Slobodan Milosevic

Prosecutors ask Appeals Chamber to find Seselj guilty, sentence him to 28 years in prison

The Trial Chamber's finding that there was no widespread or systematic attack against the civilian population in Croatia or Bosnia and Herzegovina is "stunning" considering that the massive crimes committed during the ethnic cleansing campaign were the reason for the ICTY's creation, says the prosecution.

ICTY judgement in Karadzic case exonerates Milosevic from responsibility for crimes in Bosnia?

"The West keeps silent about the Tribunal's having cleared Milosevic of the suspicion of his involvement in ethnic cleansing and war crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but Serbia must not and will not," Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said.

UN war crimes tribunal orders retrial of Serbian secret police bosses

The aim of the terror campaign was to ethnically cleanse the non-Serb population from certain areas in the two countries, both of which split from the former Yugoslavia in the early 1990s.