heavy snow

At least two people were killed and more than 100 injured on Sunday in Japan, which is witnessing record snowfall.

Washington snowed in: Storm empties streets, drives homeless inside

Up to 60 centimetres of snow had fallen in Washington by Saturday evening and blizzard conditions were expected to continue. Streets were empty and stillness had settled over the city.

Snow storm pummels north-eastern United States, killing at least 8

At least eight people have died as a result of a huge snowstorm on the east coast of the United States, a media report said.

Snow storm socks Washington; other eastern US cities lie in its path

Government offices closed early and public transportation ground to a near halt in the US capital, where snow began accumulating Friday in what could be one of the worst blizzards to hit Washington in years.