Serbian police prevent smuggling of 12 migrants into Croatia

Serbian border police said on Thursday they had prevented the illegal transfer of 12 migrants from Turkey, Somalia and Afghanistan into Croatia, arresting two men from Belgrade.

Italy checking mistaken identity claims about arrested human smuggler

Italian prosecutors said Thursday they were verifying British media reports that they got the wrong man in a major operation that led to the arrest and extradition of a person presented as a top migrant smuggler.

Migrant smuggling "General" arrested in Sudan and extradited to Italy

A kingpin of the migrant trafficking business who made millions smuggling people from Africa to Europe has been extradited from Sudan and will face trial in Italy, Italian and British authorities said Wednesday.

Islamic State involved in migrant smuggling, Libyan ambassador says

Islamic State cells in Libya are involved in the business of smuggling people to Europe, the Libyan ambassador to Italy said Tuesday, while rejecting the idea that terrorists are hiding among the migrants.

Migrant smugglers made up to 6 billion dollars in 2015: police study

Migrant smugglers made between 5-6 billion dollars last year, international police organizations said Tuesday, making it one of the most profitable criminal activities in Europe.

Smugglers working around NATO patrols in the Aegean, commander says

People smugglers taking migrants from Turkey to Greece are changing their routes to avoid NATO vessels deployed to the Aegean Sea, and the flow of migrants to the Greek islands has not dropped, a commander said.

Afghans still looking for a way out as the EU closes doors

As EU authorities struggle to stem the flow of migrants from Afghanistan, the trade for smugglers is still booming as Afghans try to flee the country's security and economic problems.

People smugglers only winners as Balkan borders shut, warn aid groups

"We are concerned that this will fuel the people-smuggling business. This situation is good only for them," a UN refugee agency (UNHCR) spokeswoman, Mirjana Ivanovic-Milenkovski, told dpa.

Turkey to give people smugglers punishments similar to terrorists

Convicted people smugglers can expect punishments in future like those handed out to terrorists, the Turkish government says.

NATO targets migrant-smuggling route from Turkey to Greece

NATO defence ministers agreed Thursday on immediate steps to help curb migrant-smuggling networks operating between Turkey and Greece by deploying ships to monitor the sea route.