HRK 380mn to be available for business infrastructure development

A 38-million-kuna tender for the Business Infrastructure Development will be announced in early October, the Croatian caretaker ministers of EU funds and SMEs, Tomislav Tolusic and Darko Horvat, said in Zagreb on Thursday.

Guarantee facility for SMEs - first transaction in Croatia under Juncker plan

Guarantees will be given within the InnovFin programme, a guarantee facility for small and medium entrepreneurs of the Investment Plan for Europe (the so-called Juncker plan), as of September this year and they will be issued over a period of two years.

Horvat hopes PM will soon set up team for negotiations with MOL

Horvat, who seemed very sceptical about the outcome of the arbitration, said today that the government should be flexible and that it should know how to negotiate.

HRK 867 mln from EU funds available to SMEs in Croatia

The Minister for SMEs, Darko Horvat, said that the ministry had simplified the procedure to make it easier for SMEs to access the funds.

SMEs minister Horvat sceptical about arbitration on INA

"I have presented my position about the arbitration proceedings on several occasions. I do not think that arbitration should have been launched at all. Arbitration proceedings are very expensive for Croatia," said Horvat.

Horvat: Reforms will remove barriers to doing business

The Minister of Entrepreneurship and Crafts, Darko Horvat, announced on Tuesday that this week the government would unveil a reform package aimed at creating a legislative framework to remove legal insecurity and administrative barriers to doing business.

EUR 2.5mn Seed Co-Investment Fund launched

Investment funds are earmarked in the budget of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Venture Capital Project of the Croatian Agency for SMEs, Innovation and Investment (HAMAG-BICRO), which is financially supported by a World Bank loan.

Conference on development of SMEs in Adriatic-Ionian and Danube regions

The Vice-President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK) for International and EU Affairs, Zelimir Kramaric, said that he was pleased that the conference was being held in Split because it represented the core of the Adriatic-Ionian macroregion.

Minister: Energy sector potential like that in motorways in 2000s

Today the potential for energy related projects is the same as investments in motorways were in the early 2000s, Croatian SMEs Minister Darko Horvat said on Tuesday, adding that anyone who wishes to invest in the energy sector is welcome.

Hungarian national trade agency opens office in Osijek

Hungarian Ambassador to Croatia Jozsef Magyar said the Hungarian and Croatian governments believed that SMEs were a basis for economic cooperation.

EUR 25mn available in regional venture fund

Over 25 million euros is already available in the Enterprise Innovation Fund (ENIF), the first regional venture fund for innovative small and medium enterprises (SMEs) ...